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  1. Any problem related to the Los Angeles Mod can be posted in this topic. You can also post possible bugs here. List with all reported and confirmed bugs below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New information 07/16/2011: Released Los Angeles Mod v2.1 which contains the latest updates (v2.0.2) as well as some new additions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current bugs LA mod v2.1 bugs and problems: - The K9 dog makes sheep noises. - CheckVictim command does not work for negotiator. Multiplayer: - Chase command gets bugged when officers leave their vehicles after stopping the chased car ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Unfixable bugs: - The trailer of tiller does not have physics when it is not installed. This prevents the trailer from getting stuck. - The tiller cannot be installed at windows. - The fireman on the ladder of the tiller sometimes floats in the air. - The trailer logic might be buggy and/or slow on older computers and during online play. - MP5, M4a1 and PSG-1 fire through objects. - Mission 2: Canister sometimes can't be closed (workaround: restarting the game fixes it) - Mission 3: Bomb Squad cannot pick up the briefcase (workaround: restarting the game fixes it) - In rare occasions, the gated wye cannot be picked up, because the fireman disappears and nothing else happens. (fix not found yet) Strange occasions: (often reported as bugs, but cannot or won't be changed) - Vehicles on patrol ignore traffic lights - The watercannon of parked fire engines in one of the fire stations shoots through the roof of the fire station when a fire is in its vicinity. - When personnel of the third parked ambulance (fire station 1) exits the vehicle they sometimes appear outside of the fire station. Often reported bugs/issues which aren't bugs: - Red lights on LAPD unmarked and slicktop cars don't flash (law in California requires emergency vehicles to have at least one steady burn). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoppah
  2. Emergency 4 - Script: Siren

    [b]Emergency 4 - Script: Siren[/b] Difficulty: Easy Programs used: Emergency 4 Editor (v1.3) NotePad ========================== WHAT ARE THE SIREN SCRIPTS: The original Siren scripts are named SoSi and were made by Bass-Ti. SoSi means Sondersignal in German. In English it means Siren. In this tutorial we call the scripts 'Siren scripts'. The scripts and commands make it possible to do a few new things: - Possible to have a different siren for each vehicle. - Sirens are looped: Siren won't stop after a few seconds, but will be repeated until the vehicle stops moving or when you disable the siren. The scripts contain 3 new commands: - VCmdSirens Turns the sirens on or off - VCmdAutoSirenOn -Off Sirens will activate or deactivate automaticly when vehicle starts moving or stops moving. You can turn this off or on. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/sirens_01.jpg"]Image 01: Siren commands[/url] ========================== HOW DOES IT WORK?: Download this .zip package: [url="http://www..emergency-planet.com/tutorials/siren_scripts.zip"]Siren scripts[/url] Extract the .zip package and move the 8 scripts to the following folder in your mod: "YourMod/Scripts/Game/Command/..." Create new folders if necessary. Move the Icons folder from the package to your mod folder. Start the editor, load your mod. Add the following two commands to all vehicles which must have the new siren commands - VCmdSiren and VCmdAutoSirenOff. VCmdAutoSirenOff means the vehicle HAS the ability to turn the automatic sirens off. This means automatic sirens are on for default when the vehicle has this command. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/sirens_02.jpg"]Image 02: Add commands to your vehicles[/url] ========================== AUDIO FILES: If you want to have custom, new sirens in your mod you need to find or make them. Audio files in Emergency 3 and 4 will only work if they are mono and in .wav format. Otherwise they won't be played. If you want to use new sirens it can be a good idea to replace the original Emergency 4 sirens with empty audio files. You can download empty sirens here: [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/empty_sirens.zip"]Empty sirens[/url] Move the 4 audio files to the following folder in your mod: ".../Audio/Fx/sirens/" In case you have new sirens, move them to the same folder. ========================== CHANGING THE SCRIPTS: Go to your ".../Scripts/Game/Command" folder in your mod and open Sirens.script with WordPad or Notepad. You have to do two things for each vehicle you want to give sirens. 1. Find a line like this: [CODE][i]const char CAR_01[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/Fire Department/rw.e4p";[/i][/CODE] This line has a const char value which has been connected to the path of a vehicle prototype. Make sure these prototypes have the commands VCmdSiren and VCmdAutoSirenOff as explained earlier. 2. The const char value (CAR_01) is linked to another part of the script. Scroll down and find a part like this: [left][CODE][b][i]if (StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), CAR_01) == 0)[/i] [i]soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D("mod:Audio/FX/sirens/Emsiren01.wav", CarPos, true);[/i][/b][/CODE][/left] As you can see the const char value can be found in this part of the script too. The second line contains the path to a sound file, the siren. Meaning of this code: If the caller (car which executes command) has the prototype connected to the const char value it will play the audio file from the second line. If you want to do this with more vehicle, simply copy the codes in part 1 and 2 and change them. Make sure each vehicle has another const char code, like CAR_02, CAR_03 etc... [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/sirens_03.jpg"]Image 03: Edit the script[/url] Thanks to Bass-Ti for the original scripts. For questions about this tutorial: [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?showtopic=3440"]Emergency 4: Siren scripts[/url] ========================== Tutorial made by Hoppah March 2008
  3. Emergency 4: Adding vehicles

    Emergency 4 - Adding Vehicles Difficulty: Moderate Programs used: Emergency 4 (v1.3) Editor WordPad or Notepad This tuturial will teach you how to add a new vehicle to your mod step by step. You should already have a model and texture file. Besides this tutorial, it can be VERY useful to compare your files with other mods or original files. In this tutorial, the following vehicle will be added to a mod: Image 01: Vehicle ========================== NEW FOLDERS: 1. Adding new vehicles requires the following folders in your mod if you don't have them already: Lang, Models, Prototypes, Specs and Units. Image 02: Add new folders 2. All files in your mod are sorted in subfolders. You need to create those folders too. 3. In case you want to add a police vehicle you need to make the following folders in your mod folder: .../Models/Vehicles/Police/ .../Prototypes/Vehicles/Police/ 4. Now, move all model- and texture files from your vehicle to your .../Models/Vehicles/Police/ folder. Image 03: Subfolders and the model- and texture files In case you are renaming your model- and texture files: 5. You need to make sure the texture files are linked to their model files, otherwise each model is missing their textures. 6. Open each model file (.V3O) with WordPad and look for the texture name. Change it to your new texture name and save the file. NOTE: If you're seeing a lot of weird symbols, the model is locked/packed (all Emergency 4 model files are). You can unpack the model file in the Emergency 4 editor. Start the editor. Go to Modifications -> Unpack file... It doesn't matter if your file is packed or not. Emergency 4 can read both. Image 04: Change texture name in model files ========================== CREATING AND EDITING BODY PROTOTYPE FILES: 7. When you have moved your model- and texture files to your mod you need to make prototype files. Each object of your vehicle has its own prototype file (body, doors, wheels etc...). Lets start with the body of the new vehicle. 8. Start the editor and always load your mod (Modifications -> My mod) first, otherwise the changes won't be made in your modfolder, but inside the Data folder of Emergency 4. 9. If you're not seeing the object window, go to Edit -> Scene. 10. Click on Vehicles -> Police (just like those subfolders in step 9) and click on NEW. 11. A new window will appear. The first thing you have to do is linking your model file to the prototype file. 12. Click on Browse behind Modelfile: and search the model file of the body of your new vehicle. Click OK. Your model is linked to the prototype file and can be viewed in the editor if you click on OK in the prototype window. 