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  1. Εχουν πεÏασει 3 χÏονια απο τοτε και δυστυχως δεν εχω την δυνατοτητα να κανω κατι τετοιο.
  2. Death Sentence has a damn good soundtrack
  3. I used to watch this some years ago when it was first shown on the TV. I really liked it as it was the first emergency related series I ever watched before watching the masterpiece called Third Watch . When I first saw it I didn't know a lot about real FDNY so it seemed realistic to me.
  4. Hot Fuzz is one of the best movies I've ever seen! It helped me a lot while learning English and I really like reading it's quotes on imbd Best sports commercial greatest sport on Earth
  5. Shame on you for saying such a thing. These people have families who live from this game.
  6. Sure Gonna pack me up in a crate and send me to your place
  7. Snow and cold Wanna change home Chad? It's really good here
  8. I was actually looking for a playable demo nevermind it's been a long since then
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