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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIvNfL6IgxY&feature=youtu.be EMS lights preview for you guys enjoy! ! !
  2. Hey guys, im trying to find a new program to record game play for em4 i tried camtasia that doesn't work, bandit wont work for me either im not sure why. Any suggestions?
  3. yeah i can help out i wasnt sure what units are being made and what area your basing from
  4. Typical dive, always saying you from the city, when you gonna visit me and doc?
  5. JUSTNVME2011


    Rename the sirens you want to the ones in the folder of the L.A Mod and replace them also if you want cool sirens check out my siren pack http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/files/file/541-sirens-by-just-nvme-envy-me/ Siren01 Siren02 Siren03 Siren04 Siren05 Siren06
  6. Not possible once a zombie leaves the map or too many are created the game crashes
  7. now i helped someone with a chicago mod and never got a copy of it, so im willing to help you
  8. Still glad I joined the Squad, for those who like to play realistically and are 16+ should apply if you are into playing realistically.
  9. was it the one i put on here from sqaud 1/1As station?
  10. i already let someone who is making the chicago mod able to use it, but if he wants to use it for his its fine i guess
  11. HERE ARE TWO NEW SIRENS I MADE FOR P.D I WILL HAVE OTHER SIRENS DONE SOON..... http://www.mediafire...f7r8s7io1vsm4b7 http://www.mediafire...p371qvx19z7qfq1 http://www.mediafire...9tqapxhl39adqp9 <---- this siren can be used as P.D and or EMS IN ORDER TO USE THESE TWO SIRENS, SIMPLY GO TO YOUR MODS FOLDER CLICK ON "AUDIO" CLICK "FX" CLICK "SIRENS" RENAME THE FILES "Siren05" or "Siren06" (without the quote signs) ENJOY
  12. looks really good, cant wait to play this for em 4
  13. than there something on those units that you dont have, thats why its showing up like that, the same thing happens with the manhattan mod
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