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  1. The are was fictional, I believe it was the same with TACRfan's releases
  2. That's a lovely looking helicopter, nice one!
  3. As said above, if you would like to make changes to the mod they will have to be done yourself (and kept private). The last version of the mod was released over four years ago and hasn't been worked on since.
  4. Topic is now closed for obvious reasons. I think the communities' stance on the treatment of content creators and their work has been made pretty clear. The download was removed because it used content from a mod whose owners have explicitly said they do not want their work redistributed, edited or not. It is good that you originally tried to get permission, absolutely. Believing that you can do whatever you like when you got no reply? Not so much. Bottom line is that this community and many great modders have been destroyed or driven away because of people constantly taking things that weren't theirs and claiming it as their own or re-releasing with no permission. As I said before, like it or not, this is stealing. You can spin it however you like, it doesn't change a thing. If you believe that the absence of an answer equals consent, you need to reevaluate a lot in life. There is nothing more to be said here, opinions have been made clear. If you wish to post on this forum, and this goes for everybody (warnings have been given out), you follow the terms of service that you agreed to upon registering. If you want to waltz around without any sense of morality, go elsewhere.
  5. This topic has been locked and the download link removed. Unfortunately no permission was gained for any London Mod content to be used, and nonchalant attitudes about using other people's work (no matter how long ago it was released) against their wishes is both morally wrong, and against the terms of use for this site. I am sorry that this has had to happen, but protecting content creators, their work, and their wishes is important.
  6. I'm sure the community really appreciates a release like this with the current situation. Thank you for the work you've put in
  7. This was certainly a surprise! Look forward to it
  8. The green glow sounds like the defsult option that allows you to see hidden vehicles/people behind buildings. The zoom thing sounds like you haven't adjusted your camera parameters. I can't get the information on how to change these for you right now, but if nobody else gets there first I'll add them later
  9. The parking script can be a bit fiddly sometimes and is known to have issues unfortunately.
  10. I'm glad someone has thought along the same lines as me, this is something I would love to see. I did start developing a WW2 Modification set at Manston Airfield (Kent, England) for EM4 a couple of years back, but unfortunately it didn't really go anywhere.
  11. Yes, it is listed as Emergency 4 Deluxe - https://store.steampowered.com/app/757210/EMERGENCY_4_Deluxe/
  12. Please note that as you are using content from other modifications, you are unable to publicly release the modification (this includes sending it to various individuals) without the permission of those whose content is used. However the edits made are looking good so far, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
  13. In the lighting options click the 'copy all lights' button, then go to your new vehicle and click 'paste light'. Alternatively, as Alex said, copy the prototype file.
  14. This is a feature of the game to make it easier to find otherwise hidden vehicles. Though the majority of players do dislike it, and thankfully, you can turn it off! If you go to Wizardworks\EM4\em4.cfg and find the line <var name="e4_doocclusion" value="1" /> - Simply change the "1" to "0". Make sure you save before closing the file.
  15. Double posting is against the forum rules, as is bumping topics asking for updates. Please be more careful in future. Mod makers will post updates and content when they can and when they feel it's best to.
  16. Unfortunately the keyboard binding does not work with the editor, you need to click and hold the middle mouse button to rotate the camera. I don't believe it'll be possible if you use a touchpad rather than an external mouse.
  17. *Confirmation to other mods & admins that this topic was authorised on 28/11/2018*
  18. No probs. It is, got a bit bored one day haha.
  19. That post was by a user who made his own private edits to include the appliance, it's not part of the official mod.
  20. Topic locked as per users' request. Feel free to contact myself or one of the other moderators if you decide you would like to re-open the topic.
  21. Unfortunately, I don't believe the mod is multiplayer compatible iirc.
  22. I suppose if it were a mental health case and the person was refusing help you could require some sort of Police intervention? Not sure how much you want to add/change what you already have.
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