13. Each object in Emergency 4 has some options which need to be checked or not. For vehicles check the following options in the bottom of the prototype window: A black dot in: Physics, Children, Lights, Traits and General. A little cross in: Fire Use 'Custom' as Placement. 14. Now, you have to edit the Traits of your object. Click on Edit Traits. A new window will appear. Change the Flags first. Usually, most Emergency vehicles use Shootable, Coolable, Transportable - ASF and Recoverable - FGrR. If you want to have equipment inside the car, check some flags under Contained Equipment too (not more than 6). Voice/Sound is for the type of voice for your vehicle. Emergency 4 has 3 different voices (0, 1 and 2). Set the gender (for vehicles: Male or Female). Choose your type of vehicle under TaskForce Vehicle Type. Because our vehicle is a simple police vehicle we choose Police StW this time. Setting the Explosion Settings: Effect means which particle is used when your car explodes. Wreck Prototype is the wreck of the car after the explosion. Setting the Passenger and Transports: Those two values are only used when you place vehicles on maps in the editor. Setting the Material: Each object in Emergency 4 has a material. Normal vehicles usually have Car as Material. 15. When you're done with the Traits, click OK. 16. You need to assign commands to the vehicle. Click on Edit Commands. Required commands for most vehicles are: MoveTo, EmptyCar and GoHome. It is not very difficult to understand what those commands mean. 17. If you want to add lights to your car use the Light Editor function (Edit Lights). It is not very difficult to learn to add new lights. Comparing with other cars works most of the time. Image 05: Create a prototype file Image 06: Link prototype file to model Image 07: Check options Image 08: Edit Traits Image 09: Add commands ========================== CREATING AND EDITING WHEEL AND DOOR PROTOTYPE FILES: 18. The prototype files of the wheels and doors are basicly the same as body prototypes, except that you don't have to edit the General, Traits and Lights options. 19. Just like the body prototype file, create a new prototype file in the same folder as the body prototype file. 20. All door prototype files have to end with "_door##" and wheels with "_wheel##" (## stands for 2 numbers), so in this tutorial the first wheel prototype file name could be "new_car_door01". This is very important, because otherwise Emergency 4 won't reconize the wheels and doors. 21. When you've created a wheel or door, assign a door- or wheel model to the prototype file (step 18) and you're done. When you restart the editor, the door- and wheel prototypes can be found in Objects -> _VehicleParts_doors and _VehicleParts_wheels. Image 10: All prototype files ready ========================== ADDING DOORS AND WHEELS TO YOUR CAR: 22. Before you are going to add the doors and wheels to the body, make sure all prototype files are correct and that the models show up with the right texture. Addings wheels to your car is very easy. Go to your new car in the object window, then Edit -> Edit Children -> Edit Wheels. 23. Look for the wheel you've made in the list and press Add. If you can't find your wheel, the file name propably didn't end with "_wheel" and a number. 24. Use the Preview window to position the first wheel. Use ALT and your mouse to change the height. You might want to use Snap angles or Snap to objects to make it easier to position the wheel. 25. Use Copy Wheel to make the three others wheels which have the same height as the first wheel. Position them too. 26. Now, go to Edit Doors and add all doors to your vehicle and position them. Snap to object and Snap angles can be very useful. 27. On the right side of the Children window you can change some things. Change Axis to change the way the door opens. Change Door Action for which action the door will be opened. 28. You also want to add other objects (childs) to your vehicle like a lightbar. Use the Edit Children -> Edit Childs function then. Image 11: Adding wheels Image 12: Adding doors ========================== UNIT ID: 29. Each vehicle or person has its own ID (Identification) name. This ID is used to reconize the vehicle. The name of each vehicle is attached to their ID. Each vehicle has its own unit.xml file. All those files must be placed in a new folder. 30. So, we are going to change the Units folder. Our vehicle is a Police type vehicle so you need to create the following folders in the Units folder. .../Vehicles/Police/ 31. Create another folder in the Police folder. The name doesn't really matter. But the way how the vehicles are sorted ingame is based on the names of the folders. In this tutorial we create a folder called "001newcar". 32. Besides unit.xml, all menu pictures are also placed in that folder. The best way to change unit.xml for a new vehicle, is copying an existing file and changing it. About those menu pictures: Each car needs eight images. One large image which will appear in the lower right window when you select the vehicle. Four images are needed for the menu and three for the TransAid menu. If you are known with programs like Photoshop it's not very difficult to make new images for your vehicles. On the bottom of this tutorial you can download empty unit images. You only have to add a picture of your vehicle to those images. 33. Copy an existing unit.xml from the ".../Emergency 4/Data/Units/..." folder to your new folder and open it with WordPad or Notepad. 34. Make up a unit ID for your vehicle and enter it between the brackets in the first line. I've used: CV_LAPD. You will need that ID later! There are two large parts in this file which are basicly the same; campaign and freeplay. Most things will speak for themselves, but some things are important to know: Maximum number of 'space value' is 8. Maximum number of 'loadspace value' is 9. Don't add more than 4 unit ID's. Don't add more than 6 equipment ID's. Adding 22 to 'mission value' in the freeplay part is required to use the vehicle in freeplay. 35. When you are done, save the file. You can open .xml files with Internet Explorer to check it for mistakes. If Internet Explorer gives an error, something is wrong with the file. Image 13: Create unit folder Image 14: Files inside the unit folder Image 15: Changing unit.xml ========================== SPECS: 36. Some files in the Specs folder are required when you add a vehicle to your mod. Copy the following files from your .../Emergency 4/Data/Specs folder to the Specs folder in your mod: freeplaybase.xml freeplaybase_mp.xml portraits.xml metastrings.xml freeplaybase_d.xml (if you have EM4 Deluxe) 37. Open freeplaybase.xml with Wordpad. Every available vehicle in freeplay has their own line. 'count' means the number of vehicles in your garage which have already been bought. Copy/Paste or change one of the lines and enter the path to your new vehicle. Do this for freeplaybase_mp.xml (for multiplayer) and/or freeplaybase_d.xml (if you have EM4 Deluxe) too. 38. Open portraits.xml with WordPad. Just like in freeplaybase.xml has each vehicle has their own line. Copy/Paste or change one of the lines, enter the correct path to your new vehicle prototype. Enter the Unit ID which has been made up in step 40 and enter the exact same name behind 'text' and 'unit'. Image 16: Specs folder Image 17: Changing freeplaybase.xml Image 18: Changing portraits.xml ========================== TEXT (LANGUAGE) FILES: 39. Copy the following files from your .../Emergency 4/Data/Lang/[game language]/ to your mod: infotexts.xml portraits.xml 40. Make sure the paths to these files have been changed in metastrings.xml too. 41. Open infotexts.xml Each unit must have three lines with a text: ID_NAME_[unit ID] The name of the unit. ID_PURPOSE_[unit ID] Some information about the unit. ID_TOOLTIP_[unit ID] Text which appears when you move your cursur over the menu image of the unit. Make sure to enter the unit ID correctly and make up a name, purpose and tooltip text. 42. Open portraits.xml Just like infotexts.xml each unit has a line with text. This text will appear in the lower right window when you select your new vehicle. ID_PORTRAIT_[unit ID] 43. When you're done with the text files, your vehicle should be ready to use ingame. 44. Start Emergency 4, load your mod, start a mission or freeplay and play with your vehicle! Image 19: Text files Image 20: Changing infotexts.xml Image 21: Changing portraits.xml Download empty unit images: Emergency 4 Unit Images For questions about this tutorial: Ask in the forum ========================== Tutorial made by Hoppah July 2007
