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  1. Sorry not type, I was thinking of something else. More so the resistance factor that you can find under traits.
  2. Yes and probably the type too, I think they're a different type under firefighter although I'd have to look at it. Since they're not affected by that stuff
  3. Yes with some scripting it'd be pretty easy to do
  4. Right now I am working on a new hummer replacement that was in the original LA Mod
  5. Hmm odd. Are you able to PM me the file so I can look?
  6. My recommendation would be to import your model and then import a random firetruck v30 (any one in a any mod). You can see if there is a scale or rotation issue pretty easily there by comparing them. After you have it in place, ensure the axis are aligned and set to world. Then re-export it as a V30 and try again in game
  7. I would recommend placing into ZModeler and using that to ensure that everything is correct (I export all of my models out of 3DS Max into ZModeler). I unfortunately do not have any experience with or use blender although itchboy does so maybe he can chime in when he's on.
  8. Can you take a photo of the V30 used in zmodeler?
  9. I'm aware, I think my version is much cleaner though. Here's a comparison of what I believe is his from the southview mod.
  10. One of my goals is to create new high quality models of previously released ones that reflect poor quality. Here is a 2004 Ford Excursion that I will be releasing sometime soon this upcoming week.
  11. Currently working on some farm vehicles and houses etc. (Tractors and what not) as we currently do not really have anything other than was the base mod provides. Hopefully will have a pack together within the next two weeks or so
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