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  1. C.F.D


    Wait for the game to load the unit.
  2. A positive update. My computer has been fixed, and I am back in the game. I have resumed working on the models and getting the lights polished out. I am an emergency vehicle technician in real life, which gives me the luxury of bringing home whelen/federal signal lights in order for me to replicate the patterns and coloring values in the editor (the flash behavior and speed of patterns will be 95% accurate to its real-world counterpart.) Expect videos of the new lights in the upcoming days, as Goog will also send over his new models that he showcased to you guys in the past weeks.
  3. We finished an LAX new pierce engine model and will follow it up with an LAX ambulance and possibly a retrofitted crash truck ( lowest priority on the to-do list.) Here's a video of the engine in case you missed it.
  4. Thanks for the behind-the-scene video of you constructing awesome models for this community.
  5. Sweet ! Can't wait to get my hands on them !
  6. What are you guys hoping to see be added to the pack that hasn't been revealed yet ?
  7. Once we figure out how to work the floodlight on USAR, we can light it up and you should be able to operate its direction.
  8. This is just a quick video demonstrating Engine 51's scene lighting. Should we keep this in or remove it ?
  9. We don't have a 2016-2018 Ford interceptor utility dev model so we're limited to the 2014 model. Arson investigation truck sounds nice but it serves no purpose in game other than cosmetic, however we will have the new ram dodge truck battalion chief so that may satisfy your itch.
  10. I've made sirens, and have updated the map ( street lights, building lights, etc to appear more natural and not overly bright.) And I'm thinking about reskinning peds if I figure it out. You can listen to some of the new fire truck sirens here : https://youtu.be/QDMrgX4dOWM Edit : Goog updated the lenco bearcats, new battering ram bars on the side of Rescue 4, corrected body coloring, new surface mounts for the LEDs on rescue 4, wheels was reworked, but still looking for a better wheel texture. Who's excited to drive these bad boys ?
  11. Updated the Taurus and Utility with a new set of HQ rims. Also a fun photo shoot with a line-up of pierce engines.
  12. I think I take this whole designing flash patterns in the editor too seriously ... but I do what I gotta do to maintain accuracy to deliver quality for you guys.
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