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  1. Are you trolling or something? There is no download link. Its not released yet. It's still a work in progress. It's not completed to have a download link. Do you understand this now ? Stop asking, please. We are getting closer to the finish line. It will be a fun summer for many of you who have waited patiently. As for those who have asked for a video of the EMS lights, it will be posted this week, or I might do a livestream of working on it this wednesday afternoon.
  2. Hi guys, I finally got around to adding base OEM lights for the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoes made by Terrow and modified by Goog. I gave the model 4 different wig/wag speeds as per actual whelen headlight flasher patterns. I will give the models red/blue emerg. lights in the upcoming days and hope to show them off when I have time. Also, the Los Angeles Airport Police Utility finally got finished. I also changed out Terrow's tail light texture to a higher quality one. Left is old and right is new.
  3. @Chris07 Wow, I can't thank you enough for such passionate response to my question. Everything makes sense now. I will reach out to you directly if I have any further questions in regards to scripting. Much appreciated !
  4. Hey guys, I am experiencing a weird bug in-game, but it could be because of my limited knowledge on scripting. I wanted to assign multiple siren traits to a unit instead of default 2 siren traits; I added 4. I tested this out in-game, and when I press the siren command, it executed multiple siren tones at once, and if I shut the siren off, it still plays. Weird part is, when I move the unit out of the spot, further down the road, the siren still plays in the original spot. What did I mess up on here ? int soundID; Vector CarPos = v.GetPosition(); if (StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ENGINE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ENGINE02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ENGINE03) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ENGINE04) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ENGINE05) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_USAR) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_TILLER) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_CRASHTENDER) == 0) { int random = Math::rand()%2; if (random == 0) { soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D("mod:Audio/FX/Sirens/Siren01.wav", CarPos, true); } else { soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D("mod:Audio/FX/Sirens/Siren02.wav", CarPos, true); } else { soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D("mod:Audio/FX/Sirens/Siren07.wav", CarPos, true); } else { soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D("mod:Audio/FX/Sirens/Siren08.wav", CarPos, true); } } LASiren.script
  5. It was actually because of my recording software; I had the record volume set too high and that distorted the video volume. I lowered the value and re-shot the footage. The audio came through just how it should sound in-game. I messed up, i will re-shoot the mission and re-upload the video later on. Edit : Here's the new video. All the siren tones have been custom made to mimic the reverberation effect, Doppler effect and ambience echo effect to give them that 'distance' illusion in-game.
  6. Hey guys, Just wanted to play a quick mission to test out my sirens and hear how they sound in-game. All the siren files have been re-worked, and gave them several after-effects such as doppler, reverb and echo effects to give them that 'distance' illusion. I still need to tweak them more, but overall I like it ! For some reason youtube has messed up the audio, so don't treat it as final form. Edit : I will upload a new video shortly.
  7. While it is entirely possible for us to add extra vehicle slots to the game, we are focusing on replacing pre-existing slots with our new models and ensure that they all work properly gameplay wise before we mess around with adding a whole bunch of brand new slots that could potentially corrupt the base game infrastructure. We are already having gameplay crashes after adding new vehicle slots. It would be a very simple and easy process to swap out models on your end as they will have its respective model names. Just drag and replace files from one folder to another.
  8. We have both full sized models made, we will include omitted units in a separate folder so users can install them on their own discretion.
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