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  1. Nice artwork Adam And thanks for the update
  2. Download: (Provided by Tor_Laws) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ja3lnn9pcfj1wo3/Norway Mod.rar?dl=0 and drop it in the mods folder.
  3. Looks like 1 of the 3 sandcats Swedis swat have or known as "Piketen/förstärkta regionala insatsstyrkor" ;-D
  4. I have a question what car model is the police cars? Is this right: chevrolet Impala, Ford Explorer and marked/unmarked Ford Crown vic's? We don't have those or never had those in Norway/Europe were i am from. :-D And your mod looks stunning ;-)
  5. Looks cool Adam :-D Just a quick question about the police scripting you and Itchboy are doing; Will the police station have a garage for the police cars just like the fire station so we can ect toggle roof on/off? Maybe a garage that can hold 3 or 4 police cars and if we would need more police help we could use the police section to call in more from of map. (Norwegian/Norsk) Ser fantastisk ut :-D Og 1 lite spørsmål angående politi scriptet du og Itchboy jobber med: Vil politistasjonen ha sin egne garasje med politibilene klare fra start, akkurat som brannstasjonen med tak, porter etc? Gleder meg til å spille din mod. Hilsen 224/Tage.
  6. A custom map always give the mod its own personality. (Imo). But like others say it can take a very long time. The possibility is that you make your mod "public" only with the vehicles etc and then (if time ofcourse) make an "upgraded" mod with a new map. Any way, im am looking forward to your Sweden Mod. Best regards.
  7. Now thats some sexy units you got there :-D May i ask a question: I read that the Swedish Polis would buy VW Amarok to there k9/dog units, will you add that in to your mod? Keep up the good work Mr. Adam. Regards 224
  8. Looking good Mr. Volume. :-) Nice fire station. And may i ask, will the fire station have working gates? Regards latex224
  9. Looks nice. :-) And Happy New Year to you also :-D
  10. Dropbox Works fine :-) But the Golf 2 unit (Riot police car) have the "new" pattern on the right front door and the rest is the old one. Just wanted to let you know about that miner "bug" Dropbox'en virker grei. Men politibilen Golf 02 enheten har en liten "bug/feil" altså fremre høyre dør har den nye uniformeringen mens resten av bilen har den gamle. (Bare et lite spørsmål: Vil du gjøre de 2 Golf bilene G-01 og G-02 blå som dem i Oslo hvis du skulle lage mer til mod'en?) Veldig flott jobb du har gjort med oppdateringer av kjøretøyene etc :-)
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