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  1. looking god damn great nice idea and nice vehicle good work on it both off you did amazing work on it
  2. god damn amazing good to see old school vehicles that look so HD and amazing can not wait to see them in action
  3. Hell yea cool 90s cars outstanding love it man will be great to see them
  4. OMG that is so god damn amazing that would off been great in Montana in the town but god damn I just love the way it looks man outstanding work
  5. after seeing them I have the S.W.A.T theme in my head their so amazing and good looking nice work
  6. god damn nice man good work how old is that Ford Rescue truck looks cool
  7. Nice work they look Amazing keep it up man your doing a great job on the vehicles
  8. yea it caught my eye it does look good and different plus it it would be cool to use/play as Swedish Emergency services, I do have a question though will you be adding any off the American vehicles the Swedish police have as I have seen photos off American vehicles but used by the Swedish Police
  9. I do believe it is a first-generation Sandcat Polisen like the one shown below
  10. whats the best program to learn to mod with been a long time scene I have done editing off like chaging a vehcles colour from one to the other or from one department to another and that was for GTA San andreas the old GTA SA so I will be willing to try and learn some modding for Em4 and hopefully learn something new/a new skill
  11. very very nice work the Jeep XJ - Gotham County Sheriff Department looks badass what are your plans for the Sheriff Department and Ford Explorer 200X does loook just like the one from the movies so great work as I say and happy Easter
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