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  1. same here. The INSTALL.txt says: Paste the file FFAA MCOE MOD to "MODS" (example:C:/Programs Files/Emergency 4-Deluxe Edition/Mods) Execute Emergency 4 and select "Extras" on the main menu and load FFAA MCOE MOD. After, select "Emergencias" and select City/Ciudad 1 and enjoy the mod! But I have no clue where to select the city. If I just start the freeplay I can drive around with units, but no missions appear. Am I forgetting something?
  2. So I saw that a lot of people are wondering whether EM5 will be published in English, and if it would be included in the 30 october release. Here's their response: Cheers to all the non-German speakers I was not able to respond to the announcement topic, so I give this topic a go.
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