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  1. Amity Island Modification

    I have a question. In the movie the island has a population of only about a thousand people and there are only two cops. Will this be replicated here? Will you only have two or three officers available on map and then have to call off map resources for more support?
  2. Amity Island Modification

    I have another question. How are you going to code "Bruce" into the game?
  3. Amity Island Modification

    Maybe you could ask rihis to use the models from the LA 1990s Submod?
  4. Cursor Trouble

    How do I change that? Just hit F11 when in game? I edited the screen resolution to fit my computer's display and now the game won't start at all.
  5. Amity Island Modification

    Looking great! I can't wait to see more. I hope you manage to get more old cars in there. I also hope my computer's graphics card is good enough for this mod.
  6. Cursor Trouble

    My game has recently developed an annoying habit. When I load a mod, the game's mouse cursor is always there. But every couple of minutes, the normal computer cursor appears and the next time I click on anything the game minimizes. I've tried running on administrator mode and running it without any other apps running but it keeps doing this. What is wrong?
  7. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    Hallelujah! It works! Thank you so much Squad 65! Mr. Itchboy sir. This thread can now be closed. But thanks for the link. I will definitely use that tutorial in the future.
  8. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    Ok, here goes nothing.
  9. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    For the files with the same names, what do I do. Replace or keep both?
  10. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    You mean drag all the folders from the 90s submod folder into the LA Mod folder?
  11. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    Although, I cannot find which tutorial applies.
  12. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    Thanks. I'll look into that. If I need any more help, I'll PM you. I think you can close this thread now if you want.
  13. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    I have gotten the various unites to appear in campaign missions but the sirens don't work and they don't appear in freeplay. If there is a guide for upgrading the mod or something I'd greatly appreciate the help.
  14. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    That is what I did to begin with and that's how I got the problems mentioned above.
  15. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    I individually copied each folder the units and so on into the corresponding LA Mod folder. Then when they were duplicated, I told it to keep both copies but name the '90s mod files with a (1). That might explain the lack of the fire department and ambulance vehicles in the campaign, but it doesn't explain why the sirens don't work or none of the vehicles were in freeplay.