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[FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

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Northview: South County

New & Final Update Released! v2.1.0 is now available!
PATCH in the works. Needs Testing. Please see this post for more info:

South County was originally created as a private modification for Emergency Operations Command (EOC), an Emergency 4 Roleplaying clan. We've decided to make this modification free for public use. A small team of 4 people spent about 4 solid months on this project, and we hope you enjoy it!


v2.1.0 (Latest) (Changes) - 243MB

Primary Download MediaFire

Secondary Download MEGA

The Story:
This modification is a sequel to the Northview Creekside modification (no longer available for download) and takes place in the fictional county of Northview, USA. While the exact location (ie. state or region) of Northview County has been purposely made ambiguous, this modification takes place in the southern portion of the county.


Welcome to South County! Set in the City of Lincoln Heights, located in the semi-arid southern region of the Northview County, you are tasked with managing the emergency services for this unincorporated city. The tale of Lincoln Heights is a tragic affair. Once sparsely populated, Lincoln Heights was developed into a middle class Mecca for those who wished to escape the heavily urbanized Northview City. For years, Lincoln Heights was the ideal place to raise a family with good schools, good folks, and most importantly, good property values. Unfortunately, things took a sharp turn for the worst as corruption and embezzlement took hold within the core of city government. Through bribery of key city council members by large corporations, much of the city was rezoned into commercial and residential zones.The rapid industrialization and commercialization of Lincoln heights led to a rapid drop in home values. In an effort to offset the loss of tax revenue from rezoning much of the residential zones, the city began investing in the development of “affordable” housing. This plan backfired. The city-funded housing developments attracted many low income families from Northview City looking to escape the violence and gang activity of the big city. Unfortunately, many seemed to bring these vary elements of the big city with them. Since most of these new residents did not make a good source of tax revenue, the City of Lincoln Heights lost millions on their investment. Things did not look good. As crime rates increased, so did joblessness and homelessness. The city police department soon became overwhelmed as did it’s fire department.In 2011, Lincoln Heights filed for bankruptcy. Soon after, a whistle blower within the city government released that the City Manager had received thousands of dollars in bribes from individuals affiliated with organized crime. An investigation was immediately launched by the state and federal law enforcement agencies. After nearly a year-long investigation, not only was it found that the City manager had in fact accepted thousands in bribes, but that there was a much larger underlying embezzlement scandal in the works. Up until the point of the city’s bankruptcy, the mayor, city manager, and several members of the city council had embezzled over $15 million in city funds over the course of 7 years. On June 22, 2012, the corrupt city officials were arrested and charged with multiple counts of embezzlement, corruption, and money laundering.With the corrupt behind bars, a vigorous attempt was made to revive the dying city. In an attempt to save the city, police, fire and EMS services were taken over by Northview County. Now, as the bureaucrats attempt to clean up the books and get the city back on track, it is your job to cleanup the streets. Can you handle the high stress and demands needed to supply crucial emergency services to Lincoln Heights?


Images & Preview:
zgz7.png 4bcl.jpg
Some featured additions include a new hospital model and a High School with (American) Football field.



Fire Department Vehicles (Skins by Merritt Long, Lights by Losangelesi, Models by Hoppah/freakinmusket)

EMS Units (Skins and Models by Chris07, Base models by NNICO, Lights by Chris07/Losangelesi)

Sherriff's Units (Skins by Merritt Long, Lights by goog1967 from Upgraded LA Mod Police Upgrade)


The Map used in this modification is a heavily modified version of Hoppah's LA Mod freeplay map. It features 4 fire stations, 1 sheriff's station, 1 hospital, and 2 EMS Stations.


The Fine Print:

This modification may be used by anyone for personal play or play amongst friends. However, it is not to be used as a clan modification, meaning this modification may not be used as an official modification for a multiplayer clan.

No publicly released or limited release derivative work may be made from this modification. If you wish to make changes for yourself or a few friends you may, however, it may not be released publicly or released to a larger group (ie. a clan). If you're going to steal our content anyway, please have the courtesy to at least change the skins and lights!

