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    I got everything sorted out, thanks for the offer though. I was luckily able to save about 95% of my data minus a few random files and folders + subdirectories being inaccessible on the old drive. Everything else was transferred over, and I ended up making another set of backups. I'm saving up for a third external hard drive to backups. Updates on this mod are going to remain slow, but I do have something to show. The boat trailer and SWAT equipment trailer have been completed and are ingame. I am still trying to make the boat trailer script work though because the terrain doesn't seem to like it. A bunch of vehicles were also textured in. The DNRC Tanker has also been completed.
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    I still do work from time to time. It was supposed to be bama doing the share of the work but corona said no. I don't know when it will be done because I have a whole lot of other stuff I want to release this year. My main priorities are now with an Em3 to Em4 conversion mod, and 90s LA mod of course. I am also involved in developing a few (as in multiple) mods that haven't been announced but I do not know how many of them will be completed. The world situation prevents many from modding.
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    I said I wouldnt do a Blazer but my completionism got the best of me. I have a whole bunch of stuff that could be used as emergency vehicles or non playable civilian cars.
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    The heavy rescue crane is getting a makeover too. It has been edited a bit to match the older 1989 version that was introduced at the time. This is still unfinished and I will be implementing animations to this model. Credit goes to Hoppah and Voodoo_Operator for this model.
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    The tiller has been modelled. Textures come next. I don't look forward to setting it up in editor but hey, its here. This was the hardest vehicle to do in the whole set IMO. Next one up is the heavy rescue crane's animations which I also don't like but at least I'm not having to make everything from nothing. The cab is the same edited LA mod base (by Hoppah) as the Seagraves shown before. All I did with the cab was add the rear tiller bits that are quite different and had to be made from nothing. Later on after doing that, I did the remaining work on the heavy rescue crane. Here she is. Credits to VoodoOperator, NFK and Hoppah for the cab. The work that I contributed to this was editing the rear model eedit, textures and modelling new support legs.
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    Another model on the way. I will use this as the LASD transport van, but it could also work as an ambulance. However, by the 90s, these were already phased out so maybe I won't use it. Or, I could possibly do a preliminary release of the mod, and then release some more assets later on as an addon pack.
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    I made these but I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe an OJ chase parody mission or something? Or I could put the Bronco as a POV in Montana? I will be uploading the 1983 LTD. Posted in the wrong thread woops.
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    Here is an in-editor group photo of all units done so far. The swift water rescue is the only unit missing because I haven't found a real 90s picture of one. Maybe somebody can find it. Most models lack lights, some parts and their liveries. I will be contacting a few of you to help me out with this if you guys are available.
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    McKean County Fire Department Hazmat 6 26-Ft. Walk-In Haz-Mat On a Spartan Gladiator Custom Chassis Rear : by me Cab: @itchboy(Edited By Me)
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    Univerity Of Vermont EMS RESCUE 2 Ford F550 Type 1 Ambulance MODEL BY: @itchboy SKIN BY ME
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    Univerity Of Vermont EMS RESCUE 1 Ford F550 Type 1 Ambulance MODEL BY: @itchboy SKIN BY ME
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    Univerity Of Vermont EMS Medical Evac Eurocopter EC-135 MODEL BY: Wittener & Iglheaz SKIN BY ME
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    No. The engine to engine connections make up for the difference.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Emergency Brasil Team presents our Peterbilt 348/Pierce Engine for download. The pack Contains: Peterbilt 348 Single Cab/Pierce Engine. Peterbilt 348 Double Cab/Pierce Engine. Readme note! The Model has only a full red texture. Please keep to the readme or there will be nothing left of us to download!
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    Hi! So, pretty much what is in the title. Why has EM5 had a lot less popularity than EM4? Is it less enjoyable? Is it that there just aren't that many mods? (And in that case, why are there less mods? Is the editor worse? I'm not a modder, so I don't really know about it) For me, I've played EM5, and I still find myself playing EM4, and not EM5. And there are almost no mods for EM5, and there is still more content in YouTube and such about EM4 than about EM5. Oh and there are still mods comming out for EM4, and not so much for 5, too. So I assume that EM5 hasn't been too popular. Why do you think it is like this? What would have made EM5 better than EM4?
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    Looks Awesome!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!
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    This Is an Fictional Private Modification Based On The State Of Vermont Departments: Vermont State Police South Valley Vol.Fire Department South Valley Police Department McKean County Sheriff Office McKean County Department of Transportation McKean County Fire Department Univerity Of Vermont EMS
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    @blazinggod8 Nice atention to details! Good work. But hey, the moddel is not bastian's. Correct credits would be: Wittener & Iglheaz
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    Set its placement in editor to Custom.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Emergency Brasil Team presents our Volvo N10 for download. The pack Contains: Volvo N10 Single Rear Axle. Volvo N10 Double Rear Axle. Readme note! The Model has only a full white texture. Please keep to the readme or there will be nothing left of us to download!
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    Now that I've moved to Miami I'm even more excited for this. Keep up the good work!
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    I made these last week because I felt inspired by your thread. Here's two EM1 stations remade into 3D. Are you able to take these assets and furnish them with textures?