  4. Dear forumbuddy's, As some of you may have read in the US Army Mod topic, I have made a script that limits water supply for fire engine's. A functionality that's been widely requested on the forums here to make the game more realistic. Due to the popularity of this functionality, I decided to make a demo using the logic from the US Army Mod and two FDNY Engine's taken from the New York City Mod made by Mikey_PI and associates. The first screenshot shows the functionality in the demo mission. The second screenshot shows the functionality in a freeplay mode. Can I use this logic in my mod? Yes, the entire idea of this demo is to distribute it, so you may copy the entire script and interface objects to your mod and release it for public. I'd appreciate if you'd credit me (Hoppah) for the logic though. Consult the attached file 'Limited Water Supply Logic - Mod Implementation Guide.pdf' for further instructions or take some time to read the topic for further details regarding implementation. Bugs - The fire fighter who spawns outside to control the pump of a fire engine may not be recognized by the vehicle sometimes, resulting in connected firehoses not working. To fix this, simply select the fire fighter and click on the fire engine to activate the pump again. - In a rare occasion, the water tanker may not be recognized by the script, resulting in a water tanker with fire engine traits (1000 gallon tank for example) and not being able to supply other vehicles. Especially after playing freeplay directly after the demo mission may cause this problem. Credits Mikey_PI: FNDY Fire Engine models and FDNY Fire Fighter textures Freakinmusket: Water Tanker model Hoppah: All Interface changes and limited water supply logic/scripts Note: I am aware other mod-creators have made a similar logic before. No interface elements nor script codes in this modification were taken from other modifications. The entire logic is made by myself, so I could alter it to my own wishes and make a public release without any problematic copyright claims. Feedback would be appreciated! Limited_Water_Supply_Test_Mod-v1-2-by_Hoppah.rar Limited Water Supply Logic - Mod Implementation Guide v1.2.pdf Hoppah
  5. Emergency 4 - Basic Modding Info

    [b]Emergency 4 - Basic modding info[/b] Difficulty: Easy Programs used: Emergency 4 Editor (v1.3) WordPad ========================== HOW DO I UNDERSTAND MODDING? By reading tutorials you won't learn everything about modding, because it's not possible to explain every detail in tutorials. You have to put time in understanding every aspect. Comparing stuff is VERY important. You can compare your mod with other mods or even the Data folder to learn how a mod is build up. You will learn much more from that than reading tutorials or asking questions. ========================== MODS IN EMERGENCY 4: Unpacked and installed Emergency 4 mods can be found in your "~/Emergency 4/Mods/" folder. Each mod has its own folder and the content of that folder will look similar to the content of the Emergency 4/Data folder. When you start Emergency 4, files in the Data folder will be loaded. when you load a mod, all files in the mod folder will be loaded, possibly overwriting files from the Data folder. This means you only have to add files to your mod which have been changed for your mod. You can load mods in the Modifications screen after you have started Emergency 4. You can only load one mod at the same time! You have to restart Emergency 4 when you want to play another mod. ========================== CREATE A MOD FOLDER: To create a new mod, start the Emergency 4 editor, go to Modifications -> Create a new mod... Make up a mod name. For example: "My mod". Click on Create -> OK. A new folder with your mod name is created in your .../Emergency 4/Mods/ folder. You can now load your mod under the Modification menu in the editor or game. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/modinfo_01.jpg"]Image 01: Create a mod[/url] ========================== MOD STRUCTURE: Just like the Data folder files must be placed in folders and subfolders. Models must be placed in the Models folder, prototypes in the Prototypes folder and etc... Example: If you want to reskin the STW you have to copy rtw.dds from your "/Emergency 4/Data/Models/Vehicles/Police/" folder to your "/YourMod/Models/Vehicles/Police/" folder. Create new folders when necessary. You don't have to copy the models or prototype files of the STW because the copied STW file will just 'overwrite' the original one when you load the mod. ========================== PACK YOUR MOD: You can pack your mod to an .e4mod file with the ModInstaller. You can find the ModInstaller in your Emergency 4 directory or a shortcut under the Start menu. When you've started the ModInstaller, select your mod and click 'Pack'. Type a file name and click OK. The ModInstall will make the package now. ========================== OBJECTS IN EMERGENCY 4: Every object (including vehicles) in Emergency 4 has three main file types. *.E4P - Prototype file extension. All ingame information about the object is saved in this file, like the lights, vehicle type, physics, doors, wheels and superstructures. *.V3O - Model file extension. 3D objects and animations are saved in this file. *.DDS - Texture file extension. Changing this file will change the colour of your vehicle. This file belongs to the model file. The prototype files always belong in subfolders in the Prototypes folder. Vehicle, persons, objects, houses and openhouses prototypes are different, the game will only reconize them when they placed in the subfolders. The model- and texture files always belong together in subfolders in the Models folder. ========================== TEXT (LANGUAGE) FILES: To load text files you have to make a Lang folder (and subfolder) in your mod. Copy language files from your .../Emergency 4/Data/Lang/[game language]/ folder to this folder. Also copy metastrings.xml from your .../Emergency 4/Data/Specs/ folder to your mod (in the Specs folder). Open metastrings.xml with WordPad. The paths to the language files must be changed or different a game language won't open your language files. Change the paths so they look like this: "mod:Lang/en/infotexts.xml" "mod:Lang/en/portraits.xml" In this case the language files have been placed the subfolder 'en' too. For questions about this tutorial: [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?showtopic=3429"]Emergency 4 - Basic Modding Info[/url] ========================== Tutorial made by Hoppah March 2008
  6. Any problem related to the Los Angeles Mod can be posted in this topic. You can also post possible bugs here. List with all reported and confirmed bugs below: LA mod v1.9 bugs: - Mission 7: Cannot unload Boat Transporter at the water (more information here) - New map: Pathfinding problems on the bridge - New map: No hostages during hostage situations - Stolen vehicle cannot be towed after using the chase command on it Multiplayer: - Using the chase command officers are as soon they get out of the car invisible to the joiners. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch 3 * DOWNLOAD * Includes all previous patches Size: 1,78 mb Patch 3 fixes the following bugs: - Fixed issue with the chase command - Fixed missing LA Mod missions from the mission list - Fixed issue with the command for rapid undeployment - Added traffic lights to four intersections on the new map - Both fire stations spawn with full staffing now Patch 2 (included) fixes the following bugs: - Fixed intersection where traffic got stuck on the new map - Fixed physics of the pawn shop building on the new map - Fixed several issues with the chase command - Fixed rain which never stopped in freeplay mode - Fixed diver not being available in mission 7 - Fixed HAZMAT squad parking problems at FS2 Patch 1 (included) fixes the following bugs: - Fixed missing building on the new map - Fixed physics of Wal-Mart building - Added icons to the minimap of the new map - Added traffic lights to three intersections on the new map - Trailer of the tiller is invulerable to fire now This patch updates the mod to: v1.9.3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unfixable bugs: - Mission 8: Convoy can get redirected by vehicles with directional lights on. - The trailer of tiller does not have physics when it is not installed. This prevents the trailer from getting stuck. - The tiller cannot be installed at windows. - The fireman on the ladder sometimes floats in the air. - The trailer logic might be buggy and/or slow on older computers and during online play. - MP5, M4a1 and PSG-1 fire through objects. - Mission 2: Canister sometimes can't be closed (restarting the game will fix it) - Mission 3: Bomb Squad cannot pick up the briefcase (restarting the game will fix it) - Sometimes, the wye cannot be picked up, the fireman disappears and nothing else happens. Strange occasions: (often reported as bugs, but cannot or won't be changed) - Vehicles on patrol ignore traffic lights - The watercannon of parked fire engines in one of the fire stations shoots through the roof of the fire station when a fire is in its vicinity. - When personnel of the third parked ambulance (fire station 1) exits the vehicle they sometimes appear outside of the fire station. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoppah
  7. US Army Mod 0.6 [RELEASED]

