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  1. sorry for dig old thread, but I have same problem, unpack model doesn't work, it says the file already is unpacked. Could somebody help me ? I want to edit one thing to my private use. Maybe hlep on DM ?
  2. any change log ? what is new ? what is fixed ?
  3. Ok so, I have idea to make a rework mod for emrgecny2/3/4 in emergency 4. But I don't have a skill to textures. This mod would be something like, old models( from em2.em3,em4, but with new HQ textures. Maybe some could make it ? What do you think ?
  4. I found bugs on campign map (between missions) and freeplay map ( tested on deluxe map)
  5. how to clear cache ? I have black minimap.
  6. I just change all events from "false" to "true" And this is what happend (image in attach) I also attach that file. enhanced_mp_unlimited.zip
  7. I have a black screen after end of the last mission in em2016 ( Hamburg) music playing, but I have only black screen, and can't do anything.
  8. Work with version 1.4.1 ?
  9. It happens when I use arrows. I have Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Intel Core i7 - 4790 3.60 GHz, 16 GB RAM memory, windows 7 Home Premium.
  10. Hi could somebody tell me how I can slow down speed of scroll in editor ? I have so fast scroll that I can't add lights :/
  11. Could you make it to install by modinstaller ?
  12. I am not use your mod, I do it by myself.
  13. And they have all commands ? For example SEK helicopter can deploy units ? I add it but I don't have all commands (drop SEK team)
  14. So you can have all units, on all maps ?
  15. I have bug after patch 1.2.2 Mission: Store Robbery Map: Hamburg Mode: Multiplayer We can't get to the criminal, but he can shoot to our units.
  16. How to add commands to units ? For example I would add command flashbang to SEK unit, but I have only handcuffs.
  17. don't work with multiplayer ?
  18. Doesn't work I se only 2 maybe 3 servers. And When I try join = Unable to connect.
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