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    I think they mightve had a few as reserves around then Itch. I'll do some research
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    This solution was shared to me a few months back and I got no improvement from it, however I was on an Nvidia GT430 at the time. Now I'm on a 1050Ti and I still get no difference, so it seems to be something unique to AMD cards. I never thought of this before. I will be pinning this thread so that other AMD users can see this and try it out. It might be placebo, it might be real. Until we figure out what fastcopy does, only then we can isolate what "task" is making Em4 slow down. A 5700XT absolutely should have no problems running Em4 at 100+ FPS, even on a mid range CPU.
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    I mean the graphics is good and animation but without mods it's not that great. Actually i never played Em4 the vanilla game. I played LA mod, NYC and the US army over the years and many other mods. Maybe if EM5 modding was better then there will be more mods?? Also less mods made this community more dead also modders not allowing reuploading dead mods.
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    Here Is The South Valley Police Department Maxxpro MRAP Front by @itchboy and rear by me The Model is still in Work
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    I have few but tomorrow gonna show!!!
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    Do you also have some screenshots of units already?
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    TEC has not been forgotten. Say hello to what is hopefully going to be a Caltrans van. I hope this serves as closure for those of you who weren't satisfied by the original LA mod TEC van. A reskin was cool for 2009 but not for 2020. Original model was a conversion from Driver SF, modified into model year 1996 by me.
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    I wonder if those stands on the swat truck are just for looks are will we have the ability to have swat members hanging off of the truck. Either way is amazing.
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    I'll step in before this thread becomes a shitshow: Please settle the "slow modding" debate in PM's. All I ask from everyone is that we step back and have some understanding that this is purely a hobby for us and there is no rush for it. Also, there are more effective ways of expressing criticism for other projects or other users. Please keep this thread on topic from now on.
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    Work on the Avenger has started!
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    After a long time I've got somethign new, not a Rosenbauer but just as good! Here we have a HME Rapid Attack Tender
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    Finished up the detective division's 2019 Durango and 2016 Explorer and admin's 2018 Tahoe. Models belong to Itchboy. Spotlight by bama1234.
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    Thanks. It's all about trial and error to start with. It does get easier when you understand how the different pattersn are made .
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Just made a new update: 2016 Ford Transit Ambulance BLS transport unit, for all your 3 am toe pain calls! Model credits belong to itchboy once again.
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    I'll update the OP because this is what seems to be a commonly asked question. - Finish all playable vehicle models - Add in more incident variations like HAZMAT car accidents - Technical rescue calls, specifically an underground entrapment. - A big hurdle: Finish the advanced heal script. If so desired, this can be scaled back for a later release. - Add lights to all units - At a later date, replace the MHP and EMS helicopters - At a later date, implement an alternate snow version of the map
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    One of the new London Fire Brigade Pumps, model by FF-NRÜ I think, re-skinned by me and lights by me. There's a few screenshots from the editor and one photo taken by me in real life there It does work in game but for some reason it doesn't want to let me take screenshots in game.
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    Version v1.3


    This is the latest version of the London Modification which includes a new edited freeplay map with various UK buildings and civil traffic along with updated units & personnel from the capital’s main emergency response services: The Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service & London Fire Brigade. Version 1.3 also includes new units from the City of London Police, British Transport Police & London’s Air Ambulance. Updates, information and any news about future versions of the mod can be found on the London Mod forum page: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/7861-london-mod-in-progress/#comment-98073
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    Today i want to show you my personal Argentina Mod It is a submod of the LA mod 'cause i use the LA mod map, commands, etc. More updates coming! Screenshots: Hospital Ambulances SAME is the public ambulance of the city of Buenos Aires Vittal is the biggest company of private ambulances in Argentina Fire Dept. Credits of the units: The MB Sprinter- Civil cars cooperation Fire Trucks- Emergencyforum.de Hospital and all map- Hoppah Errors: The basket of the ladder is on the side
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    Features- More than 50 playable units from Los Angeles- Highly detailed and accurate models- A completely new freeplaymap- 10 new missions- New sirens- Directional lights and floodlights- Fire station, police station and hospital- Automatic weapons and ballistic shields- Police barricades, traffic cones and flares- Bomb robots and motorcycles- Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911:First Responders compatible- Multiplayer compatible- English translation and voices and much more... This content is not authorized for posting on Steam or any other platform, except with prior written authorization.
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    https://discord.gg/vzTmNB Any progress on this mod will be on the Emergency 4 Central Discord under the Amity Island Tab
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    You deserve a Gopnik Award
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    I'm proud to announce the start of work on the Chicago Fire Mod! Modification based on the TV series "Chicago Fire"! All units of the series, plus some units of the Chicago Fire Department will be present in the mod! Link from Squad 3 http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/539-1989-spartan-gladiatorsaulsbury/
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    PAMedic. It was just throwing some shade at the Miami Mod and how long it takes them to show off one vehicle. I understand as I have my edits of mods that I am working on so I can understand. When it comes to adding new vehicles. You have to make sure they show up correctly. All the commands work. You did not screw anything up. and anything else I can't think of off the top of my head. I have been working on an edit of Riverside for 8 months and I am still coming up with ideas to add to it that I will probably rip my hair out while doing it. In case you can't tell, coding can get me annoyed but I still love to do it.
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    The last update was almost 2 years ago so I'm gonna lock this for now. If any of the developers would like it reopening at any point, let one of us know.
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    Hey Guys. Just curious. Is the mod currently on hold? Haven't seen any new updates.
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