    The United States Army Modification for Emergency 4 1. CONCEPT The United States Army Mod is a modification for Emergency 4 and based on the presence of the US military in a Middle-Eastern region. It's a freeplay focused mod and your task is to carry out events from your base with small taskforces. 2. MAP The map is fictional, but based on a rural, Middle-Eastern region. It features a functional army base from where you will have to start each event. The map features a town as well as a bigger rural area, including a refugee camp, a ravine and smaller populated areas. 3. EVENTS The US Army mod features freeplay style gameplay in a neverending gamemode. The mod contains new, unique and challanging events and only one event will spawn at a time. The events range from finding and deactivating IED's to providing humantarian aid and most events contain random elements to create unpredictability and enhance replayability. By completing events you will earn points which can be spent om development, and money what can be spend on new units. 4. POINTS The most unique feature of this modification is the development tree. The development tree contains 10 different items which will add small advantages to the game. Choose your development carefully, as it takes time to complete development and gaining points can be difficult, especially if you start losing units. 5. UNITS The mod contains several playable military vehicles and persons. Each unit has at least one unique feature, which will make them important and valuable. You can buy recruits ingame and train them as a soldier, medic, engineer, sniper, fire fighter or spec ops. You will start the game with an Army Commander, who is able to call in assistance from local emergency services, such as local police, ems and fire department by using his radio. There will be only one available commander per game, so make sure to protect him well! 6. INTERFACE Because the mod only features a handful of units, some interface elements have been redesigned. The window where the buttons to the vehicle browsers used to be, has been replaced. This window contains buttons to purchase vehicles or recruits, a button to open the development tree, a button to open gameplay options. The window also shows information about the current active event and the points you currently own. 7. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION The most recent version of the mod is 0.6 and can be downloaded here: Download US Army Modification Size: 70.8 MB Release date: October 16, 2013, 8:06 PM Installations instructions: 1. Remove any older US Army Mod installations (such as versions 0.4b and 0.5) 2. Download and extract the .zip package 3. Install the .e4mod file 4. Launch the game and load the US Army mod 5. Use the mission-menu and select 'Play United States Army Mod' to launch a new game 8. NOTES Post feedback and new ideas here: USAM, Feedback and Ideas Report bugs and issues here: USAM, General bugs / issues and FAQ topic - The US Army mod is NOT multiplayer nor freeplay compatible. The only way to play the mod is through the missions-menu. - Using the save/load functions may result in unstable gameplay or even crashes. IF you would like to save, make sure no event is running nor items are currently in development. 9. COPYRIGHT, SUBMODS AND PERSONAL CHANGES Like any other modification you're free to make personel changes to this modification. Making personal changes is always at your own risk and may result in unstable gameplay or crashes, for which I can not be held responsible. At this moment, public submods are NOT allowed. Due to the complexity of the mod, please keep in mind that adding new units requires extensive script- and interface dialog alterations. Hoppah
  8. W00ds Maps

    Most recent version: v1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information W00d cannot be reached for unknown reasons, so I decided to make his maps compatible with the latest version of the Los Angeles Mod and combine them into one big submod. This should make it much easier to install his maps. I made an .exe installer which has custom options to install his maps. It contains the following two maps: - New Freeplay Map Second Edition v1.1 - New Freeplay Map v1.3 Short description of the maps: New Freeplay Map Second Edition v1.1 is a completely new map made by w00d. New Freeplay Map v1.3 is based on the original Emergency 4 campaign map and modified by w00d. Because I am not responsible for the maps, I am not going to update the maps anymore unless the maps are incompabitle with a possible future version of the Los Angeles Mod. I have absolutely no intentions to take credit for the maps. Both maps are still owned by w00d. It's ok to report bugs and make suggestions in this topic in case w00d comes back. If he comes back, he will have my full cooperation with the new installer and the latest version of the maps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Make sure you have installed patch v2.0.1 for the Los Angeles Mod (Information) Download the submod here: * DOWNLOAD * Size: 40,2 MB 1. Unzip the package and double click the .exe file 2. Follow instructions and make your choice which map you want to install 3. Done In case you want to install w00ds other map afterwards, just run the installer again. If you want to switch back to one of the original Los Angeles Mod maps, you need to reinstall the Los Angeles Mod v2.0. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Logfile CHANGELIST NEW FREEPLAY MAP SECOND EDITION v1.1: - Compatible with the Los Angeles Mod v2.0. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGELIST NEW FREEPLAY MAP v1.3: - Compatible with the Los Angeles Mod v2.0. v1.2: - Fixed the missing boxes at the camp ground - Added several hydrant events - Added several electricbox events - Added contaiminated cloud event - Added suicide person event (person walking on railroad) - Added a 3th bridge over the river - Added some more traffic - Did some updating on the map (added people, object, animals at some places) v1.1: - Traffic paths for highway > fixes redirect traffic bug - Removed not working trafficlights - Changed patrolpath for ambu and police - Moved blocking wheelbarrow at contructionsside - Fixed civil spawnpoint at policestation - Fixed waterline at the harbor > fixes drowning person bug - Added fixed strair to airplane with opendoor - Replaced streetlights > fixes model missing bug - Moved civils out of there tent at the camp-side - Give civils at the camp-side some chairs to sit on - Fixed ambu parking at hospital - Fixed street / driving paths at camp-side - Moved Firestation 2 to north of trainstation - Added east entrance for hospital - Added some horses at the palace - Added boats at the harbor - Added new houseblock at the ease side of the map - Added new houseblock north of the hospital - Added new appartements at the old place of FS2 - Added grass to many places (for example the airport) - Added little cabine to the forest - Added new Industybuilding north of FS1 - Added streetlights at the harbor - Added 3 more demostration targets - Added a big accident with a truck on the highway - Added a small accident near the villa's - Added a small accident at the harbor - Added a small accident at the policestation - Added a small accident at the highway - Added a small accident at the carpark of the airport - Added view more sniper spots - Added some people in openhouses - Added driving freighttrain in the harbor - Added driving vehicles at the airport - Rebuild the camp-ground, now with the entrance more to the south - Added driving forklift at the harbor (caused me alot of trouble) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old topics New Freeplay Map Second Edition New Freeplay Map v1.2 Both older topics are closed to prevent confusions.
  9. We proudly present the revamped New York City Modification v2.0! Currently still in heavy development, we have been working on a new version of this mod. The mod will contain many new features, such as a progressive style of gameplay, unique missionscripted events, interface changes, new functionalities and -of course- a new map. In this first report we'll show you pictures of the new map we're working on. The new mod is fixed in a post-9/11 era to about 2008. We didn't want to focus on updating vehicles constantly, instead we're focussing on improving gameplay elements, trying to keep the game challenging and fun. We'll release more information regarding gameplay changes later. The new map is fictional and won't be a copy of a real part of New York City. Instead we choose to make a more compact map with many (downsized) landmarks and influences from New York City and the North-Eastern American environment. This way, the map will provide a lot of variation with many things to get into. Pictures say more than words, so have fun watching the editor screenshots below: New screenshots 04/13/2015: In regards to current mod status: the core gameplay elements are done, but the new map isn't even halfway done and still requires a lot of work. Don't expect a release anytime soon.
