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  1. WOW. All of this looks amazing! Great work!
  2. Wow Norm. Everything looks really good. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more!
  3. I cant even remember now. I have been playing around with so much for so long that its difficult to say what i have and havnt played around with. Yeh i already do that. Thank you though. Yeh i downloaded that a while ago but nothing happens still. Thank you to all of you. I think its going to have to be a fresh install of the whole game, its just so long doing that
  4. Does anyone have the latest version of the Mayberry Mod. It should v1.5. The link has been taken down and i cant find it anywhere. If someone could please send it to me i would be very grateful. Thank you!
  5. Apologies. And apologies to TheAxeMan. Thank you
  6. Anyone have any idea why my supervisor isnt working? It doesnt come up at all? No sound, no video. The music changes obviously when there is an event and it comes up at the top of the screen saying what the event is but there is just no supervisor. Thank you in advance guys
  7. I used to play EM4 ages ago and made loads of personal map edits. However, i edited one recently and has all gone wrong. I cant remember what file you edit. What file do you edit in the editor for the freeplay map of any mod? Thanks guys
  8. I found the problem i think...... when i mess around with the map it changes it. I edited the staff at the start so it the ambulances have 2 paramedics instead of 1 and 2 emts. When editing the map in editor which file do you edit and save? Thanks
  9. Anyone have a guess as to why my Emts and paramedics change into something else when they get a stretcher? When i select two ff emts or two ff paramedics to get a stretcher, they enter the ambulance but then come out as the Mayberry Hospital medics. They then stay like that all game even if you drop the stretcher. I have tried looked at the LA Stretcher Script and nothing appears to be wrong but i could be mistaken. I am thinking that maybe there is a file missing in the models section? Any ideas would be great thank you! Willa078
  10. I LOVE THIS IDEA. Gives something different about it. Im assuming we can call an ALS fire engine to assist the BLS ambulance as well though? Willa078
  11. Any luck on uploading your edit somewhere else Terrow as i really want to play with your edits. Willa078
  12. Yes please. Looking forward to playing your edit. Thank you
  13. Yeh Mega doesnt seem to be working for me either. Somewhere else might be useful please? Thanks
  14. Could be a good idea to have the chief return to a house. Make a return to station script for the house so he runs inside and comes out when the alarm rings?
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