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  1. Looks awesome!!!! Keep up great work
  2. He just said one post ago, the link will be updated soon......
  3. Great job Finn!!!! Wish you good luck in this new year, thanks for bringing so much for the community!!!
  4. You have to have permission from Rafael otherwise you can't use it
  5. Did you ask for the permission to use the model? Who gave you the link for it?
  6. Looks awesome!!!! Keep up great work and welcome to the community
  7. Sorry about this boss, I should ask you about the model first before I gave to the team.
  8. Depends on detail the models are, I assume Euro Truck Sims will not work here lol
  9. Totally amazed by the mod, great job!!!! What you have done is amazing!!!! Sorry about what happens in this community......
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