  10. Zmodeler 2: 3D-Modeling

    Hi, I have made a new tutorial for the interested people. The tutorial is about creating 3D-models. A 'high polygon' 3D model is used as an example in this tutorial. That's not illegal in any way, because that model is used as example only. The purpose of this tutorial is explaining the most important functions in Zmodeler 2, so that you can make a start with 3D-modeling. The tutorial is large, so read everything very careful. Don't go further until you've understand it. I've tried to explain everything as easy as possible. But some parts were very hard to explain. Zmodeler 2 website: [url="http://www.zmodeler2.com"]www.zmodeler2.com[/url] [b]3D-Modeling with Zmodeler 2 (v2.0.7.802)[/b] Difficulty: Moderate Programs used: Zmodeler 2 (v2.0.7.802) Registered Version This tutorial will teach you how to create an entirely new model based on a high polygon model. Starting with this type of 3D-modeling, you will learn the basics of using Zmodeler 2 quickly. The example used in this tutorial is a high and low polygon Volvo XC90. The high polygon model is used as an example only. No parts or whatsoever are used/copied onto the new model. The main purpose of this tutorial is to explain you how to use the tools for 3D-modeling in Zmodeler 2. ========================== WHAT IS A 3D MODEL? A 3D model is a representation of a three-dimensional object. High polygon models are more detailed than lower polygon models, but high polygon models can cause lag in Emergency 3 and 4 and are more difficult to make. Because Emergency 3 and 4 are using top view will never see the small details of high polygon models. That's why low polygon models are good enough. Two screenshots of a high and low polygon Volvo XC90 below: [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_01.jpg"]Image 01: Volvo XC90, high polygon model (40.000 polygons)[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_02.jpg"]Image 02: Volvo XC90, low polygon model (800 polygons)[/url] ========================== TIPS BEFORE STARTING: The best way to create a new vehicle is to model one of the sides of the vehicle first. When you are finished you copy and mirror the side, so your vehicle will be symmetrical. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_03.jpg"]Image 03: One side (half) of a model[/url] Wheels and doors are seperate models and detached from the main model. You can view all models in the Scene nodes browser window. You can hide or show models there. To activate the Scene nodes browser in case you don't see it: Go to View -> Floaters and enable Scene Nodes Browser. A very important thing is to learn to work with different views. The most important views are Right/Left, Front, Top and Perspective view. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_04.jpg"]Image 04: Scene nodes brower[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_05.jpg"]Image 05: Active Scene nodes browser[/url] ========================== MODES AND AXES: To change positions of your polygons, you need to work with X, Y or Z axes. On the top of your screen there are three buttons (X, Y, and Z): - When you enable X, you can move your object on the X-axis (horizontal line, left or right) only. - When you enable Y, you can move your object on the Y-axis (vertical line, up or down) only. - When you enable X and Y both, you can move your object to all directions except Z-axis (depth). - When you enable Z, you can change the depth of your object. There are five different modes. Their buttons can be found on top of your screen. Explanation of the modes from left to right: - Manupulator: Is not used in this tutorial. - Vertex Mode (hotkey 1): Each polygon has three corners. Those corners are called vertices (plural of vertex). In Vertex Mode, you can move those vertices only. This is the most used mode in this tutorial. - Edge Mode (hotkey 2): Not used in this tutorial, but you can move the lines between vertices then. - Polygon Mode (hotkey 3): For polygons. - Object (hotkey 4): For whole objects. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_06.jpg"]Image 06: Modes and axes[/url] ========================== HOW TO BEGIN ON A NEW MODEL BASED ON A HIGH POLYGON MODEL: 1. Find a high polygon model somewhere (on the Internet) and import it into Zmodeler 2. Only the shape of the model is important, so you don't have to worry about other things like colours. Some high polygons models have multiple objects (like the chassis, body, doors, wheels, bumpers, windows, interior). Only the body is important, so you can hide or delete any other objects in the Scene nodes browser. 2. Make sure you are in Object Mode (hotkey 4). 3. Then, go to Create -> Surface -> Grid and create the first polygons somewhere near the high polygon model. A good place to start is near the wheel houses. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_07.jpg"]Image 07: Import a model[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_08.jpg"]Image 08: Create surface[/url] ========================== MOVING VERTICES: 4. As you can see in image 8 in front view, you will notice the polygons aren't positioned correctly. They are placed in the middle. This will happen all the time when add new polygons to your model. Working in left or right view, perspective view and front view is the easiest way to change the position. 5. First, enable Vertex Mode (hotkey 1) and click on the NEW model once. Red dots will appear on the corners (vertices) of the polygons. 6. To change the position you need to determine which axis you want to change. For example: If you want to move a vertex to the left in front view, you need to enable X-axis. 7. Use the Modify -> Move tool to move vertices. Keep checking perspective view too until all vertices are in the same shape of the high polygon model. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_09.jpg"]Image 09: Moving a vertex[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_10.jpg"]Image 10: Moving the other vertices[/url] ========================== ADDING MORE POLYGONS: 8. Now, you know how to change positions of polygons, you can start adding more polygons. Make sure you stay in Vertex mode (hotkey 1) and go to Create -> Polygon -> Single. 9. You can add new polygons to your model. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_11.jpg"]Image 11: Adding a new polygon[/url] 10. It's possible that the position of the new polygon is not right, use the instructions from step 6 and 7 again to move the vertex to the right position. 11. Try to add more polygons and try to make a nice shape. Think about important parts of the vehicle, like doors. 12. This part can be very extremely difficult for a new modeler, but you will improve when you do this more often. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_12.jpg"]Image 12: Adding more polygons[/url] ========================== COPY AND MIRROR THE SIDE OF THE MODEL: 13. When you have finished one side of the model, you can copy and mirror that side. 14. To copy an object, make sure you are in Object Mode (hotkey 4). Go to Create -> Copy and click on your model. The model will be copied to a new object (as seen in the Scene nodes browser). 15. To mirror the object go to Modify -> Mirror and click on your model. Use one of the axes. For example, when you activated X-axis, the model will be copied on the X-axis. The Pivot helper is always used as mirror point. In case, you want to reset the Pivot helper go to Display -> Pivot helper -> Reset to origin. 16. When the wireframe of the mirrored side is flipped you need to flip it again. Go to Modify -> Flip and click on the flipped side once. You can also right click on the model and click Flip. 17. Because the new side is mirrored, the light perspective is messed up. To recalculate the light perspective go to Surface -> Normals -> Calculate and click on the mirrored object. 18. You also need to Attach the two sides to one object. Go to Modify -> Attach and click on the mirrored side and on the other side. