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  1. Hey Itch, what about making them Childs, kinda like the SWR boat or Motorcycle? Maybe the first two people to enter the vehicle don't show up, as if they're in the front seats, but the third-through-sixth (or eigth?) put two people on each side (and rear?). Just a thought... don't even know if that's easily doable..
  2. Best bet is to use the mouse wheel. Click and turn the mouse to turn the camera, and the wheel up/down is zoom in/out. If you don't have a mouse with a wheel, "Ctrl+Shift+F10" will bring up a navigator that will allow you to click the buttons to move the camera.
  3. After being away for far too long, I've made my way back to the EM4 world. Perusing the forums, I saw this, and after reading, I've discovered that I have the identical issue with my Editor for EM4 Deluxe from Steam. Identical load up. I get an error message when double-clicking the desktop shortcut though... http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/image.png.d6ad8ae353062c1e31dadefe332d9147.png @Itch; I tried adding "-1" instead of "-editor" at the end, and it still loaded the missing map with the editor floor texture. If there's anything you gu
  4. Hiding.... the FBI wouldn't let me access my 'old' life until the case was settled... But I'm back now!
  5. I've found this problem with a few other mods with a buddy and myself. I believe it's an issue with the commands. I think what happens is if you use the chase command, they become invisible to the other players, and only the host can see them. And, because they weren't the hosts units, the host cannot control them. Does that make sense?
  6. *blows dust off keyboard. Shakes dust off shoulders. Wipes dust off computer.* Ahh... It's good to be back. I believe your issue has something to do with the missions value in the unit.xml of the unit folder. These values allow you to make a vehicle available or not in certain missions, including freeplay. You should be able to edit the unit.xml file with MS Notepad. I personally use Notepad2, as it is far more user-friendly for .xml files. If you open the unit.xml file, you should see: <missions value="1 2 3 4 13 15 9 8 5 17 12 14 7 19 10 6 18 16 11 20 21 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3
  7. Don't worry guys, I'm still working on this... I ran into a road block resizing the models in Zmodeller... They won't export in the right size for some reason :/ Other than that, some good news! I've skinned a National Grid Chevy Express van and created a copy of the FedEx (Should've replaced it.. my dad works for UPS.. lol) step van and made one of those a National Grid van. I'm working on creating a National Fuel van... I'll let you know shortly how that goes. Does anyone know why ZModeller is acting like 90% of my ex girlfriends?
  8. Truck15, I'm just loading the game now, I'll take a screenshot, and have the pic up in a few moments AndrewByrd, unfotunately, at this time, this is not a download-able submod. I'm thinking of making it public, but, I'm not 100% either way yet... As for the reskins, possibly after the holidays I'll take a look into it for you The holidays are pretty busy for us folks in Search and Rescue, so, I probably won't have the time to... Also, as a BIG announcement, Unit42 has been sweet enough (haha) to model a few trucks for me. I've seen his work, and, believe me... I almost cried. so, I'd li
  9. Sure thing! I'll add the memorial to the rig now, and get you a pic by tomorrow morning
  10. They're on that Wowmephotos site I sent you Unit 42 Truck15, the next time I head over to Bflo, I'll send ya a PM... what Plt's your dad on?
  11. Done Sir! I'm not 100% sure on this, but, I don't believe you can. I don't believe the game allows for persons to be placed on the unit. I could very well be wrong, but, I will look into it no less truck15. I may have asked you before, but, are you a firefighter at Buffalo Ladder 15? Edit: Funny... not 5 minutes after I asked that, 15 went on a P.S. ... hmm... I wonder if I have God-like powers...
  12. I wish I could Truck15... I'm not really a modeller, all I've been able to do so far is to modify things. I've edited where lights are, taken one thing from one unit and put it on another.... it's all just modifcation work... I've labelled the Fireboat already in game to say Edward M. Cotter, but, until I can get modelling down, I'm screwed... I wish I could model better, I wanna add a pump panel to the aerials, as they all have them in Buffalo... I also wish I could model a Crimson Pumper for Engines 4 and 25, and a Crimson 100' stick for the Reserve aerial. I haven't been over to Engine 37
  13. What I did was I made the civil-traited police cars added to specific paths, because they'll stop at traffic lights... Then, with the commandable units, I park them in a dark-ish spot or somethin... obviously using the stand-by script to make them available. I just kinda think of the moving police cars that I can't command as units from another division/precinct...
  14. Modding Jesus and Virgin Mary, right here... lol Quick question, The Suburban in the third pic. Headlights are off, only the parking lights are running... Scripted? Did you get a headlight script in play? I tried, and it f*cked with my Floodlights command... did you pull it off?
  15. Merritt, I think that could be feasible, if, say, the funeral comes across as an incident, and it happens a few days later... I've never seen an incident with an LODD where the funeral is the same day, or even within 4 days... But, I fully agree that the funeral would be a good thing to consider adding... C.F.D., I'd love to hear some! *Crosses fingers for Code 3 V-Con*
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