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  1. Turn off the alpha reflections, you can find that under the edit menu in the editor.
  2. Looking at that mod on YT, you can see that the videos are 10 years old and the lights say that too. Nevertheless, if you want to increase the brightness, you could increase the size of the corona, but that will not look that good in my opinion. My advise would be to add polygon lights if those are not already there and if there are already, you could clone those to increase the brightness and intensity.
  3. Yes you can, when you open the edit menu of the building that you would like to change in the editor, you can see that there are three options to add a .v3o file to the prototype. If you add a file to that as well, EM4 will use that model in the full burned stated instead of the default, dark smut. Same goes for the half burned state off course.
  4. Well you were on the right track by copying the files. Basically what you want to do is to chose one of the versions and rename them. You then assign the correct, copied, v3o file to the copied prototype file via the editor. After that you just add a line for the fourth version in the portraits file (with the correct file path for the prototype) and create a new units folder with the files in there as well. Also in those files you fill in the correct path for the prototype. Then make sure to change the Unit ID so the game actually recognises that a new unit is in town and add that Unit ID to the unit files of some cars as well in order to actually select them ingame. TLDR: Just proceed like you normally would when adding a new unit to the game and rename everything correctly.
  5. For that you need the original .tga map texture and edit that with a program like GIMP or Photoshop. After the edits you need to import the texture into the editor again in order to replace the texture ingame.
  6. You should use Zmodeler 3 instead of 2. In 3 you need to make sure that the .vmo file is in the same folder as the v3o file but it will show you the model correctly as this version keeps the bone structure during the import. That is something Zmodeler 2 isn't capable of.
  7. It looks nice and gives a nice, nostalgic vibe. Also like the two-tone, really fits to it.
  8. Nice looking skins, do you have a bit more info about Elmway?
  9. Just looking quickly through the files, I would assume that you can achieve this by making sure that the unit files correspond with the files of vanilla units from the different levels and add the units accordingly to the quest parts in the campaign_params.xml and adding the quest text lines in the quest.xml file. But as Itchboys mentioned, it could be that there is some hardcoded stuff behind this and there could be more other files involved that I'm not aware of as this was just a quick browse.
  10. Could have been a connector that wasn't named accordingly in that case. Make sure to name them connector0, connector1, connector2 and connector3.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A new McDonald's Restaurant for your map. Readme Summary: - To use this model in your mod, please state the author (Firequi) in your Readme - This model may only be used for the Emergency game series. - 3D model changes need to be discussed with me first. (Scaling is of course always allowed)
  12. What you could try is to work around it via a prototype change. Like have a lifeguard with a shirt on with FF prototype and one without shirt as diver prototype. That would give you the running part on land and still keep the swimming ability.
  13. For this you need to change the speed of the animation frames. To do so, you open the V3O file of the garage door and look for lines that start with "M". Presumably it will look like M, Open1, 100 or something similar. The last number in that line, in this case 100, has to be increased. You need to do this for al lines otherwise you will only have changed 1 frame in the animation. A higher number means a longer duration and a lower means a shorter duration. Than it is a case of finding a value that suites your liking and gives that realistic touch to it.
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