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      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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      Hello,     From now on we will be disallowing any referral links on our site. This is not the place to earn money directly or indirectly. Anyone found sharing paid shortened links or referral links to earn money might lose his account.     Reason for this:     We are providing this service free of charge, putting our own free time in this and paying monthly fees on our own costs to keep this free service running. So why should anyone else make money from something they don’t pay to use?     So in short from now on we will be warning and banning users abusing or misusing referal links.     Regards,     Stan          


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  1. Help.

    1. Its not possible to make maps bigger. Almost all freeplay maps are already the biggest size that there is. But you can work on maps by finding a jpg version of the map and then manipulate it in photoshop/gimp/whatever problem you use. 2. Thoose are 3 totallt different types of files, so you can just turn one into the others. - DDS: is a picture file, it can be turned into jpg/bmp/png files, but the standard game uses dds because they take up less space. - e4p: is the prototype files, and is the games way of combining a v3o model, with commands, lights, ect. They are created in the editor - v3o : is a model file and can be created with Zmodels2 or Zmodels3. It usually have a dds files conected to it, for textures.
  2. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    The problem some people experience, where they are not able to download the modification, should be fixed now! We have added an alternative download mirror to Mega, on all our popular modifications, so all players experiencing problems with the Danish host, can use the alternative mirror instead. In case your favorite modification doesn't have a mega link yet, let us know and we will make sure to add it. - download section
  3. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    From our site, we are not planning any major changes in the police force. Atm we are discussing whether to include a secondary police car on the map, that only can be called during daytime. But other than that, we are not planning to change anything for version 1.1 Hotkey 1-6 is your friend. It includes all callable units(except Skibhus & DEMA. They are called from the fire chief). Hotkey 1: Fire station 1(the big one) Hotkey 2: Firestation 2(The one with 2 units) Hotkey 3: Firestation 3(in the middle of the map) Hotkey 4: Firestation 4(Small station to the south) Hotkey 5: Offmap ambulance services Hotkey 6: Police units
  4. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    Like i wrote to the others. Send me a pm
  5. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    A friend of mine is currently trying to make the download links work. If he can't make it work before the 1st of february, I'll make sure to add it to MEGA.
  6. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    It has come to our attention that some 911 First Responder plays have problems with the modification Check the blog post and learn how to fix the problem Blog post: Agerskov 1.0.1 Fix For 911 First Responder Players
  7. Agerskov mod 1.0.1 [Released]

    A small percentage of people seems to have that problem, send me a pm and I will help you The fire chief can call assistance from DEMA and another off map fire department. Seems a bit crazy that you got 3 gas explosions within that timeperiod, but I think that you have just been unlucky And yes, it is very intentional only to have jaws of life on the fast response unit
  8. Hello and welcome to Agerskov modification. This modification takes the player into the everyday lives of a small Danish county, without any fulltime fire departments. One of the spectacular things about Denmark is that Falck runs fire service in 2/3 of all counties. To give this modification the right feel, we have therefor added three minor and one lager fire station on the map. All of the fire stations have to page in the fire fighters, which gives fires a fair chance to evolve, before the fire department arrives. Besides this, the recourses in the modification are very limited so the player also have to keep into a count, that once the ambulance leaves the map to transport a patient, only the local medical first responder is available. This modification is a fun and exciting project with a brand new freeplay map. The modification includes: 4 part-time fire/rescue stations A medical first responder A local police station A custom freeplay map +20 Danish emergency vehicles Tons of new scripts Download: Version 1.0.1: Fix for 911 First Responder Players:
  9. The setup is the one from the original campain modification, so you will have to either slow down vehicle spawns in the editor or rename all trafficlights so they are green for longer
  10. That is a really good question I still have plans to complete Copenhagen mod 1,2 at some point. But at the moment i'm busy with 3 other project, that are taking up all of my time. Like you mention, the Big Apple Project, takes a lot of our time. Besides that i'm also working on Agerskov mod, which i'm planning to release before christmas. You can check out all of my projects here -->
  11. Try here
  12. That is a well known bug that will be fixed in version 1.1 of the modification. The mission can only be cleared if you evacuate all passengers which has to be done either by the police or with the airport evacuation bus which can be called by the Fire chief Evac
  13. Hello Community In my oppinion, One of the most annoying things in my Emergency experience is the constant useless chatter that comes every time a unit is selected, deselected or asked to do something. Another thing I really dislike is the green and orange circle that all units gets beneath them when selected. I have therefor created a small plugin for Emergency that removes those two things. The plugin is really easy to use and can be used both in modifications but also to replace base files in the game so it removes all of the sounds for good. If you are interrested in the plugin it can be downloaded here. The download includes an installation guide for both modifications and base game files