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  1. Been following this mod for so long, I'm overjoyed to see how far this project has gone! Like the previous posts I share with great interest some multiplayer compatibility. Also love the CSI cameos of Caine and Tripp!
  2. Halton Region with a mix of Toronto. Awesome dude!
  3. This is a United States Department of Homeland Security Dolphin helicopter.
  4. Didn't Voodoo make an ATF Ford Excursion?
  5. Is it compatible with other mods? say Hoppah/Voodoo's AUS mod
  6. I actually finished the singleplayer campaign of the game and it is nothing short of AWESOME.
  7. Nice sirens by the way XD They really compliment the submod in all its awesome glory.
  8. Yeah there is! I'm pretty sure it's 3 days.
  9. Let's say I want to replace the LA mod's PD car's arjent lightbar with the vector lightbar from this pack ..I put the files where they need to be , opened up editor , selected the vehicle and clicked edit chids.....It's not there? I checked Object Children and 08 Lightbars
  10. So i would copy+paste the Models / Prototypes files into a desired mod , then open up editor and edit them as vehicle object children?
  11. So I recently downloaded Hoppah's lightbar pack ... how would I add it on vehicles? Do I use the editor? If so , tell me the proper procedures please
  12. When I install the patch , do I replace everything? from the .exe to data files? Because when I do , the game doesnt start up , "em3.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"
  13. I have tried un/re-installing the mod and game but it's still the same problem.... and... , Does the LA Mod for em3 really need the patch 1.3?
  14. Mt.Akina XD Seen in many drift racing movies and anime
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