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  1. Hey whats up Quincy do have any Idea what script runs traffic I edited the Dysons Brooklyn mod V1 and redid all the paths so play the game but on redirect the cars get suck at the traffic light half in the intersection pain in fu$%&%& ass.   

    1. Quincy


      I think they broke the redirect script in the brooklyn mod.

    2. FInn Rescue 12

      FInn Rescue 12

      No the redirect script works it is the flipswitch traffic lights messing thinks up.  Her is the  map work I did check it out see u can figure out good luck Quincy. 


      https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9gkcew9nvu9wyf/Maps Brooklyn Mod.zip?dl=0

    3. FInn Rescue 12

      FInn Rescue 12


      all set it was the VO set in the wrong place for the traffic lights. 

  2. Downloaded unpacked version, extracted to mods folder. I'll upload it to a mirror if BMA is okay with that.
  3. Anyone else get the issue where the UI completely disappears? Any chance I could get a mini tutorial on how the callout system works, never played a mod like this before. Thanks for this wonderful contribution to the community, it's very nicely crafted and unique.
  4. I remember 7 years ago, stumbling upon this site I became instantly glued to it. A week didn't go by that I didn't check the forums. I looked forward to releases from the major players of the time, I was more attached and excited for mod releases for EM4 than I was for most AAA games. I watched this community grow and grow; wonderful content, a happy friendly community that was always willing to help, and a community that respected each other's work. This game and the mods that were created by this community got me interested in my career in public safety and in my career in IT. I Thank you because I learned so much over the years from you guys. I wish more people would open their eyes and appreciate that a group of people take time out of their own lives to produce quality content. This game is one of the most time consuming to mod. Hoppah, Voodoo_Operator, NFK, Stan and Mikey PI were all pioneers of modding this game and turning it into a great community. I don't know what happened that caused this community to end up in the state that it currently is in. I would hate to see something that so many of us have enjoyed over the years be destroyed by the inconsiderate actions of some people. People need to realize this isn't a company producing a game, these are people taking the time out of their life to create a mod for their enjoyment and yours. It isn't owed to you, you're not entitled to it, you didn't pay for it, and most importantly...even though you download the content... you don't own what you don't create or buy. I want the old Emergency-planet back. A credits file is not that hard to create. I/we can only hope that development will continue across this community on the projects that stalled because of unappreciation, but things need to change. It's not the creators faults, it's not the community as a whole fault. It's the lack of appreciation for people's work, lack of respect and common courtesy and severe negativity by a select few. Seriously for the sake of the community can we all just get along. A simple "thank you for you work" also goes a long way. I'll end this by simply saying this: Appreciate what you have before it's gone. Thank you content creators for everything you produce for this community, I know there are others who appreciate it as much I do. Do it for them, and don't focus on the haters. **P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.**
  5. Yes it will be, it was brought up a few pages back. I asked the same thing so no worries.
  6. Perfect. Hopefully I get a chance to play before I leave for bootcamp Monday. Mod looks great. Thank you for contributing your time and sharing it with the Emergency-Planet community.
  7. Okay, Thanks. I just remember about a few pages back there being some speculations and thought someone said they made one.
  8. has anyone made a minimap? The current LA is messing with me, hahaha.
  9. Im having some difficulty creating a minimap, if anyone has already made one could you please upload it or pm it to me? My editor keeps glitching out.
  10. Incident in my state recently http://www.wcvb.com/news/trooper-identified-as-police-investigate-use-of-pepper-spray-during-protests/30164678?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=wcvb%2Bchannel%2B5%2Bboston Next time, get of I-93 if you don't want to get sprayed...
  11. So the issue is when he picks up the victim? He shoulders them instead of putting on stretcher. This also happened to me...are you using the included lift command that came with the mod or the default unedited one? If you aren't using it, use this one. Just throw it in your scripts/command folder. File is from orginal Stryker Stretcher mod on Emergency forum.de by THW Teufel. Stryker Scripts.zip
  12. Pretend they ride on the back. Mod can't be perfect.
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