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  1. they look Amazing love the old school vehicles outstanding work man they do look Epic
  2. that looks god damn sexy good work it looks amazing
  3. I looked around for a better phot and could not find one but you did and it looks amazing so cool to see it will be real and look badass so good work on finding it
  4. well from what I could find that Lenco the one in the first photo it was taken in or near Santa Monica here is a link to the news post where I found the photo if thats any help to you as you will know more about American agencys then I do https://boyleheightsbeat.com/la-county-curfew-starts-at-6-pm-tuesday-heres-what-we-know-about-todays-curfews/
  5. what about making the water cannon vehicle a BearCat X3 FireCat as I do not believe the LAPD have a water cannon vehicle but the LASD may have one not sure did mange to find this but cant find more info on the vehicle so you could maybe make the water cannon vehicle a Sheriff department unit and this photo is takne off from the Lenco company website
  6. good work looks amazing happy to hear theirs still work going on
  7. Hope you do add it so we can use it as it looks amazing and would be a shame just for a prop
  8. looking god damn great nice idea and nice vehicle good work on it both off you did amazing work on it
  9. god damn amazing good to see old school vehicles that look so HD and amazing can not wait to see them in action
  10. Hell yea cool 90s cars outstanding love it man will be great to see them
  11. OMG that is so god damn amazing that would off been great in Montana in the town but god damn I just love the way it looks man outstanding work
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