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      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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      Hello,     From now on we will be disallowing any referral links on our site. This is not the place to earn money directly or indirectly. Anyone found sharing paid shortened links or referral links to earn money might lose his account.     Reason for this:     We are providing this service free of charge, putting our own free time in this and paying monthly fees on our own costs to keep this free service running. So why should anyone else make money from something they don’t pay to use?     So in short from now on we will be warning and banning users abusing or misusing referal links.     Regards,     Stan          


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    Drinking booze, guns, and cars, when combined it can be really entertaining=)

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  1. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    Better late than never but I approved your account manually so SOULEATERROX may post now.
  2. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    CDoerzapf You had a duplicate acct, I deleted the one you did not state and auth'd this one. M11gamer Manually auth'd you.
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    Tiring Hippo I will manually authorize your account for you.
  4. Mike, Do you know what can be a problem for me connecting with others?   I am trying to play a multiplayer and this my first time playing with others and I get the message say " Checksum error: Server and Client Different files!"   I have Hamachi and we did Lan and Direct and Internet.  Still getting that message.  We both try to host as well.   I purchase my from Amazon and he didn't....   Can it be different Programs like 911: First Responders can't play with those who have Emergency 4?

  5. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    in order to do this we'd need you to tell us the email in which you registered with for this account to verify your identity. From there we'd have to contact you via that email in order to correct this.
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  7. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    Manually authorized you just like the others you may post now.
  8. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    I approved this registration, removed the duplicate you made, and removed your email address from the posting. (In the future don't post your email in public unless you want it spammed).
  9. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    "TerPepsi" was approved, "TerrPepsi" was deleted.
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    I approved you manually.
  12. Activation Email - Not Sending?

    I approved you manually as a new user, however there is no old account under your IP address or email address so I cannot assist you in regards to the old account.
  13. Question.

    go into your game folder EX: Program Files (x86)\WizardWorks\911 - First Responders\Data\Specs\fp_params_endless.xml (for 911:First Responders/EM4) Create a backup copy of this file so that you can play the original game still by simply replacing it. <EFPEventCarTheft> <Enabled value = "1" /> <!-- AverageFrequency: average number of events per 10 minutes --> <AverageFrequency value = "50.0" /> <!-- MaxRadius: in meter (max. distance between committer and car) --> <MaxRadius value = "75.0" /> <Worth value = "8.0" /> <SupervisorStart value = "ID_SUPERV_EVENT02" /> <SupervisorFinish value = "" /> </EFPEventCarTheft> simply changing the "enabled value to 0 should disable the event (havent tampered with this in some time). Tampering with the frequency of the thing improves or lessens the chance the event will occur, I believe a greater value means less chance to happen while a lower value gives it more frequency (don't hold me to that though, it's been a while). You can edit these parameters for challenges as well by modifying fp_params_challenge.xml instead.
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    If your username is "athos631" I've manually authorized your account.
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