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_13.jpg"]Image 13: Pivot helper[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_14.jpg"]Image 14: Copy and mirror[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_15.jpg"]Image 15: Flip and calculate[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_16.jpg"]Image 16: Attach sides[/url] ========================== DETACH VERTICES: 19. If you look at picture 17 below, you will notice that the cube doesn't look right. The light perspective isn't right, because polygons of three sides of the cube are attached to the same vertices. Because vertices are used to calculate the light perspective, you will get a weird incidence of light. When you move your mouse over a vertex, all polygons which belong to the vertex will turn blue, as seen in picture 17. 20. What you need to do is detach all polygons from each side of the cube and recalculate the light perspective. 21. Go into Polygon Mode (hotkey 3) and use the Select -> Single tool to select polygons (with right mouse button) which you want to detach from the rest of the model. 22. Activate Selected Mode (hotkey spacebar) and go to Modify -> Submesh -> Detach and click the small square to show options. Uncheck the options "To new object" and "Enable Drag", because you don't have to detach the polygons to a new object. 23. Click on your model. Nothing visual will happen. 24. To check if the side in the example is detached from the model go to Vertex Mode (hotkey 1) and move your mouse over a vertex. You will see that either the polygons of detached polygons or the remaining polygons turn blue. Press CTRL to select the other vertex. 25. You need to detach all sides of the cube as explained in step 21, 22 en 23. 26. When you've have detached all sides, you need to recalculate the incidence of light. Deactive Selected Mode (hotkey spacebar) and go into Object Mode (hotkey 4). Go to Surface -> Normals -> Calculate and click on your model once. The light perspective of each vertex is recalculated and the cube looks much better now. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_17.jpg"]Image 17: Cube[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_18.jpg"]Image 18: Select polygons[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_19.jpg"]Image 19: Detach polygons[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_20.gif"]Image 20 (animated): Check vertices[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_21.jpg"]Image 21: Recalculate light perspective[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_22.gif"]Image 22 (animated): Result[/url] ========================== WELD VERTICES: 27. It's also possible you need to weld vertices instead of detaching them. For example when you have copied and mirrored your model you need to weld all vertices in the middle. 28. To weld those vertices go into Vertex Mode (hotkey 1), click on your model and go to Select -> Single. 29. Now select TWO vertices which need to be welded (with right mouse button) and go to Modify -> Submesh -> Weld and click on your model. A faster way is just pressing W. 30. Do this for all vertices in the middle of your new object. To deselect alle vertices/polygons press Shift-D [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_23.jpg"]Image 23: Vertices in the middle[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_24.jpg"]Image 24: Select TWO vertices[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_25.jpg"]Image 25: Weld them[/url] ========================== CREATE DOORS: 31. Doors and wheels are seperate objects. You need to detach the door from your model first. 32. Go into Polygon Mode (hotkey 3) and use the Select -> Single tool to select all polygons which belong to the door. 33. Enable Selected Mode (hotkey spacebar) and go to Modify -> Submesh -> Detach. Because you are going to detach the door to a new object, make sure "To new Object" is checked. 34. Click on your model once. The door is detached to a new object as you will notice in your Scene nodes browser. 35. In the Scene nodes browser, type "_door01" behind the object name. An easy way to make your door thicker: 36. Copy the door in Object Mode (hotkey 4). 37. Move the copied door a little back. 38. Flip the copied door. 39. Attach the copied door to the original door (Modify -> Attach). 40. Create polygons between the two parts. 41. Detach the new polygons and recalculate the light perspective (as explained in steps 21, 22, 23 and 26). [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_26.jpg"]Image 26: Select and detach the door[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_27.jpg"]Image 27: Give the door a name[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_28.jpg"]Image 28: Copy, move and flip the door[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_29.jpg"]Image 29: Create new polygons[/url] ========================== CREATE WHEELS: 42. Wheels aren't very hard to make. The best way to make a wheel is creating one quarter first. 43. Create a new object (Create -> Surface -> Grid) and model it into a quarter of a cirkel. 44. Copy, mirror and flip the quarter. Attach both quarters. You should have a half of a cirkel now. 45. Copy, mirror and flip the half and attach them. 46. Weld all vertices and recalculate the light perspective. 47. Copy and move the copied object a little back. 48. Flip and attach the two objects together. 49. Create polygons between the two objects. 50. Detach those new polygons and recalculate the light perspective. 51. Type "_wheel01" behind the object name. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_30.gif"]Image 30 (animated): Create a wheel 1[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_31.gif"]Image 31 (animated): Create a wheel 2[/url] ========================== SCALE: 52. Scaling objects is very easy. Make sure you are in Object Mode (hotkey 4). 53. Go to Modify -> Scale and click on an object while holding CTRL. A pop-up window will appear. 54. The value 100 is the current percentage of your model. Entering a value under 100 will make your model smaller. Entering a value more than 100 will make your model bigger. 55. Press Ok when you're ready and your model is scaled. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_32.jpg"]Image 32: Scale object[/url] ========================== PIVOT: 56. Wheels are rotating around their pivot. Doors are opening around their pivot too. Vehicles are positioned above their pivot. So changing the pivot is important and there are two ways of changing the pivot. 57. The first way: Go to Modify -> Move and check "Move pivot only". You can move the pivot now. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_33.jpg"]Image 33: The pivot[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_34.jpg"]Image 34: Move pivot to centre of object[/url] 58. The second way is resetting the pivot to the X, Y and Z axes. 59. You need to move the object first instead of the pivot. Because doors go open around their pivot, you need to move the door in position first. Then go to Display -> Local Axes. Check Offset instead of Orientation. Then click Reset to parent and click on your model once. The pivot will be resetted. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_35.jpg"]Image 35: Door moved; Reset pivot[/url] ========================== EXACT TRANSFORM: 60. This can be important for doors: The units in Emergency 3 and 4 always move to the front view of a door. So you need to rotate a door 90 degrees, to make the side of the door front view in Zmodeler 2. A trunk lid needs to be rotated 180 degrees. 61. To rotate those object very exactly go to Modify -> Exact Transform and click on your model while holding CTRL. A pop-up window appears. Check Apply Rotation and Transform Geometry and fill in values and click OK. [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_36.jpg"]Image 36: Exact transform[/url] [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/3dmodel_37.jpg"]Image 37: Result of rotating door[/url] ========================== When you've mastered all steps explained above, you should be able to make objects without examples too. The purpose of this tutorial was to teach you how to use the different tools. ========================== You can download the low polygon Volvo XC90 used in this tutorial here: [url="http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/volvo_xc90_model.zip"]Volvo XC90 model by Stan & Hoppah[/url] The .z3d file contains a body, two doors and a wheel model. Authors: Hoppah & Stan For questions about this tutorial: [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?showtopic=1739"]Zmodeler2: 3D-Modeling[/url] ========================== Tutorial made by Hoppah May 2007
