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  1. I think you gonna have to request some mutual aid.....lol
  2. CLOSEST tiller to Denver is in Arvada. Its is right on the outskirts of the Denver area
  3. Or make a solid housing tract map with the more gas stations and kinda like a few more strip malls available. But more like east La where fires and shootings and fights run rampant.
  4. YES!!! downlaoding now Well the mega link isnt working
  5. Its a mutual aid agreement between North County and CPMCS. They also provide Emergency services to the 5 freeway and assist in Fallbrook, Vista, Oceanside
  6. Colorado is different from California however, for Example in Colorado Springs (CSPD) stays in city limits unless for mutual aid. Unincorporated El Paso County is ran by the sheriff (EPSO) but can assit in the city, however ts rare. Colorado State Patrol (CSP) does State highways and the Interstate
  7. Please include HAMMER 1 and the USAR Tractor trailer. For the ones not familer with HAMER units in Denver, they are Hazmat, however some do much more. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/340725528032233477/
  8. yeah and a basic in colorado is pretty much a medic in california......I am really over this state
  9. is there a way to switch the pink engine to the regular white on at ST 1
  10. Haha, The Ferguson Mod, I could see it now, Itchboy this made me laugh. The mod is still pretty amazing and i seem to be slightly addicted
  11. So LA county is even farther behind the curve the Riverside. At least in Riverside county we can get an SPO2 and give Asprin
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