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  1. I’d keep all trucks. It’s a small town so more than likely has mutual aid for calls with eachother. In montana, there are quite a few highways where the speed limit is fastest safe speed. Not that fire trucks would go very fast, but id say all of Dillon VFD should stay in the mod.
  2. Depends on if that’s the closest department or not. If so, it may respond to many calls when requested by the next district over. Multi alarm structure fires they would definetely respond. Large brush fires, they may automatically respond on the first alarm.
  3. Those are just the map textures, right? I’m looking for the whole map. Idk if they are already in the game though. I’ll double check today and edit this comment to say whether or not the maps are in there.
  4. I know the map textures are available to download on this website, but I’m trying to find out where I can find the whole maps (texture and map files with everything on it. “Pre-built” you could call it) and download them. Those EM4 maps are: EM4 Freeplay Map EM4 Deluxe Freeplay Map EM4 Campaign Map EM4 Multiplayer Map Note that the names I typed are exactly what the maps textures on here that I want are called. Any help is appreciated. Please and thank you.
  5. right click game, properties, set launch options, then in the box type the word in the quotations (but remove the quotations): "-editor" once you do that, click okay on the popup, then close, then launch game. to switch back just remove the "-editor" from the box and leave blank.
  6. Ladder 10 has received a new Pierce Enforcer 105' ladder truck. Model Credits: Bama, goog, hoppah, CMCC626, & Armyconrad (me) Skin Credits: CMCC626, & Armyconrad (me) Lighting Credits: Armyconrad (me) (note: video description has a few innacuracies with the credits, I will be fixing them shortly) The video stays in one place for as long as it does so you can see how the lights loop/change because of the offset/delay I set up for a realistic flash pattern.
  7. They have some newer quints in frontline service too, but no aerials with buckets.
  8. It is possible, and someone who may join the team may know, but if it goes to the hospital and has 1 stretcher crew, it can only carry 1 dead body. Would need two stretcher teams to carry 2 dead people.
  9. You would have to send it off map if it gets used and re-call it back. I will have it on map though for there is 1 whole ems bay at HQ available right now (2 ambulances deep). Still have 1 medic spot open at HQ station, but idk if it will be used yet. Also deciding whether or not to make the MCU staffed for ease of use, or whether you will have to have on map ems and fd personnel staff it. Also deciding how many personnel it can carry, since its more than likely going to be the la MCU unit or a school bus and it doesn't need an active stretcher crew to keep and hold the patient inside the MCU (like the coroner can put multiple dead bodies inside with one stretcher team. Speaking of coroner, i may put a coroner van in the ems station in that one open spot. Also, everyone, EMS UPDATE!!!! YAY!
  10. Question for EMS: do you think 3 staffed als med units spread around on the map (1 at each EMS station) are enough? There is also an ALS intercept at the HQ along with EMS supervisor at the HQ, too. Or should there be a few more? And possibly some older ambulances, commercial ambulances (international cab), or maybe some BLS med units?
  11. The city fire department is a paid/volunteer combination department. County is all volunteer. But I was thinking a newer chevy SUV for either one of the two fire departments or ems as ems supervisor. But I like the idea! The fire chief for the county vfd is paid/on duty. Many of the volunteers with each department are also volunteers with the other irl, so in the mod the volunteers will be the same. Also they share a fire station which will be a cool aspect in the mod
  12. I plan on using a volunteer script For the volunteers.