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  1. Can you insert it into my scripts so i can see what i did wrong? Doesn't it also need an reference to the specific sound i want to let play?
  2. @Hoppah Kan je even mijn topic checken? Thanks.

  3. @Hoppah Weet jij iets?? Of hoe ik het anders kan doen zodat dit script een geluid afspeelt bij het aanklikken ervan?
  4. Hello, I want to add a sound to this script, so whenever i click it it will only play a single sound once. What am i doing wrong?
  5. Yes, we are stil working on the modification. We post more often on the dutch emergency4.nl website than we do here. So if you want to keep an closer eye on us, watch us at: http://emergency4.nl/topic/7922-112-grens-modificatie-nlbe/
  6. Okay guys, We've got a small update for you guys lol: Vindt hier alle voertuigen die tot op heden gemaakt zijn. AMBULANCE Ambulance 20-101 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319 CDI [NL] HAP (Medic Car) Volkswagen Touareg 2013 [NL] Brandweer Laddertruck from Kapellen [bE] First fire truck from Kapellen [bE] Watertruck (brush truck) Kapellen [bE] (Retired vehicle, will still be able for use ingame.) 7234 Fire Department Bergen op Zoom Primary Vehicle for region TAS [NL] Communication Truck DAF CF + Small respond vehicle to Communication truck when there's a big fire going on.( Volkswagen Polo 9904 ) [NL] Shiftcar Fire Department of Antwerpen (Opel Insignia) [bE] CP-OPS (Team of special trained firemen, to rescue people from all hights) Fire Departnebt Kapellen Ford Transit 1993 [bE] Daily ''Officier'' Could be compared with a batallion chief. (OvD 2591, Moerdijk res. OvD) Ford C-Max [NL] Commandvehicle Fire Department Kapellen Ford C-Max [bE] Shiftcar for dutch fire department ( 6195+ 7292 + 7291 (Volkswagen Golf Variant + Opel Vivaro + Opel Combo) [NL] Brushtruck Vehicle 7263 Fire Department Bergen op Zoom Volvo FM 2013 [NL] Politie Police van from Roosendaal 01.01 + 01.02 [NL] Volkswagen T5 Dog van (Will be able to use dogs if necessary) (01.45) Roosendaal [NL] Country units police ( Politie) Volkswagen Polo + Neighborhood inspection vehicle ( Volkswagen Golf Variant ) Volkswagen T5 Road Police ( Vlaanderen [bE] ) Audi A4 Station (Station is been swapped because the sedan version was not there yet.) Road Police [bE] Volkswagen T5 Royal Marshals (Koninklijke Marechaussee . Sportlaan, Hogerheide [NL]
  7. Hey Scrivis, You forgot to mention me in the credits for the back part of the Dennis Rapier from the Antwerpen Mod. ''If you were to give permission for me to release the model I would of course give full credit :)'' Not a big problem mate, but just mention me in the credits alright? Cheers.
  8. Hello, After being inactive for a while i would like you to present one of my latest works: I reworked the old Sprinter from NNICO to the new 2014 edtion from Mercedes. Soon i will release this model + skin so others can use it. Screen:
  9. Hai, Looks great!!! But unfortunately for you this script was once made by a german modder for freeplay too... But this one is less buggy i hope! Can't wait to use it!
  10. Go to the gate you used into the editor, select edit and then at animations it's set on Loop, you have to set it to not ping not loop but i think forward or something. so it will play only open up animation
  11. Windows XP SP 1, that's the best way to run it. Make also sure you have SWAT 4 allowed to use internet for multiplayer. It's an nice game. I've been admin on an server for years! Good to know there are still people out there playing this kickass game!
  12. His fulltime job is dumpster diving! hahaha!
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