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  1. Just change the resolution in em4.cfg and see if it works.
  2. It's not that hard you just need to copy few prototypes and models and icons and the script itself from the mod that have it. I already did it on the mods i play but i don't think Itchboy will be happy if i share.
  3. Emergency 4 > emergency 20 Not sure but i always handle riots by arresting the sign holder and transporting him to HQ and everyone then go away.
  4. I don't think you need to but you can check with any software monitoring tools.
  5. Oh man that town car i used to own one in high school, brings back memory good job man.
  6. Reinstall the mod and if you forgot download the bugfixes.rar too. Or you could add the command from the editor.
  7. Looking good I wonder why it doesn't look that good ingame is it because of the game or do you reduce it before the game?
  8. I know it's out of topic but what happened to the city of angels mod? I remember about two years ago it was in development is it canceled or is this a replacement?
  9. Thank you for this amazing mod, it might be my favorite so far, amazing new scripts and vehicles. Freeplay is amazing as well.
  10. I have been enjoying the mod lately, thanks a lot for this high quality mod. But i noticed the engines don't have water cannons is it intentional or is it temporary? in the readme it says no tankers.
  11. A reason to play the new games. what's the difference between the games and which one should i get? and is the mod still being developed?
  12. There seems to be a problem with mission 5. The crane can't cross the pontoon bridge maybe because of it's size. I tried looking in the files to see if i can fix it but don't really know.
  13. This is amazing, i guess it's time to play it again when it releases. Really happy to see some mods are still maintained.
  14. I mean the graphics is good and animation but without mods it's not that great. Actually i never played Em4 the vanilla game. I played LA mod, NYC and the US army over the years and many other mods. Maybe if EM5 modding was better then there will be more mods?? Also less mods made this community more dead also modders not allowing reuploading dead mods.
  15. Well , thank you it's actually worked
  16. I didn't know how i missed that , but should i change it from the file it self by opening it with notepad or from ingame editor because i got crash after i edit it from notepad?!
  17. well , can someone answer , because i'm working on my mod and want to see if it's work before asking permission from authors.
  18. Important things in Emergency 4 , is not actually lights and cars , since all mods have different cars and lights. The Important thing should be the script or gameplay which make the game more fun and challenges
  19. Will it run with the same emergency 4 requirements , or required more like Manhattan mod?
  20. You could just say it's multi player only.. i took long time to download and it's just mp!
  21. When i'm calling Fire engine from battalion chief , it's call from outside the map, also when i call ambulance from EMS Supervisor .
  22. Well , i'm not expert , but it's said "emergency 4 deluxe only" , and maybe this is the problem..
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