  11. Hello, I've never bothered with submods for the LA Mod unfortunately, so I can't tell you much about this one.
  12. Hello, I haven't been active in like months, so first all... OH GOD, the forum looks different. I can't handle this. I kept a neat archive of all released mods I made, so I've reuploaded this tiny mod. You can find the links in the first post. No alterations have been made to the mod package. Hoppah
  13. Although Emergency 4 was released in 2006 and is about 8 years old, certain alterations to the game using mods may cause performance issues or CTD's, even on brand new and fast systems. Despite its age, Emergency 4 isn't a game that is optimized for high end graphics. Certain newer games such as GTA IV, have functionalities which try to increase the performance (like draw distance). Emergency 4 lacks a lot of functionality to 'automatically' improve performance realtime when you are playing. It was never intented to have functionalities like that, because of the simplicity of the original game. While it's advised to always update video drivers and to have an external graphics card to play this game, it is very likely that a modification itself can still cause a wide range of different issues, no matter how good your computer system is. Especially computers with AMD hardware seem to have more issues trying to run modifications. The random crashes look like memory leaks, which may be a flaw in the game's engine, but there's nothing we can do about that. In my opinion, a lot can be done to prevent crashes and issues by changing the modifications itself. Based on my own experience, and with MikeyPI's help, this guide will give you some useful insight how to deal with performance in modifications. I've divided the tips into 7 subjects and sorted them on priority. 1. Textures Textures are rendered dynamically in this game, so when you zoom in it gets more sharper for a better focus. That process, especially with bigger textures takes more of your computer system. Some texture formats (common formats in Emergency 4 are dds, png, bmp, tga and jpg) also require more resources than others. While bmp files have a great quality, they are larger in size and problably require more resources to load. Take into consideration that a 2,048 by 2,048 (4.16 million pixels) pixel sized texture is 16 times (!) larger than a 512 by 512 (0.26 million pixels) pixel sized texture. Thats a big difference. I strongly advice mod-creaters to seriously consider using lower resolution textures whenever thats possible. For example, a 1,024 by 1,024 (1.05 million pixels) pixel sized texture for a person model is redudant. A texture that's 4 times smaller (ie 512 by 512 pixels) will almost always suffice for a person texture. A texture with that size still contains plenty of details and you will NOT notice the difference in the game, because the game is played from a birds-eye view. 2. Lights A lot of people like to add a lot of lights to vehicles because of realism. There is, however, a risk of lag since lights are updated realtime on every vehicle (when a vehicle moves, the lights move instantly too). Especially radiation (light glow) may cause an FPS drop, because they're always transparent and therefore, the game needs to render more. Especially at night, radiation can cause severe lags. There's been a couple of reports on the forum about this. The same thing generally applies to polygon lights. 3. Particles Each effect, like smoke and fire, consists of particles. Although particles are in fact 2D effects, a wide range of settings and effects are used to make it look 3D. Depending on the quality, rate and other settings, particles can cause severe lag. The forest fire mission in the Los Angeles Mod by Hoppah is a great example of how bad particles may cause performance issues, so be careful when using (new) particles. 4. Models Models aren't that bad on performance, since they have nothing to do with physics/collisions ingame and they are all precached before you start playing. That said, take into consideration that Emergency 4 is not really optimized to deal with highly detailed models. 20,000 polygons for a vehicle is alot for Emergency 4. It's proven that big models or big textures take longer to load (see below). In case you have weaker hardware, try to load up a high polygon model in the editor and you will notice a slight lag. When you're a modeller, take into consideration that a lot of details on a vehicle (like doorhandles) can be added to the texture too and you will barely notice a difference in the game. A single highly detailed model will not take a hit on any computer system, but do not forget that that model is part of a whole modification. It adds up very very fast if a 20,000 polygon object is placed 20 times ingame. Also, the more single textures a model is assigned to, the longer it takes to load each independent texture. 5. Scripts Timers (for missionscripts) and scripts that are repeated in a loop (like the siren and water supply scripts) may cause a drop in FPS depending on the total frequency they are run. 6. Mod Loading times In my opinion, it is a wrong thought that the total loading times are only caused by the size of the entire modification. A mod precashes and loads all playable units (both vehicles and personnel) which are assigned to a unique 'UNIT ID' via the 'Units' folder upon loading a modification. Therefore, all prototypes and the assigned models of those playable units are precached. The logfile keeps track of this process. Using less detailed objects will decrease loading times. Note: the game also checks the scripts for icons and certain scripting errors when loading a mod. 7. Map Loading times It may a very long time to load a map sometimes. The reason behind this, is that the game loads all objects that are placed on the map. The logfile keeps track of this process. Using less detailed objects will decrease loading times. Note: when loading a mission, the game also precaches the missionscript or builds a more efficient version (pscript format) in case the missionscript got changed. Conclusions It aint hard to draw your conclusions based on what's written above. Emergency 4 is a game that is not optimized for highly detailed stuff. High end computers will probably run all modifications fine, but it's likely the game will CTD after a while. Possibly due to memory leaks and/or the absence of an external graphics card. AMD hardware seems to have more issues than other hardware brands. It's therefore advised to take the tips above into consideration if you want to build a modification that will work fine for most players, especially those regarding textures and lights. A smooth modification will greatly improve the image/reputation of the modification and the team behind it. You cannot simply expect that people should just get better, brand new hardware, while the original game runs fine on eight year old systems. Emergency 4 is not first person shooter, going for as much realism as possible by building highly detailed models/textures is not necessary. With this guide and tips, I hope I have given you some insight regarding performance for this game. In most cases simply common sense and logical reasoning applies to deal with possible performance issues. Recommandations none yet Hoppah
  14. Animating 3D-Models

    [color="#1d3e67"][size="4"][b]Animation tool v1.2[/b][/size][/color] [url="http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/5338/animationtool12d.jpg"][img]http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/5338/animationtool12d.th.jpg[/img][/url] Most recent version: v1.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [color="#1d3e67"][b][size="4"]What is this?[/size][/b][/color] Because there is no existing animation plugin compatible with .v3o files, animations need to be created manually for .v3o files for Emergency 4. This workbook has a few tools which should make it easier and faster to create animations. There are still things that need to be done manually though. Documentation which explains what to do is included. Download the following file: [url="http://www.losangelesmod.com/Animation_Converter_1-2.zip"]Animation Converter v1.2[/url] Size: 1,48 MB Format: .zip Instructions: Unzip the package and open the .xlsm file with Microsoft Excel 2007 (or newer). Make sure to read and understand the documentation file if you have never used the tool before. Requirements to open and use this workbook: - Microsoft Excel 2007 + Office Suite Service Pack 2 (= update to Office 2007) - Macros enabled (click [url="http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HA100310711033.aspx#12"]here[/url] for more information) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [color="#1d3e67"][b][size="4"]Changelist[/size][/b][/color] [b]Changelist v1.2:[/b] - Button to browse for a folder added - Text of tutorial moved to seperate documentation pdf file (included in package) - Some small interface changes [b]Changelist v1.1:[/b] - Filter to export necessary data only added - Button to clear data added - Improved text of tutorial - Many other minor changes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [color="#1d3e67"][b][size="4"]Other information[/size][/b][/color] You can also download the following package which includes the example (the floodlight) used in the documentation: [url="http://www.losangelesmod.com/example.rar"]Example package[/url] Size: 56,6 kB Notes: - The sheets and the macro's are locked to prevent unwanted changes. - Post all problems related to the tutorial and the tool in this thread. - Office Suite Service Pack 2 can also be downloaded [url="http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=B444BF18-79EA-46C6-8A81-9DB49B4AB6E5&displaylang=en"]here[/url] if Windows Update doesn't work. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer caused by this workbook in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoppah
  15. Copyright

    READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY! This topic is about changing and copying things from the LA Mod. 1. Private Mods First of all, there were some confusions about private mods. Because private mods are not to be shared with other people it is allowed to change anything for personal use. 2. Distributing You are allowed to use, modify, and distribute in a modification anything that was originally created by me. Ensure that the models were indeed originally created by myself and not others, if it was created by another author, you still require their permission to use, modify, and distribute their works. Consult the last page of the Los Angeles Mod Manual for a full list of the authors of other models and contributions to the modification. The only thing I require in exchange for using my models is that you mention inyour readme/manual under credits my nickname for using any of my works in your modification. For Example: "Original Model By: Hoppah" along with the vehicle in which you used so that others know who they are required to credit should they modify it later. It is NOT permitted to distribute models that were originally created by myself without crediting me in the readme/manual file(s). 3. Other work Not everything in the LA Mod is made by me. Please check out the readme or the manual of the LA Mod to find out what is made by who. Contact these authors if you want to use something from them. Contact me if you were not able to contact them. 4. My other mods Besides the LA Mod I've made a couple of other, small mods which you can find on my website. Each of these small mods are free to use without my permission. Make sure to mention my name in the readme if you are going to release these mods. 5. Contact If you want to use and change something that is made by me and a part of the LA mod and you have the intention to release it, please contact me by PM or post in this topic. Don't forgot to add a detailed list of what you want to use. Make sure to read the rules above before doing this. I hope everyone respect these rules, so I can continue working on my mod without any problems. Hoppah Creator of the Los Angeles Mod
