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  1. What an awesome surprise for Christmas! Can't wait to try it out. Thank you Itch and Bama for all your hard work on this, crazy to see how far this mod has come over the years.
  2. Love that early 2000s look, can't go wrong with Vics and strobe lightbars. Very nice!
  3. Love the variety you guys are giving with the units. Definitely agree those departments have really cool liveries. Those units are looking great!
  4. Yeah, it would be neat to still have CBP for the airport missions. However, I'd prefer more of the chargers and explorers as well.
  5. The sirens sound great! Very nice work.
  6. I believe it is the D&R Magnum siren, although the sample provided sounds slightly slower, I do however have .ogg loopable high quality samples of the tones. DNRPrior.ogg DNRWail.ogg DNRYelp.ogg
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