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  1. I was wondering if there is some type of list of features that are going to be in first, sorry for being too lazy to dig through this whole thread but it is 214 pages long... Thanks in advance!
  2. I think before asking for help and all that, if you want to make a new mod. Learn how to do actual modding before coming here. The first post of a new mod should be well made, PERFECT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, and with pictures and structure with enough information. It isn't just that easy to make a mod.
  3. Those Chinatown buildings look awfully familiar to Manhattan Mod's V1 Chinatown district....
  4. I heard you got a fix to play Manhattan mod again, LIGHT SPEED AHHHEEEAD
  5. The weird thing about Vram, If you go to dxDiag it will show you different then was is dedicated to the grahpicss card. For my laptop my dxdiag tells me i have 4gb worth of Vram, what it really means is that 4000mbs are being used for the pagefile and I really have 512mb for dedicated graphics card. You can just go to http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri and that will tell you your graphic specs. so dont be fooled by the DxDiag pagefile
  6. Graphics can stay the same, especially since people can barley even play the most demanding mods that the game already has
  7. Impossibly unlikely, Its a German game, the whole series is about fictionally European Fire Rescue services. They also don;t need to make a version like that because there are already mods
  8. Make sure you update your Catalyst control center to the newest version, Also make sure you check off the "override game settings"(or of the sort) button. if you set everything to the absolute minimum on the catalyst and override game settings,it should work, also, how much Vram do you have in your card? I'm guessing with the Mseries for radeon its either 233 or 512mb?
  9. A bluescreen? After 2 almost 2 years of being on the team, I have never heard of computers getting bluescreens. Are you talking about the bluescreen of death?
  10. There arent any youtubers who have dedicated their channel to Emergency, this is a good idea. I wish the best of luck
  11. LMMFAO(laugh my mother off) I think it was an error, but we will say it is on purpose ;D
  12. That party post was not me.....DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE

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