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  1. epic looking crown vic suits the style/older vehicles they would still use
  2. try this it may help you with that lightbar https://www.fedsig.com/police-lightbars but it looks more like a Police Legend or a Police Allegiant Light Bar to me
  3. now that looks old and would fit on the older vehicles perfectly good job man it looks damn good
  4. Better US Firefighters

    looking badass good work man
  5. looking good man also if your looking for photos off 1990s GMC suvs try this link it may help you http://www.policecarwebsite.net/rwcar4photo/sub3.html http://www.policecarwebsite.net/rwcar4photo/tahoe97.html http://www.policecarwebsite.net/rwcar4photo/yukon.html
  6. for the swat team try the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council style set up Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council Covering Southeastern Massachusetts Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council is multi agency law enforcement association of over 40 local police and sheriff departments in the south metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts area. The agency is staffed by officers of the member departments. The agency has a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), a Tactical Emergency Medical Support unit (TEMS), a Regional Response Team (RRT) for search and rescue, a motorcycle division, K-9 units, and more.
  7. ERS Berlin download.

    i have it but i have incressed the speed on the tow trucks, CSI unit and water unit its about 1.28 gigabyte if you get permission from a staff member on the website here I will upload it for you or try to
  8. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    very nice different but very good work on it
  9. The Westershire mod (WIP)

    love the lights and the fact their different on each vehicle and good to know the county went with VW instead off Fiat side note they look great the models and lights are great man keep it up good work
  10. LA MOD 3.0 questions

    No problem man Happy to help I blieve those models are a set done by itchboy, goog and C.F.D if you need any more help message me and I will try to help you out if its not above my skill range
  11. LA MOD 3.0 questions

    ok well they all look perfect now uploading them for you now, for part 2 if you have 911 First Responders or Emergency 4 Deluxe which ever you have , you will need to go to this location it may be different for you but mine is here. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\911 First Responders\Mods\Los Angeles Mod v2.0\Specs after you go their your going to edit freeplaybase.xml and if you have the deluxe your going to need to edit both freeplaybase.xml and freeplaybase_d.xml with this below note its up to you have count you want that basicly means how many units you get in the game at the start before you have to buy more if you want more of them or you can llike set it to 999 which basicly means you will never run out or not for a very long time, copoy the thing below and just copy and paste it in to both freeplaybase.xml and freeplaybase_d.xml if you have Deluxe but if you just have 911 First Responders just copy it in to freeplaybase.xml and your done. I did have to remove the SS agent from the unit I dont know if you have that working ingame or not if you do then its easy to readd back but if you don't it may help it work ingame a bit more after you add it to the Spec files as said above good luck and any problems message me and I will try to help you, and no problem for the help I understand the pain off trying to edit and add or change vehicles so happy to help you. <vehicle prototype="mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/03 LA Police/dodge_charger_umpc.e4p" count="4" /> infotexts.xml portraits.xml unit.xml infotexts.xml portraits.xml unit.xml
  12. LA MOD 3.0 questions

    it should work if not reply back and I will try to help you fix any problems this guide may help you found it on the forums by Hoppah http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/article/1-emergency-4-adding-vehicles/ Info text <string name="ID_NAME_DC_UMPC">Unmarked Patrolcar</string> <string name="ID_PURPOSE_DC_UMPC">A Unmarked patrolcar is used by police forces to patrol, temporarily detain and transport individual criminal suspects.</string> <string name="ID_TOOLTIP_DC_UMPC">Unmarked Patrolcar</string> portraits. Just like infotexts.xml each unit has a line with text. This text will appear in the lower right window when you select your new vehicle <string name="ID_PORTRAIT_DC_UMPC">Unmarked Patrolcar</string>
  13. LA MOD 3.0 questions

    well you going to have to make a unit file its not that hard depending on how many vehicles you want to add to your game only real problem maybe adding a siren, then adding it to the right files in Lang. Files in Lang you will need to edit are 911 First Responders\Mods\Los Angeles Mod v2.0\Lang\en infotexts.xml portraits.xml for the unit file thats a catch 22 as if you add the wrong personnel to it, it may stop it showing in game but not in the editor for this Make your unit id what you want but remeber you will need it later for when your in the portraits and infotext files the question I have to ask is what agency are the vehicles from as from their I can try to advise you on how to do it or how to try to do it
  14. The Westershire mod (WIP)

    the amount off work you have put in to that website is fucking amazing man and if its a show at how much you care and are deadicated to this then I am happy for you and cant wait to see it so good work man
  15. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Merry Christmas EmC-Unit that new rig looks amazing good work on it