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  1. the bigger parts of the interior are done, now i just have to add some details: and currently working on the parts that hold the blue lights: my expectation is that the model with full interior will have about 10.000 tri's.
  2. Currently i am working on a new ambulance based on the new units in my local area, this ambulance is based on a Mercedes Sprinter Facelift model. these units are replacing the Chevy's that have been around for a long time. this is the original ambulance: this is the model in it's current condition: i hope to finish this model somewhere within the next 2 weeks.
  3. seems like the texture is located in a different texture file, try opening the model file in a text editor like wordpad and look for the lines with textures. it might show another texture file in there that contains the headlights.
  4. first of all, nice mod so far, keep it up! i'd like to comment on this post, by the looks of it this model is not made by godra but by me (not a problem tho) the model made by godra has a heat shield for the neck, i didnt add that in my model. also my Gallet model is more detailed than godra's: (mine) godra's ( see downloads section: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/563-firefighter-with-gallet-f1-helmet/ )
  5. it seems that the firefighters pick the Hydrants first, if there are no hydrants available anymore that they will connect to the truck.
  6. seems that in campaign that whenever you are done with the missions and have to get new vehicles that the points to buy vehicles not always show up, same the vehicles to buy (dropdown list at the top of the screen) having some framedrops every now and then but thats about it. running the game on high.
  7. cant seem to import .OBJ files into the editor
  8. for pathfinding/collision look at Rescue 2013, at least with EM5 the vehicles dont just drive trough each other / park inside object/buildings
  9. A station here in the Netherlands (Kampen (for an area of aprox. 50.000 people or 11.39 km²), it has 10 bays and a washing bay.(volunteer) 2 Engines 1 high rise unit 1 Rescue truck 1 tanker 3 p/m (person / material) vehicles 1 older hose truck for the junior firefighters behind some of the vehicles: 1 boat 1 powder trailer 1 foam trailer 1 pump trailer 1 material trailer The second station we have in the next town ( IJsselmuiden ) has 3 bays.(volunteer) 1 hose truck 1 engine 1 P/M van it's hard say what is standard over here as many stations are different however there is always an Engine Link to original page with all the vehicles as well: http://www.112kampen.nl/informatie/brandweer/
  10. Version 1.0


    i've made a modified version of the normal firefighter, this includes a new helmet and SCBA gear.
  11. best is to export to .OBJ format, it fixes this issue most of the time ( for me ), but if that does not work, you can just mirror and flip the model ^^
  12. a brown version of? it's realy easy to reskin the model so there is no need for me to add multiple skins.
  13. i've made a modified version of the normal firefighter, this includes a new helmet and SCBA gear: you can download the models >>HERE<<
  14. Version 2.1


    Vehicle: Tankautospuit(Engine) 81-821 Brandweer Helmond Version: 2.1 Type: DAF CF "Flying Dutchman" by Kenbri. this vehicle is made for emergency 4, can be used in other mods with a mention to the original author (me) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you: René Kuyt (RIP 12-03-2009), for the photo's I used to make the model. WWW.ALARMVOORDE830.NL - 4 books written by the Dutch Firefighter René Kuyt.
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