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  1. O what a nice challenge diving into the research right now. Question for the ITCHBOY will you make a Chevy caprice wagon?
  2. Nice work Raffael . google drive is not working you must share the files
  3. Brush 118-2009 Polaris Ranger Tower 1- 2006 E-One Bronto Skylift 134' This two should be interesting. Good Luck http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  4. Hello Guys Marry Christmas and Happy Second Anniversary of the mod. I need some help with the mod. I need somebody who knows to make a template and make UV mapping on the models. If somebody is interested PM . Thanks
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Model optimized skinned and fixed for Emergency 4 by me original model by Charilco89. Free to use with Credits
  6. slow WIP Private for now. And is against the forum rules to ask the release day!
  7. Good news that you want to continue modding. Keep up the good work.
  8. https://ibb.co/31kQY6w Some sweet new stuff Enjoy the new Mack granite USAR Tactical Response team for Freetown fire department major incident and FEMA Spare Unit . Itchboy, THVFDM, emsfan112
  9. Update Peterbilt/Pierce Tanker Model by raffael International Truck Model by NYC_911 Skins By Me Ferara Igniter Tiller Ferara Igniter cab by ITCHBOY rear parts by THVFD Special Operations Battalion Itchboy , raffael ,THVFD https://ibb.co/10ZbCM4 https://ibb.co/9tskR3L https://ibb.co/Rhdms1k And some new stuff is in work. Curently i am copying into the new map all models and adding it in game. Maybe some video nexxxt week
  10. Hello Community, Almost is 2021 that is a long way from release date of this game but the hopefully community is not dead. One thing is bothering me the original game and maps is based on European models cars maps signs and etc. I am hoping that we as community can make for us a thread we can share props,models,textures and re skins to make a game more realistic to american based players and mods. We as community are grateful to have some of most bad ass modellers that share content to use to other us . List is very long but the people will recognise in the text up. My plan is like this : Make a poll that people need the most for the Americanisation of the game. Share some ideas. Make some content. Please respect the rules and copyrights. All content creators can be contacted and they given permission to process or refine their work or content. .
  11. There is CCC - Civil Cars Cooperation on German forum also Truck and trailers for Europeans models and there is Itch-boys American Civil Cars and truck pack . Nice idea for re-skin but at first it is a little outdated models form original EM4. But don,t stop modding and trying yourself. Itchboy hahaha ,to much ideas the community have for you. American version of truck and trailers maybe?
  12. Wow excellent job guys . HATS DOWN FOR THE SPEED AND EFFORT!!!!
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