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  1. sorry i trust NOTHING from AD FLY another dead project to add with ALL the others
  2. simking

    Harbor City 5

    Maybe i am crazy but why are there no commands? on any of the vehicles or personnel?
  3. Is this still alive? no links its been 3-4 years Nice photos but anyway to actually PLAY it?
  4. yep I did not have the editor and soon as i clicked it to fix a path issue for a map it locked me out now it will be days before i hear back,I stupidly cleaned out my gmail only realizing then it was a permanent delete buy buy order number and atari no longer handles the process.
  5. Am excellent mod I only see 2 problems and 1 could it be done. the bridge next to wall mart needs a guard rail between the road and the rear entrance some trucks get stuck and go between and their is no way to get them out. 2. the tower seems to have a texture issue it looks masked or white not crisp like the others. the could it be done..a fire boat auto return for ambulances and a ambulance spot at station 1. other than that great mod love it...thumbs up @the loot if you place your units in standby mode they will dispatch when called.By police or the captains i also notice station 5 has ambulance 5 and 6 too bad the big ambulance only holds 1 person for transport.
  6. Just want to say thanks for making me sign up for yet another usless file program just to open this file or even DL is it friggen possible to do ANYTHING anymore with out having to sighn up for this program or that service.Let me DL my files and leave me the hell anone.I don't want to sign in with Facebook or twitter or ANYTHING I don't want to sped hours tring to link accounts people STOP useing this crap.Now I have to wait 24 hours because it says something is wrong with one of the 20 services needed to open this file. thanks
  7. I lived in FLA in the 90's was an AUX police,I remember when the mustangs came out,They flipped/rolled several because they were so lite.The transition from southbound to Northbound I.E. through the grass medians on the pike.They wound up putting cinder blocks in the trunk,Then ford or somebody made weight packs they fit in the trunk and rear panels.
  8. I am guessing this is phantom ware now? I was looking forward to this LA county was where it all took place after all...
  9. I may have figured it out the missions work not free play looks like their was some old mods left over so it was not a clean install I will fix that now...
  10. Hello Gents I had to reinstall and for some reason she don't want to run anymore just updated drivers so that is good... everything I found says all is good I can find no issues it loads the main mini movie intro the main game screen then CTD thanks guys DxDiag.txt logfile.txt
  11. so they do use the bus as a mass cass unit thanks... the chopper belongs to Customs and border patrol says so right on the side.
  12. Its not too bad the FF running away is annoying they do come back and hook up after they run somewhere... I would like a ESU truck not 2 swat trucks something smaller then a whole engine for accidents and some of the vehicles are still not skinned to NY. what does the real Mass cass unit in NY look like? the la one just looks better..not a reskinned city bus (personal thought) but i still play it its fun be nice if em vehicles used the fire lane cars still get in the way.. anyway thanks for all your hard work team NY
  13. BREAKING NEWS out of New York An investigation into questionable firefighters had turned up a recent filing mix up A file clerk Named Magoo accidentally filed candidates into the APPROVED graduates file which was sent to the assigning station departments section. Because these files are supposed to be of employees graduated recently they were not looked at closely,The investigation started when members started going to their assigned stationed confused,and when the fire calls came they RAN away from the fires instead of fighting it. Mr.Magoo said quote"well well I I thought it ssssaiid DISapproved" the City of New York promised a better pair of glasses for their Favorite file clerk. In a related article back braces to be issued to Paramedics so they will actually pick up patents.
  14. I hate the earthquake way to many fires to put out can't keep up
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