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  1. My cousin Paul is a Volunteer Firefighter in Hamilton and he says they use tanker/engine relays.
  2. I've been trying to access this discord but it won't work? Can you post a new invite?
  3. I had a thought on the topic of corralling animals. In the London Modification for Emergency 4 police officers can pepper spray dogs to capture them. In the Emergency 3 modification Notruf California, they had an animal control truck where you could equip the officers with a tranquilizer gun, which was just a rifle and it killed the animal but for purposes of RP it was just asleep and they put it into the truck and drove off with it. Perhaps you could do something like this with your park rangers. Rename a rifle a tranq gun, have them shoot the animal and then if possible just delay its death to roleplay the period of time it would take a drug to work its way through the animal's system.
  4. Thank you for that info. If I may ask another question, how will the CSI script work when working on crime scenes? Will it be like the murder script in EM4 Deluxe Freeplay where when you examine the body with a negotiator/detective the killer appears in a corner of the map and you have to arrest him?
  5. I have seen this model in other mods and the blades are static and don't turn. Has this been rectified for this mod?
  6. Busiest area for brush and vehicle fires is in the Valley or for structure fires hang out in South LA where there are a lot of homeless people combined with dilapidated and vacant buildings. If you want to see police activity hang out around downtown and Hollywood. Lots of whacky stuff happens with drugged up homeless folks.
  7. I live in Los Angeles and have a police scanner.
  8. I have a question. In the movie the island has a population of only about a thousand people and there are only two cops. Will this be replicated here? Will you only have two or three officers available on map and then have to call off map resources for more support?
  9. I have another question. How are you going to code "Bruce" into the game?
  10. Maybe you could ask rihis to use the models from the LA 1990s Submod?
  11. How do I change that? Just hit F11 when in game? I edited the screen resolution to fit my computer's display and now the game won't start at all.
  12. Looking great! I can't wait to see more. I hope you manage to get more old cars in there. I also hope my computer's graphics card is good enough for this mod.
  13. My game has recently developed an annoying habit. When I load a mod, the game's mouse cursor is always there. But every couple of minutes, the normal computer cursor appears and the next time I click on anything the game minimizes. I've tried running on administrator mode and running it without any other apps running but it keeps doing this. What is wrong?
  14. Hallelujah! It works! Thank you so much Squad 65! Mr. Itchboy sir. This thread can now be closed. But thanks for the link. I will definitely use that tutorial in the future.
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