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  1. Hey, I love your NYPD mod, I have one question though, How do I make the ESU members equip the AR-15, Ballistic shield, and the MP5?

    From: 911Nocheeze

    To: MikeyPI

  2. MikeyPI


    The issue is with our mail server being down, Stan will hopefully correct it as soon as he can.
  3. Well, most likely it's your emulation software is using a generic video card instead of the proper one. You are using DX9c so that is most likely not the problem; but in your logfile you've got a generic vid card: My suggestion is to attempt to find a way to force the video card to actually be your actual video card via the emulation software. Without doing that you're being stuck with their emulated card which is going to be very basic in nature in what it can do and ultimately the game won't want to run correctly with it (the game was not designed for "generic" video cards).
  4. Texture files are just referenced in the model file where to look for them, the actual textures themselves contain the "size" for that portion, the model file just says materialX, look here for the texture and that's that.. What i'm thinking is if you've converted the file from some other format (like blender) it might be why your size is significantly larger than itch's. Quite often converted files will have duplicate verts and/or polys that raise their filesize dramatically.
  5. Two ways usually clear this problem, one is global axis: reset to parent/Reset to world (as itchy suggested) the other is to dump the file into some other format, try old zmod format (zmod1) and reimport. sometimes it just flukes at dumping and makes the scaling issue crop up. Usually exporting as some other format and re-import will cause the file to re-order and for whatever reason resolve it. Just make sure you reset the axis and recalculate the normals as a fail-safe in case the format you used flips them.
  6. Give me a bit of time to look into this issue, there does appear to be a problem with this file, if I can recover it I will repair the file myself, if not the Authors will have to repair it.
  7. From your statement it seems the files are downloaded correctly, but are not unpacking correctly. Some files on here come in mod files that are loaded via the modinstaller, in those instances run the mod installer as an administrator and it should be able to install them. As for the mods where it is simply the mod folder it's self, you would do best to unpack the files to your desktop and cut and paste from there into your game's mod folder (sometimes UAC will prevent transfer of files into program files). If this is not helpful give an example of which file you've tried from this site which does not work and we can attempt to walk you through it's proper installation.
  8. Many mods had (or have) a released copy of them which lands them into the released mods when it comes to the newer pages of them. Originally the site did not have so many various categories, just simply one category for all mods to be within. When we transitioned to the new format it simply was not practical to move all the older dormant topics that did exist into their respective locations. Many mods are abandoned for all intents and purposes but it simply takes too much time to filter through them given that we are an entirely volunteer staff on this site. Generally the newer/active topics should be relatively accurate on their location (with the exception of ones which the author(s) removed the download links for them). It is generally left to the author(s) of the topics to ensure their titles reflect their current status/state of development and release.
  9. Just re-create the account "Alabin" with an appropriate password, If you fail to get the email related to authenticating the account ask in this topic and I will resolve that issue.
  10. Ant_Gallo When we manually authorize your account you will not get an email from us: Instead we are simply by-passing that whole step and manually approving your account. No email is sent from the system when we take this step, your account still works just as it would had all the steps been taking for any normal account. You have an existing account but I'm guessing you forgot the login credentials to that account. As Such I approved your new account and remove the original one.
  11. You wouldn't considering you've already encountered this problem, the reason I deleted your accounts is so you can re-register with proper passwords you can remember so that your accounts stop locking. I still have to re-approve your new accounts but this way hopefully you guys will each remember your passwords and I will re-authorize the accounts. CasualGerman is approved and may post as a normal user.
  12. I'm removing all three of your accounts, I changed nothing about your passwords so I have no idea why you guys are having this happen. All three of you may re-create your accounts with the appropriate information (including original usernames).
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