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  1. Best bet would be zmodeler, my guess is that whatever is the latest release of v2 would work best with importing/exporting. unfortunately as far as I'm aware there aren't any import/export scripts for 3ds max specific to em4
  2. Mission Chief

    You can sign up here to play. You don't have to be in an alliance if you don't want to be. I play solo mostly because I don't play very often, but it's pretty simple to play once you get the hang of it.
  3. New PowerARC Volt Lightbar By Me

    Agreed, haha. I admittedly did not Google it but I wonder if it is supposed to have domes/lenses? Unique looking bar for sure and it looks like you kept it pretty low poly, so good job!
  4. It's definitely a Code 3 product, but the bad part is all their products look the same to me so I can't tell which one either:) I would lean towards an RX2700 and away from a x2100, but that's just a gut feeling.
  5. The Code 3 SlickStik might be fun to have but not sure how/if its possible for the sweeps would be implemented. Else if you want to stick with Whelen some combination of Dashmasters and Dashmisers I think might look good too. Advantedge model looks good! Nice work. You make great work out of EM4's low poly requirements.
  6. We have a municipal utilities company that handles electric and water, Northern Natural Gas does gas, and the telephone company handles TV, internet, and phones. Please for the love of God do not put a strobe Vista on the Intrepid. Lol. While I don't know this for certain, my assumption would be that a halogen/rotating version would be cheaper than a strobe version at the time.
  7. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    It's a pretty old game and people are slowly leaving like with all other games. Personally I don't make EM4 mods because I don't know zmodeler yet and it seems like a vastly different method of making vehicle mods (getting them to show up and work in game). Never really took the time to learn
  8. N.F.S. HighStakes ColdWar Mod

    Wow! I LOVE High Stakes. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the era/vehicles/geography personally but it looks like a LOT of work was put into them. Well done!
  9. Cavaliers lol. Very interesting. I would have thought older Luminas or Malibus would work a bit better but now that you've said Cavalier I am very curious... On a side note if you're picking up the Taurus from 3dcadbrowser hmu cause I've been wanting to convert that to GTA San Andreas lol the 98 that we have now just isn't cutting it
  10. Amity Island Modification

    I absolutely LOVE looking at your work. It's just amazing. Great work and I hope you keep it up.
  11. EM 4 - Iowa USA mod

    There was an Iowa City mod that floated around for a while, but other than that not that I'm aware of... and I don't have the time or patience to learn zmodeler to make my own... lol
  12. What game am i thinking of?

    How did I not notice this?? Guess i don't play enough
  13. Lexington Mod(WIP)-New Pics

    Freightliner got me like
  14. You take some good pictures of your local Fire/police depts. 

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    2. Rlizard


      I'd vote for your mod but I want a mod with something other than fords as the main patrol units. 

    3. ThatOneIowan


      Haha no worries! It would be nice to see the new Tahoes for a change but I'm partial to the Explorers lol

    4. Rlizard


      Yeah the explorers are ok, but I've driven both and the tahoe has way more room/Comfort.


    This, exactly!! I'd love to see a Boone County mod as that's where I live now but I'm really picky about realism too, lol. Des Moines or Ames would be neat to see too.