  16. Official Los Angeles Mod topic for Emergency 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have released a new version of the Los Angeles Mod. It does not contain many new features, but I have decided to release a new version which contains the latest update (update v2.0.2) to make it easier for new players to install the mod. Besides the integration of this update it also contains the following changes: - Added command to repair vehicles at the fire stations - 'Call Police Helicopter' will now spawn correct helicopter when one is bought - Updated LAX Ambulance texture (by Eggcarton) - Updated LAX Crashtender texture (by Xplorer4x4) - Added tool (batch file) to switch between new and original freeplay map (see below for more information) - Manual updated The map switcher tool Los Angeles Mod v2.1 comes with a new tool called the map switcher. It's a batch (.bat) file named MAP SWITCHER.bat and can be found in the Los Angeles Mod v2.1 mod folder. Since EM4/911:FR does not have options to choose between different freeplay maps ingame, this little tool is useful to easily switch between the new and original freeplay maps. All it does is replacing files in the Maps folder of the mod. Just run the batch file and make your choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful links DOWNLOAD Los Angeles Mod v2.1 LA MOD FAQ www.losangelesmod.com. LA Mod Bug Report Topic Copyright
  17. Hoppah presents the SearcHouse script Difficulty: Easy* *although scripting knowledge is required when you want to edit the random outcomes in the script. The modding concepts thread brought up the idea of searching non-open buildings and have a random outcome such as an injured civilian or an injured fire fighter. I liked the idea (for the US Army Modification) and started working on it and I'd like to share the result. What does the script do? It's a very simple script actually. I've incorporated the entire functionality in the EnterHouse script and there's no need to add new commands to your units Your units can only enter buildings where a child with the name "SearchHouse is present (see instructions). Just like the original EnterHouse.script you only have to click a (non-open-house type) building and your unit will approach the door and disappear for 30 seconds (time can be changed in the script). A fence will spawn in front of the building to remind you the building is being searched. After 30 seconds your unit will appear again, the fence will be deleted and a random outcome will be generated. The provided script has the following random outcomes (SearchHouse_v2: only for buildings on fire or burned down): 30% chance that nothing has been found 20% chance that a resident has been found and evacuated (will spawn a single civilian near the door) 20% chance that your unit will get minor injuries (he will lose 90% of his health when the building is burning, otherwise 45% of his health) 10% chance that your unit will get severly injured (he will be laying on the floor in front of the building) 20% chance a victim has been found, the unit will spawn while carrying a victim. Each outcome will be described by a short message ingame. How to install: 1. Download the attached package. Unrar and copy EnterHouse.script to your "[MOD]\Scripts\Game\Command\" folder. 2. Only buildings with a child carrying the name "SearchHouse" can be entered. Check out the instructions in the provided screenshot below to find out how to add childs to buildings. 3. Make sure the child is enabled on the buildings on your map. Test EACH building ingame at least once. This screenshot is also present in the provided package. Known bugs/problems: I haven't found any bugs, but for unknown reasons the game might crash without error when the unit is about to enter the building. That error is related to the prototype file of the building (I had it happen with deserthouse01.e4p and deserthouse01b_2.e4p). Solution: Recreate the entire prototype file of the building. Other than that, units might get stuck when they appear again, but this is unlikely to happen. A solution for that would've been the code: 'Game::FindFreePosition', but for some reason that code also crashes the game, so the code has been left out. Script usage: Everyone is allowed to use AND edit the script for personal use or a public mod at your own risk. Versions: SearchHouse.rar: Orginal version which has been tested. SearchHouse_v2.rar: Added disctinction between buildings on fire and normal buildings. Only buildings on fire or burned down might injure a unit or generate a victim, normal buildings won't. NOT TESTED BY ME Feedback on this script will be appreciated! Hoppah SearchHouse.rar SearchHouse_v2.rar
  18. [HOLD] New York City Modification v2.0

    Because we're on a powertrip and entitled to do that Because it was originally pinned in its old forum section. I just moved the topic to this section and it remained pinned when we were closing the other mod-sections. Thanks for pointing this out, you've been nominated for 'user of the month'.
  19. Dear forum people, friends, enemies, family, acquintances, strangers and foreigners, We've decided to re-arrange the main Emergency sections. Since Emergency 4 is still the most popular section in regards to modding I wanted to move it up in the index. Me and I'm sure many others constantly clicks the wrong 'Mods' section when I wanted to read progress on Emergency 4 mods. I always ended up in the Emergency 5 mods section by accident. We've also had it happen that people created EM4 topics in the Emergency 5 section. The new order is: Emergency 4 Emergency 2012, Emergency 2013 & Emergency 2014 Emergency 5 Best regards, Hoppah
  20. In my opinion your posts in this context is more or less just to antagonize, which from what I have seen is pretty much a common issue with many of your posts. Instead of being constructive and offering advice on how to improve what you believe is "fake" you instead offer no advice on how to improve the quality. If you want to comment and discuss the quality of someone's efforts please be more elaborate and maybe they can take your ideas and implement them into the projects to try to improve them. You have not provided anything of any use to be helpful to him in improving what you've judged to be "fake". Your post has an underlying passive-aggressive tone to it in my opinion. First of all, your post got hidden not because you have a different opinion but because of the offensive phrases quoted above (with the exception of D). You have a right to state your opinion whether I agree with it or not. My problem with posts like this is that they don't help the cause of discussing this matter in a civil and respectful way, at all. I've refrained myself from this whole discussion so far, but at some point I want to provide my own opinion as well. I really wonder whats up with accusing people of having a ' god complex' and people leaving this forum. Statistics show that there is no change in registrations. As far as I know only 2 or 3 people actually got banned and a couple got their account temporarily suspended related to this discussion, mostly because of language, flaming and other antagonistic behavior. We're not hunting people (like Dyson or Ghost at all). Dyson didn't even get warned or banned or anything, so I'm not sure what you mean with that. We found an issue with his mod and the whole thing got blown up, and it keeps going on mostly caused by people who are not related to the mod at all. Dyson and Ghost are still welcome to this forum. I'm also wondering what's up with the phrase 'canadian candyass', since itchy isn't Canadian. Was that directed to NFK? It's just another example of antagonizing people, which is totally unnecessary in my opinion. Twice in your post you reference being "banned" for this opinion, but in reality it seems like the whole posting was written and designed in an attempt to get yourself banned. I do not understand why someone would want to deliberately do something like this, but all the offensive points above it reads like it is what you were hoping to have happen. Finally, no forum that I am aware of is 'democratic' or has staff that is chosen by 'the people' I'm sure the staff on the other forum wasn't democratically picked either. That makes your statement in this regard misused. Please feel free to respond in a civil and constructive way.
  21. [HOLD] New York City Modification v2.0

    We probably both will remain active on the forums for a while. At least I'll be monitoring other projects and see how they progress and if people behave. For now, I just pull my hands off modding. We'll see what the future brings.
  22. [HOLD] New York City Modification v2.0

    We made a lot of process lately, but unfortunately we decided to put the mod on hold for an undefined amount of time, perhaps forever. We already worked out many great new functionalities which weren't shown on screenshots yet and tier 1 of our mod was already playable. MikeyPI handcrafted tons of new beautiful vehicle models and I took care of the scripts, the map and great deal of the objects and buildings for the map. That said, both me and MikeyPI have a feeling that many of our added stuff will be jacked without any regard once we release the mod in public. We've put massive time in it, but under current circumstances it'd hurt more seeing it torn apart and nobody giving a damn of the massive time we put into it. We apologize to the people who are serious about just happily playing it as an end-consumer and the mod-creaters who do give a damn about the source of the original content.
  23. [RELEASED] Brooklyn "Borough of Fire" (BOF) Modification

    You may be very well right there would be positive sides if everything was free to take, BUT it should be a modcreators free choice to make his stuff opensource and not a ground principle that stuff is free to take, alter and distribute again. That point is what -generally speaking- people tend to miss here, no matter if the original authors are properly credited. This thought is pushing out a lot of talented people.