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  1. EFPEventCarTheft Problem

    Shame on you. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png
  2. EFPEventCarTheft Problem

    The call requires a certain pedestrian to use the path, I believe it is one of the gangsters and one of the soldier pedestrians. There also need to be vehicular escape paths available. There are some other requirements that need to be flagged before the mission will trigger. I can't remember them, however Hoppah had a similar issue back in 2011 with LA mod and I can't remember if he got it fixed or not. When I get home from work I'll load up a test map and see if I can sort it out. And if you need further help I'll give you my discord.
  3. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    Continuing a game is diminishing returns as opposed to making a new game/expansion every few years and releasing it at full retail price.
  4. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    Same fam
  5. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    @Chris07 @losangelesi I know I've told you 1,000 times over the years, but thank you for your service.
  6. tostation script isnt working

    Have you made sure to include all referenced menu buttons from the mod? Can you also uploaded the script you edited?
  7. tostation script isnt working

    Due to the nature of the script and how it works you cannot just assign the script to a vehicle in the editor, the vehicles that display the command ingame need to be referenced and defined in the script file itself. This is so the correct vehicle will go to the correct garage at the correct station in freeplay. You can change this by editing the const char values at the start of the script to replace one of the LA Mod vehicles with a vehicle of your choice. const char OBJ_BATTALION[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/battalion_chief_vehicle.e4p"; const char OBJ_ENGINE01[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/fire_engine1.e4p"; const char OBJ_ENGINE02[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/fire_engine2.e4p"; const char OBJ_USAR[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/usar_squad.e4p"; const char OBJ_LADDER[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/aerial_ladder.e4p"; const char OBJ_TILLER[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/tiller_cabin.e4p"; const char OBJ_BATTALION[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/battalion_chief_vehicle.e4p"; const char OBJ_HAZMATSQUAD[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/hazmat_squad.e4p"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE01[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance01.e4p"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE02[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance02.e4p"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE03[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance03.e4p"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE04[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance04.e4p"; Change the engine 01 or engine 02 line to the correct path for the prototype you want. Further changes may be required later in the file to anything that references "OBJ_ENGINE01" or "OBJ_ENGINE02". Make sure to keep the command added to the prototype in the editor.
  8. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    The game is just simply not as popular any more, I mean it's almost 13 years old at this point, and lost a lot of its following with the 20XX line of games. Emergency planet has become not as active for many reasons, but a lot of it can be traced back to the end of the LA mod and lack of other large English mods that could sustain the site. Also a lot of us older users have grown up. I'm not a teenager anymore, I have a mortgage, a wife, and a career, and at the end of the day logging onto a forum about a game from the early 2000s to socialize after my responsibilities are over with is just not appealing. The people that I still want to work with modding wise I have on other mediums than the forum, and since I don't have any projects I'm leading there is no reason for me to log into the forum to catch up on things that are already in the group chat, dropbox folder, or discord room.
  9. I'm just happily surprised that you still exist.
  10. Trafic lightbar

  11. Judgment Day

  12. Old mods for EM3

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48644406/London%20Mod.zip I will host this for two weeks.
  13. Procedurally generated games...

    It would likely be easier to use an engine rather than to program something like that from scratch. Start working within unity engine, I'm pretty sure it supports procedural generation.
  14. Changing my Username

    Can my user be changed to Grim_Wizard please?