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  1. Cannot Save Game

    in some mods it is the fire/ems only versions that you cant save. but yeah i wish you could save challenge games but they didnt add that feature, because it wouldnt be a challenge.
  2. A few remarks real quick. Firebuff319 why the sudden change? you seemed to be interested in the mod before. and FightFire13, thank you. I know i havent been able to release a mod yet, but I am seriusly trying. Now some answers and etc. The mod is BASED off of Mayberry v1.5's map, but has edits by me. I will probably end up adding a more up to date map texture, because since this has been uploaded, i have made quite a few changes to the map texure, and i will be making even more edits in game on the map in game.
  3. thank you, and sorry for saying it wasn't my fault at all. It is both my an othrs fault, like itchboy said. sorry if i seemed rude.
  4. 1. its not my fault no one else commented since those posts were made. 2. im confused as to why it is not merging my posts anymore like thye used to. 3. if you loook at other mod pages the mod makers make comments if they havent psoted in a while whether the mod is still active or it is dead.
  5. technically im just letting you all know the mod is still being worked on and is not dead.
  6. UPDATE: this mod is a slow WIP.
  7. My New Tutorial Series (1 Released)

    Here is the gold leaf lettering tutorial everyone!
  8. My New Tutorial Series (1 Released)

    thanks for the add! models look great in those videos.
  9. My New Tutorial Series (1 Released)

    ah I could use some rotator tutorials to add here. I know modern strobe is a bright and quick led flash, but halogen strobe i was referring to the older non-led strobe lights like those seen at 0:41 in this video. like the older strobes they had a natural very light blue/white color, so you put a lens on top to make them red. but i might be getting my light type names mixed up. am I?
  10. my bad i was talking to nirvan. i honestly didnt get at all what he was asking.
  11. Hey everyone. Recently, I decided I would make a few tutorial videos for some various aspects of modding. I hope these will help you all, and that you will find these useful. My main goal of putting these tutorials up is to spark creation in the community and that modders will take these skills and use them to make variants of models, change lighting, and more instead of just plain old reskins. Completed Tutorials: Basic Gold Leaf Lettering Tutorial- 1 Part; Will explain how to create basic (and relatively easy) gold leaf lettering on a texture. Planned Tutorials: Cab Swap Tutorial- 3 Parts; Part 1 will discuss how to swap a cab or a body. Part 2 will mainly discuss how to swap out the water pump model (some vehicles have a different water pump model that you might like more than the current water pump), with some references back to part 1. Part 3 will discuss resizing the cab or the body to make one or the other better scale-wise to the other. Halogen Strobe Lighting Tutorial- 2 Parts; Part 1 will explain the basics to creating a single halogen strobe light, such as flash intensity, polygons, colors, and etc. Part 2 will discuss variants/looks/different types of flash patterns you can make using halogen strobe lighting. In other words, Part 2 will explain the basic flash pattern, and how to modify it on your on to get different looks/flash patterns, but keep the halogen strobe effect. Possible Tutorials: LED Lighting Tutorial- Generic Lighting Tutorial- 1-2 Parts; Both parts, together, will explain how to make the basic lights on a vehicle such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals, marker lights, and etc. Incandescent & LED Wig Wag Tutorial- 3 Parts; Part 1 will explain how to create incandescent wig wag lights. Part 2 will explain how to modify incandescent wig wag lights, such as whether the lights light up then immediately turns off once it reaches max brightness, or it stays at max brightness for a second or two before turning off. Part 3 will explain how to create LED wig wags. Basic Mapping Tutorial- Advanced Mapping Tutorial- Please let me know what you think of the ideas for tutorials, and what you think of the tutorials themselves when they are published. Also feel free to tell me how they helped you (once released), I would love to know.
  12. [In Development] Northview: Paramedics

    this mod looks great!