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  1. Oh I love to see that! Nice job on that, I love it. So if what I read earlier was correct, all vehicles "omitted" will be in a folder for us to add later if we want to, correct? Would the USBP be included in that folder as well? Was just wondering because you never know when you want to play with some different vehicles once in a while. Thanks for the photo, I am loving the Rambulance, and everything about it, alongside the rest of the vehicles in this mod.
  2. Loving all the vehicles and progress so far. I was wondering however, if there is going to be a Ram based Ambulance? I didn't notice it while scrolling through, I don't know if I missed it, but I didn't see it from what I've looked through. I was just wondering if that is something that will be added or not (if not already added)? Other than that, the mod looks really good! Best of luck.
  3. This is a shame, I am a big fan of your work and I think it's awful that things have come to this. I've been following his vehicles for a while on the steam workshop for CS, and you can check if any of the models on there matches your own property or someone you know; just a suggestion, I'd assume he uses the same models for a lot of his vehicles. I always wondered if he really made his models, I guess not.
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