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  1. Yes, there is a release on the german emergency-forum. This link takes you directly to the webdisk entry: http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2166-ausrichtungsscript/
  2. Well what shall I say. Northview South County is a modification that is always fun to play. I finally found time to play the new update a little longer and it is magnificent! I like the final touches you gave your mod. Although I was a fan of the Quint, I love the new ladder truck. Wished there where two ladders on the map. Haven’t found any bugs so far. The game runs flawless. Great Job and thank you for your hard work!
  3. Thank you very much for publishing your modification. I played it a couple of hours and it’s pure fun. It is clearly visible where this mod has its roots. There are plenty of inputs from Mayberry, Los Angeles, Montana etc., but you managed to create a completely different feeling for your modification. The map still feels a bit rough in a few areas but all in all I love it. As an European that’s exactly my imagination of a small township in the USA. The grid arrangement of the streets, the above ground power lines, those little stores at the main road. The whole map just fits perfectly. And I guess your work isn’t over anyway. You also managed to recreate the real area well. Another point is the variety of units, it’s marvellous. My favourite units are the Pierce PUC and the Towerladder from (I guess) Fire Hall 57. Some minor bugs I came across: -Script error while trying to use the helicopter for patient transport -Something is wrong with the arrest script. When a person is held at gunpoint they first surrender but after that they still fight with the deputy -Strange behaviour of the patrol script. You can’t dispatch police cars that are on patrol. They always try to return to their patrol route. I reset this behaviour by letting the deputy exit the car. Things I would like to see getting changed: -I absolutely hate that there are no firefighters in normal bunker gear. That was one thing I didn’t like in Mayberry as well. -A one-person stretcher script Great job guys!
  4. On the page with just "gibberish" right klick and hit save page under. Select your location where it should be downloaded. Do not change the filename. It should be: "HC 5.0.2 Patch.rar". Got the same problem and it worked for me with this instruction.
  5. You open a topic with nothing to showcase but some pictures from the local fire department which can be found on google. Then you tell that you will go on a 2 week vacation. Seriousliy, why do you need this topic? And what do you think what feedback you will get? Why don't you work with your team in silence and open a topic if you have something to present? Excuse me for the many questions but at the moment this doesn't look promising and the first look is most important. This is my personal opinion beside that I wish you and your team all the best for the creation of your mod.
  6. I really like the new design allthough I would change the direction of the arrows on the back so they guide towards the outside.
  7. Sounds very much for a small maintanance update. wow. I'm glad you fixed the path issues with firestation 82. Your other tweks seem well considered. I always enjoy playing your modification and I'am happy that you decided to focus on fixing bugs while still adding little new features. good work!
  8. family picture looks great! seems like the next update is going to be big. The easiest way would be to rename the prototypes and replace them with the original ones. Then you have to pick your favorite 2 engines and make them ALS and BLS, same for police units and ambos. If you don't care about unit descriptions etc., this will keep the vehicle pool manageable. You only have to edit the files if you want them all. Guess I wait for the full release until I'll make my decision. Let's see what Itchboy the magician pulls out of his hat next.
  9. Yes, yellow and blue is normal. It is the colorsheme of BCFD. The units on map (MPFD) are red and yellow.
  10. Thanks for the cabs. they will make a great basis
  11. That's cool. I like people with patiance, corsair Regarding the now content you published. I can't say how impressed I am by your work and workspeed, THVFD. I had to double check if this is River Falls or Stillwarter or another project your are working with. Especially looking forward to see the wildland truck finished and with texture. that's a beauty!
  12. I think the Quint disscusion is over. C.F.D explained very good why a quint is redundat at this point of developement. And pointed out that there are allready enough vehicles with water cannons. Also I'm with Itchboy that first you need a base structure and from there you will see what is possible. It's like the skeleton of the human body.
  13. Looks good! I especially like the pump control panel and the front pushbar with the winch. You modeled that lightbar very fast. wow
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