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  1. greek mod

    Εχουν πεÏασει 3 χÏονια απο τοτε και δυστυχως δεν εχω την δυνατοτητα να κανω κατι τετοιο.
  2. I'm listening to...

    Death Sentence has a damn good soundtrack
  3. Rescue Me TV series

    I used to watch this some years ago when it was first shown on the TV. I really liked it as it was the first emergency related series I ever watched before watching the masterpiece called Third Watch . When I first saw it I didn't know a lot about real FDNY so it seemed realistic to me.
  4. I'm listening to...

  5. Hang Out Topic

    Hot Fuzz is one of the best movies I've ever seen! It helped me a lot while learning English and I really like reading it's quotes on imbd Best sports commercial greatest sport on Earth
  6. Odense Mod [Status - In Progress]

    Can't wait for this!!
  7. New York Modification {In Progress}

    Happy new year guys!
  8. I'm listening to...

  9. Merry Christmas Emergency Planet

    Merry Christmas!!!
  10. Wegberg Modification

    Impressive pics!!
  11. EM2012 is NOT moddable

    Shame on you for saying such a thing. These people have families who live from this game.
  12. -30 in Calgary, AB right now

    Sure Gonna pack me up in a crate and send me to your place
  13. Wegberg Modification

    What about police department units?
  14. -30 in Calgary, AB right now

    Snow and cold Wanna change home Chad? It's really good here
  15. Police Simulator

    I was actually looking for a playable demo nevermind it's been a long since then