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  1. Blender

    I'm in my 5th year of using it and you can do vehicle models better than me!
  2. SWAT MoD

    Please don't ask if mods are dead, for the same reason a Moderator gave to another person directly above your post. Please don't bump old topics either, this one is over a year old. Topic locked to prevent further posting. Will re-open upon request of one of the devs.
  3. [HELP] LaToFireStation

    It is a part of the LA Mod by Hoppah. It is not available separately.
  4. Changing vehicle speed?

    Thread is nearly two years old, do not bump old topics.
  5. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    If you thought so then why did you agree to it? People make these mods for free and in their own personal time, it's not fair for people to badger them for release dates, especially as 90% of the time they wouldn't even know when they will finish. The Mod will be released when the developer/s think it should be released.
  6. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Asking for release dates is against the ToS you agreed to follow upon registering, +1 Warning point.
  7. Adding New Accidents To Freeplay

    This topic is nearly 10 years old, please do not bump things that are clearly dead.
  8. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Latest versions are always available on the front page.
  9. Creating a Mission for 911 FR

    Take a look in the tutorial section, I believe there are a couple of threads on Mission making.
  10. Best EM4 MODs?

    Old topic bump and linking to pirated content, +1 Warning point.
  11. Turn down brightness

    I think it's just the way EM4 works, and with no advanced material options like normal maps and specular maps you just have to make do with what you have. There are textures that allow you to control how much light is being put into your scene depending on the time of day called 'time gradients'. You can darken one of the existing ones slightly to sort of achieve what you want. With time gradients you can also change the colour of the light being emitted (for example the desert time gradient has a yellow tint to it). I was experimenting with them a few weeks back and have one that makes night time darker than default EM4 which makes things like search, scene and street lights actually of some use.
  12. Scripts of LA mod to other mods

    Topic is over 7 years old, do not bump it.
  13. Amity Island Modification

    Are those straight from the editor/game engine or have they been rendered in a different program? Looking great either way.
  14. Amity Island Modification

    Just wanted to say that it's some incredible work, the map looks highly impressive so far.
  15. Amity Island Modification

    Very original and looking good so far. Is the mapping work your own?