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  1. Public Safety of San Andrea’s is looking for the best and brightest individuals - those who have the capability and sense of commitment - those who want to help their community, and who want to make a difference. Public Safety of San Andrea’s goal is to provide the highest level of professional public service and enduring protection to every citizen within the community. A career with Public Safety of San Andrea’s offers: realism, excitement, diversity, teamwork and job satisfaction, opportunities for special assignments and career development, opportunities for promotion, and excellent benefits. We offer a couple departments SASP, BCSO, LSPD, BCFR, and Civilian Membership. All of our staff are super helpful and friendly and are here to answer any questions you may have about our community! If you are interested in joining come join the discord. We hope to see you there! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/revmw88
  2. As a PA firefighter myself and a PA mod creator, this mod is pretty awesome. Great work!
  3. Illinois Based Department of Public Safety is a GTA V FiveM community actively looking for dedicated players to serve as law enforcement officers and even civilians, we are an active community with a patrol every night and we plan to expand into the fire and EMS side once enough active members are reached along with opening other departments and divisions. If you would like you join us or just hop on the server for a patrol as a civ, simply hop on the Teamspeak server below around 5:30 EST. Teamspeak: s6.ts3.cloud:32172
  4. As of 9/20/16 We now have a website. Most positions open in Law Enforcement. All Positions open in Fire/EMS Civilians wanted.
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I would like to introduce you to American Roleplay. We aim to help those looking to join the roleplay community and help them with understanding the roleplaying life. We are currently looking to recruit members into the following areas. Law Enforcement (LSPD, BCSD & Highway Patrol) Fire/EMS Civilians (No Application Needed) We currently have 6 members and growing. If you are interested, please join our teamspeak and we will provide you with as much info as possible. If you'd like to apply, either go to our website or visit us on teamspeak. Teamspeak: xs840.teamspeak3.com Website: http://american-rp.enjin.com/ Thank you and have a great day.
  6. I don't think that will work because P is used to pause the game.
  7. Anyone have a farm texture i can use for a map I'm making, just needs to be a field or two and a dirt road if possible. (Admins feel free to move topic if posted in wrong section)
  8. Very sorry, it's a known problem with the website. Either PM me your name on the site so i can get it approved or hop on the teamspeak.
  9. Have you ever wanted a server which is centered around Roleplay? One in which a real economy is in place. One in which all of your actions actually have a consequence. A server where your Virtual life is nothing short of a life of it’s own. New Santos Roleplay is here to offer you a server that is not only conducive to but fully built around an atmosphere like this. Our Server is ran by a Mature staff whose goal is to roleplay as much as you do. Where fun is the primary objective, supporting and helping continue Roleplay among the community is our way of achieving it. Our server is based on the idea of a more style of play. To facilitate this concept we’ve decided to base the server in LS. This creates an atmosphere Unparalleled in many other servers. We believe in a very immersive and detailed style of Roleplay; however, we want to be friendly and accepting to those who are new to Roleplay in general. This server has some explicit contents that may be targeted for an adult audience. Server information Teamspeak: SAMP: WEB:http://www.ns-rp.com/ The server has a unique slot machine system where you can gamble and take the chance of losing all your money or winning big The server has commuter rail and bus faction we are always looking for members The server has a unique driving test script were you go inside the building and you can buy a license We also have very unique Dynamic Factions that can be adjust in game like add vehicles, edit ranks, and much more. Dynamic houses: you can buy houses, sell houses, and upgrade interiors also edit the street address. Dynamic Business system players can own a business and adjust them within game. Dealership system: Buy vehicles and you can paint it yourself with a paint can. Weapon System: you can buy ammo, drop weapons, and reload them Banking System: you can withdraw and deposit money from your savings account. Fuel System: When your vehicle runs low on a fuel you will need to refuel it but watch out cause the gas station could be out of fuel until more is ordered. Death System: You will be placed inside the hospital and placed in a recovery bed until you are treated and released from the hospital. Custom mappings around the server so it's not blain. The server has 9 jobs | 1 Mining | 2 Garbage Collector | 3 Business Delivery | 4 Mechanic | 5 Taxi Service | 6 Cargo Unloader |7 Food Vendor |8 Package Sorter |9 Weapons Smuggler Factions Los Santos Police Department - Leader Taken - Members Wanted Eagle Hose Company - Leader Taken - Members Wanted Los Santos Paramedic Services - Leader Taken - Members Wanted Los Santos Government - Leader Wanted - Members Wanted
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