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  1. How about creating the objects outside of the base model to achieve this?
  2. I use sketchup still for it’s simplicity. The only issue I run across occasionally is sizing (although this is probably a problem for all other outside programs) and typically use a vehicle to scale for the game. Feel free to message me if you run into any programs if you use this
  3. Map Editing

    If it’s an event such as a car accident that is placed on the map you can simply delete it
  4. [WIP]Western NY Mod

    No need to fear this mod is still alive... running through some hiccups on the map but still planning a release. If anyone is interested in beta testing within the next month or so please message me Re-worked the lights of the NYSP units a bit
  5. EM4 Steam Editor?

    Find the .exe in the original files, create a shortcut and then right click > properties. Add one space at the very end of the target line past the last " and type -editor and save. It should startup the editor. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4\Em4.exe" -editor
  6. Nope individually as far as I'm aware.
  7. Government Buildings

    You can usually find most government buildings pre-made on google warehouse, but they usually take some editing/importing/exporting with different programs to get into game.
  8. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Everything looks absolutely amazing EMC-UNIT
  9. [REL]WestCoastCanadianMod V2.0 RELEASED

    oh gimmie gimmie
  10. Waterplants

  11. Los Angeles Mod 2.1

  12. Atlanta Mod

    Don't be sorry, it's your mod! It looks great. Mindcat is butthurt
  13. [WIP]Western NY Mod

    Yes! I definitely plan on some type of active shooter events. I think the main spots will be the schools and airport