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  1. Sorry, the content for part 2 is about 70% complete but it's release date has been postponed indefinitely. Occram~
  2. The mod is looking great guys. I'll come back to EM4 when it's released. =) Why not just delete incessant and irrelevant posts? The senseless spam is annoying enough without all the moderators commenting. Occram~
  3. Who wants to see me put more lights on the Large Rescue Ambulance than the rig in this video?!? Hahahaha, that thing is such overkill. There is a part of me that loves it though. Occram~
  4. No, this light mod is entirely my personal designs. Hahahaha, I completely agree.
  5. Could you help with getting the EMS SUV vehicle in the game so the car doesn't look messed up thanks.

  6. Why not join your local fire company or see if you can get a tour?
  7. Each flash of an individual light on the rear deck is a separate light source with it's own specific time to flash during the cycle to create the complex pattern piece by piece. I created a grid with time(x) and lights(y). In other words, it's very resource intensive and time consuming. Thank you so much for your kind words, it makes the hard work worth the time and effort. =) Occram~
  8. I probably won't be releasing videos of part 2 prior to release. It'll probably just be a surprise release with little or no notice. =) Occram~
  9. That's really great to know, I'm very happy you enjoy my work. =D Occram~
  10. Sounds to me like you're referring to the rotators I released with my lighting mod. I believe I was the first to replicate rotators how you described, I could be wrong though. =) Occram~
  11. I never use the 4-way blinky lights...
  12. Hello everyone, I've gotten real life straightened out until September when I go back to school, so I'm going to be finishing up Part 2 and getting it ready for release. After all three parts have been released, I'm planning on re-releasing the mod but with all new radiation and a few minor changes, as Occram's Lighting Mod 2.0. I've been incognito for awhile on the forums but I assure you all I haven't gone anywhere and still plan on releasing Part 3 and eventually a 2.0 version of OLM. Also, I've added the download link on the first post again... Thanks for your patience! Occram~
  13. Also, a vehicle can only be redirected once. After it's been redirected, it cannot be redirected again. I've run into this while running multiple incidents and having a clog from vehicles having already been redirected from the first at the second incident. Occram~
  14. Greetings, To be honest, I haven't gotten much done in the way of Part 2 yet as I'm finishing up some more classes at the fire academy and starting EMT school right afterward. I'll get to it as soon as possible and release it when it's done. This part was separated due to the fact that lighting is quite complex for the Tiller and some others. Regarding the redirect issue on the CHP car, this would not be my issue as I have not altered any other attributes of the LA Mod other than lighting. If this issue does exist with my prototype, it exists in the original LA Mod as well. Occram~
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