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  1. So I decided to drop back here after discovering 911 FR on Steam and reliving the nostalgia... And I find this?! I'm very very excited and can't wait for this to come out! This will definitely rekindle my old love for this game, it's very nice to still see an active modding community after all these years. Great job guys, the units look amazing! I love the detail on the skins and that USAR model is just awesome!
  2. Emergency 2012 Demo[EN, FR, ES, DE]

  3. Los Angeles Mod Vehicle Set [STOPPED]

    Yeah, I remember Wegberg has something like this, but it's still kinda buggy. Like you said, the vehicles would often get stuck in weird spots and then block traffic and then my emergency vehicles wouldn't be able to get out of the station. Still, it would be a cool feature.
  4. Chicago SUBMod

    Great job on all the new units! I'm relatively close to Chicago so it's cool to see something a little closer to home.
  5. Los Angeles Mod Vehicle Set [STOPPED]

    Both very nice units, but I love the USFS rig. Great job!
  6. Non Soda drinks

    Anything by Arizona is fantastic...those big cans for $0.99, you can't beat it. A lot of sugar though...
  7. Rescue 2; Everyday Heroes

    The "Fire Department" series? Yeah, I have Fire Department 3 and it's a pretty fun game actually, relatively realistic in some aspects as well. It can challenging if you set it to the higher difficulty.
  8. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    They said that a fix will hopefully be in the next patch. I believe that the team has found the issue, but correct if I'm wrong...
  9. [RELEASED] Brooklyn "Borough of Fire" (BOF) Modification

    I've been waiting for this for awhile, so I'm excited! As much as I love the fire aspect of things, it will be nice to be able to use the police a little more in the new version. There is a nice fleet of police vehicles, but I never felt like I had the right opportunities to use them. Well hopefully that'll change now...
  10. [RELEASED] Brooklyn "Borough of Fire" (BOF) Modification

    I agree, the map looks a lot better. Nice job on the updates so far, and I noticed the el train, too!
  11. Los Angeles Mod Vehicle Set [STOPPED]

    Yes, it really does. I'm gonna have to use these when they come out.
  12. [RELEASED] Brooklyn "Borough of Fire" (BOF) Modification

    No worries bro lol. Like I always say, with you guys, I know that we're guaranteed a release sometime in the near future so I'm still looking forward to it. Glad to hear that you're almost done though, so hopefully you can get things back on track soon. In the meantime, good luck and stay focused on school. We'll all be eagerly awaiting your return lol.

    A) all day...I would love to see what new kinds of scenarios you all have in mind.

    Ok, now I'm excited! This can really get somewhere now with all of you guys on board. Probably one of the best teams any mod could have.
  15. Itchboy's Model Works

    That's the thing. MikeyPI explained it perfectly. The police packages are pretty basic when it comes to cosmetic upgrades.