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  1. Hello community is there any new models of Ford Transit its needed for a private mod only. Of course without this protection and beacon lights thanks. Thanks for informations.
  2. Chicago Fire Mod! [WIP]

    JUST WOW! Nice job Brasil team .Realy nice job .Hats off for this .
  3. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Mod officially stopped.Sorry guys. But if there is any professional and serious moders who will finish the mod I will give them all data to finish the mod. Any who is interested in finishing the mod PM with the message.
  4. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Stoped work curently to much real life work and school.
  5. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Mod is not finished yet.
  6. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Yes you can.curently 3d models of some fire trucks ,fire stations also a police station are being made and im curently workng on adding units in game but ist slo wip becouse of teams real life .and jobs,collage etc.Also we are working on new lights system for the mod and some new scripts are being optimised for the mod.Scripts are curently just for team eyes only.
  7. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    There will be unmarked cars but only ford crown vics,explorers,impalas,suburbans and chargers .And lots of your pictures are out of date they are using new cars in this season. Sorry but the mod wont include the Chicago pd series in first maybe in future will be some updates like Chicago pd update .But that its far future as you see the mod is slow Wip .But we are working on mod as hard as we can . Thanks
  8. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    UPDATE -curently 3d modeling of fire stations and police stations is in progress -lights are beeing made -i am adding units in game working on some scripts for police personel and cars -maps will be done when the 3d models are finished -police is 90% finished -fire is 50% finished -ambulance 75% finished -civil cars 30% finished (dot Illinois ,mta chicago-and tains too -new models 10% finished - we will try to add some new vehichels like international trucks and gmc cars like savanah and denali
  9. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    We are working on mod
  10. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Great work on ambulance 59 .Happy New Year from CHICAGO MOD TEAM. New member added to team : Dennis Reid he will be helping with modeling
  11. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Oh yes thanks for head up itchboy
  12. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Ambulance 58 Finished From fire house E-101 with some lights prewiev. Model-brazil team and nnico Lights-Flnn Rescu 12 Skin-emsfan112 and brazil mod team FInn Rescue 12
  13. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Ok this will be the map . And you can see what units will be in this version on map in right corner but ther will be some special units of map .Resons to make Chicago map in this area of South Chicago is lot of fire stations,is near to the airport,lots of peopel and ther is lots of material to work with.
  14. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Thanks that is a realy important thnig to know if you have some more things to say just say.Can you tell me abaut your duty ,gear and cars which you use on field .the mod will be situated in south chicago in 7 th distirct do you have some interting things to say abaut that part of town.
  15. Hello rafaell.

    Rafael set me to ask you to help with some 3d modeling on Chicago Mod

    I knew you alredy done some stuff for chicago fire mod and they are great.

    Would you like to help with 3d Modeling for chicago mod?

    We need a good modeler like you are.

    We need help with some trucks for fire department and some building.