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  1. Hey man! Glad to see you are still around)

  2. jab16


    I live in texas. here is some info on what its been like here so far. Since January 1 800 fires 5,000 structures Damaged 1.4 million acres fires in 252 of of my states 254 counties since December 21, 2010.
  3. lol got $10,000 in your pocket right now??
  4. just curious, how long has the mod been under production??
  5. You should just modify the map from the hacker causes total blackout mission. Save ya'll a ton of work.
  6. I dont know anything about scripting, but a granade should be possible to make. For the phone, you could pretty much use the grouping buttons in the center left(the part with the Numbers 1-6). What do you mean by a torch, like a flashlight?? Also most of these would require new models unless you were trying to make them commands.
  7. Overall the mod is great but got a few Ideas to help improve game play if possible. 1. Add a command to where units at the fire station will not leave the rigs after returning to the station. (not sure if this is intended to increase the strategy) 2. I'm not sure if this is considered a bug or I just screwed something up, but I am not getting the variety of vehicles offered by the editor.( for example the different color ESU Suv's, and different patrol car models.) 3. Some sort of helipad to land the helicopters at, maby 1 in the maps corner so it doesn't have to go off the map after every use. I realize some of this is to increase strategy,just my 2 cents.
  8. My suggestion would be a Dallas, DFW airport, or Washington D.C. mod. Whatever you decide, im sure the community will be happy to play it.
  9. Just breach, the back, and have a shotgun with bags up front, works for me.
  10. well done, I really didn't mean for you to have to take the time to take a screen, but it looks awesome. Well done Amen.
  11. lol we both meant symbols, the pictures for the commands, For example the rope picture for the drop ropes command.
  12. So, did you all ever place the command symbols??
  13. It worked for you?? No problems??
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