The following may be used only with explicit permission from losangelesi: The single engine fire station and the ladder truck. Good luck with getting permission for the ladder truck. He spent a week on it!


Some known bugs:

Hose hookups on Rescue engine don't line up properly, random fires in the middle of the road, and the crane buggy in multiplayer if used by anyone other than the host.


Future Development:

This modification has reached the end of its development life. I will no longer be updating this modification. Our very limited time will be spent on another project. We feel that this project has evolved and reached its potential as a glorified LA Submod, and are very satisfied with ending it here.


One Final Note:

This modification was designed for multiplayer, so units must be called in manually. If a unit must be explicitly purchased, then it is considered an out of area unit. These are only called in when needed and have no official parking space on the map. Also note that this mod is a little more taxing than usual. Some users may experience lag with some of the lights.


Thanks to the following people:

Hoppah, MikeyPI, Merritt Long, Killerik, losangelesi, goog1967, bama1234, freakinmusket, NathanDollinger, NNICO, M.Young, Helljumper51, Firequi, and Itchboy. Without these people and their direct or indirect contribution to this mod by way of either physical labor, expertise, or permission to use their content, this modification would not exist!



v2.1.0 (Latest) (Changes) - 243MB

Primary Download MediaFire

Secondary Download MEGA


Archived Releases
v2.0.5 (Changes) MEGA - MediaFire 245.3MB

v2.0.4 (Changes) - MEGA - MediaFire  (requires Narco's light pack)

v2.0.3 - MEGA - MediaFire  (requires Narco's light pack

If you are getting white boxes where the lights should be, it means that the light pack was not installed properly (if at all). Versions older than v2.0.5 require you to install Narco's light pack. Versions 2.0.5+ come with the light pack bundled so no manual install is needed.

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Please ensure that the contents of the Coronas folder found in the Light pack are added to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\WizardWorks\911 - First Responders\Data\Textures\Coronas
C:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4\Data\Textures\Coronas

depending on which version you have. These are being added to the base-game, not the mod.

You will need to merge and replace existing files.


White boxes = not installed correctly.

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Not much I can do to help with that. I will try and upload to a secondary location, but my primary link is hosted on the Amazon S3 network so reliability is really high.

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You guys did an awesome job! Love what you did with vehicle parking, even the small touches at the hospital (I had a similar idea, now I might borrow your method)!

There currently is a flaw with it. If you send two ambulances to the hospital and they arrive really close together, they will both compete for the same parking spot...and only one will win! So I actually have a solution in mind to make it so that once a spot has been claimed, then the next one will think its occupied even if the first one is not fully parked yet.


Great quality mod here. Thankyou and congratulations. I would just point out a small annoyance though - the north-east patrol path seems to get stuck in the hospital car park.

I never edited the patrol paths. I generally don't use them as they can jam up traffic. Since the map was edited, the patrol path wasn't touched so I've obviously blocked it's path with something. If I make a maintenance release I'll be sure to fix that.

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You guys can skin, and somewhat model, but not make new lights?

lol really?


Thank you everyone for your support! This mod took some time to put together and we're glad it turned out as it has. We had a good amount of help and support and this project help us learn for new ventures in the future :)

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Just wanted to say I'm loving the mod, but I have made a 1 or 2 changes, 1 of them was swapping out the tiller for the aerial ladder truck as I hate the tiller its too buggy in any mod so I reskinned the one from the montana mod. I also reduced the amount of traffic as for some reason they don't turn around when being redirected. Apart from that I love it thanks :)

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I'm pretty close to releasing an optimized version of the Water Supply script along with a hopefully easy to understand step-by-step readme. Though I haven't implemented it just yet, I also have an idea on how to make the script optional, and to avoid any need for map editing, and it'll work in missions and hopefully multiplayer, too.


I'm sure Hoppah would love to see his script more widely used, and I'd enjoy making it more likely.

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