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[TUTORIAL]How to Template and UV Map Tutorial

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I have documented the steps I am doing while making a few models. The following will be required reading (and you will need to understand it) before you advance to the next steps.


Tutorial will be gradually expanded as I am able to document and type more things.


I will only be answering some questions and only provide generalized answers. My lack of time prevents a dedicated help line.

  • Templating Tutorial
  1. Go to user mode and go into full screen
  2. Select find in views to get a good zoom of your model and to center it to the screen (optional)
  3. Capture each of the sides of the model. You need the Left, Right, Front, Rear and top. Tip: Hold shift when rotating the camera to get a more sensetive view.
  4. Hit print screen and save image into texture. Add additional parts like headlights/tailights, bumpers and license plates if necessary. Save texture.
  5. Assign texture to material, assign material to model (explained in Hoppah's tutorial)

  • UV Mapping Tutorial
  1. You need a template (I will make a Templating tutorial soon)
  2. Select the polygons you wish to remove
  3. Detach them from the main object
  4. Go to vertices mode and select all of its vertices
  5. Go to the desired view (example uses left view because the part is the left surface of the object)
  6. Generate a new UV map
  7. Align object to template in UV mapper
  8. Try to get it as close as possible
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Appreciate you taking the time to help out current and future modders that may struggle with this. Hopefully we can turn this community around one topic at a time.

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