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  1. That video was really cool, thanks for the share! Lighting stuff is sounding good too!
  2. In the Downloads section of this site.
  3. Looking really good! TEC stuff is gorgeous, always feel that TEC needs more lovin'.
  4. Looking good! That's another on the list to look forward to!
  5. I had already seen the video from TNA but it doesn't really answer my outstanding questions, hence why I thought I'ask the Hive Mind here! Thanks for your suggestions though http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png The OC-D
  6. Long time no post from me, but I have been *loving* the Wegberg mod. I always watched jealously as others played but I knew my German wouldn't be good enough to figure it out so thank-you nodrog1061 for your hard work with the English translation! I have a series of questions, mostly fluff related but I would appreciate any answers from anyone. With such a 'realistic' mod, I feel it should be played realistically, and so some information on managing a German Volunteer Fire Department would be appreciated! What is the purpose of the GW-Logistik in the game? It's my favourite unit appearance wise but I never know when to send it or what to do with it? Similarly the SW2000, how is it different from the (H)LFs and TLFs, what should I be doing with it? When an alarm comes in, I assume you receive a random number of volunteers. So for things like a 'Feuer 1', when the LF10 is full, what is the most realistic next unit to send. I always lean towards the ELW but feel it could be the DLK or MTF? Or is there no set second vehicle? What about after that? The HLF is parked behind the RW in the default station - I find myself moving the RW, parking it on the forecourt and then crewing the HLF to send to 'Feuer 2' incidents in particular. Is that realistic? Or would the HLF only attend if the RW was sent as well? Are German responses to calls really that over-resourced? I feel certainly compared to the UK some of the calls attract a massive call-out, particularly of irrelevant units (TLFs attending RTCs?) I seem to get a fairly high rate of false alarms, is that normal for others playing the mod? When I set the old engine up with the Oil Binder 'Tiger' (?) it seems to bug out when the unit arrives on scene and disappear, anyone else have that issue? When should foam or the other chemical mix be used? Is there a specific task for them in game (car fires?) or is it just for looks? If I think of anything more I shall post again, but thanks in advance anyone who has a bash at answering my random questions! The OC-D
  7. As has been said before in this thread, there is no update being worked on or even planned for this mod. The mod is entirely at the discretion of Mintcake69 if anything more happens to it, and he has pretty much disappeared from the forum for the time-being. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png The OC-D
  8. Hey, Really sorry for the delay, been abroad, Xmas etc. Make sure that there isn't an extra layer of folder in your Mods folder as I find this can confuse the game. So you should have 'sixteen tonnes entertainment -> Emergency 4 -> Mods -> London Mod 1.3 -> [All mod files/folders]. If you have something like 'sixteen tonnes entertainment -> Emergency 4 -> Mods -> London Mod Download -> London Mod 1.3 -> [All mod files/folders] then just copy the files out/remove that extra step. Hope that helps. If the advice given above doesn't help, you're going to need to give us some more details, what's not working? The OC-D
  9. Heya, What happens when you try and load it? Does it crash or just load the vanilla version of the game? The OC-D
  10. Been a loooooooooooong time since I last logged on here but holy cow was I pleased to see updates in this topic. The Montana Mod is still one of my favourite mods for EM4, evidenced by the fact it is one of only a very few I still play any more [my EM4 consumption has steadily been dropping - but every time I get a hankering it's normally Montana or London Mods for me]. I've voted in the Poll, I prefer the RP-elements to the mod therefore a system in-built to allow that would be perfect. In reference to the question above, I'd much prefer a "traditional" FD tanker than some ex-military tank-tanker-thing. With regards call-outs, I have a huge soft spot for TEC-based calls, I always feel the fourth menu always gets left out therefore anything like towing, road/hydrant-repair, ice, fuel-spills or similar will always make me happy. With regards the EMS suggestion, I didn't see anything like 'notified-death', i.e. a Coroner call which then diversifies away from 'Ambulance-only' calls, if that makes sense...? Other than that, can't think of much else to say. Best of luck with it, will now be checking back at least semi-frequently to check updates on this! The OC-D
  11. The mod is out but the downloads have been removed because they're updating to sort out the instability and some other features. It's just now waiting for the new release The OC-D
  12. There's a known issue that the ATF Agent will specifically cause a crash when interacted with (summoned or attempted to remove from vehicle). I believe there was a fix posted a while back in this thread. Until the updated version is released, I would recommend avoiding calling the ATF Car or Truck. The OC-D
  13. LA Mod had a BearCat and I think Hoppah let it go for Open Release. You'd have to double check that. [Reading above post it may be MikeyPI's model as well.] The OC-D
  14. Sorry for tardiness, hope you still get this. Make sure there's a Doctor (Notarzt) in the ambulance if they need one; or 'Adipose' patients can only be taken in vehicle ITW1 (called from medical support menu/aerial by Ambulance Station 1-1). Alternatively, if the text at the bottom of the screen mentions they need 'intesiv' click 'Intensiv' on the vehicle screen, then 'Treat in Car' then it should take them to Hospital. EDIT: Make sure your chosen hospital has spare beds (done by the medical support menu/aerial), if it is full, cycle through the hospitals in the ambulance menu and resend. Hope that helps. The OC-D
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