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  1. Trust me. We are working on it. Don't worry. It just I recently went through a break-up and so I had to take a break from lighting up the units to recuperate. Don't worry, I want this pack out before Christmas.
  2. After a long consideration between Goog and I, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on "The Red Watch" or also known as, "The RCMP" modification for Emergency 4. We love the concept and dedicated 6 year's worth of our passion and creativity for the EM4 community, but sometime things pan out differently than expected as mod development have so many layers of complexity. This is isn't the result of any one thing, but the end of a long campaign - especially since we know many of our fans were looking forward to this modification as much as we were. But, this is not the end for Goog & I. We will keep working hard to meet your expectations, and hope to deliver the same craftsmanship seen in the RCMP modification to our other project, "L.A Mod units upgrade Sub-mod 3.0." We are very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this project. Sincerely, C.F.D
  3. No, I mean what files do I extract from the Dutch mod so my custom lights can work on other people's computers.
  4. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I don't see myself getting involved in this as a full-time or as part of any team/group effort other than updating the lights to real world specs, closely as possible. I understand that it is nice to see any form of breeze blowing to push this mod's sail any further than where it is right now, so that's why I want to help out for the community to enjoy this game a bit more, but I'm afraid I add little value to this mod. I'm fine with the forum's private message system, we can keep our communication through there. I've done a very short video showing some of the units that I've updated. Keep in mind, I am not satisfied with it's current build, the lights & patterns you see in the video are rough drafts. Once after i overcome the learning curve, the environmental lighting, patterns and light coronas will be more polished and redefined.
  5. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    Anything to help. I will get a video ready tomorrow to show some of the work I've done. No red/blue or north American lights. It's all blue lighting, with proper patterns ( although might not be entirely accurate to the European pattern, but its pretty darn close.) I also added realistic environmental lighting, and I'm just figuring out how to package it so everyone here can download it. I'll post video here when It's finished and you can decide if its good or not. Thanks for your reply. Nice to meet you, Robert. I'm Chad.
  6. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    To whom it may concern, I have worked on your models with improved emergency environmental lighting and better patterns. I'd like to release it to help amplify gameplay expierence, do I have your permission?
  7. What the title says. I've updated the Dutch mod with proper emergency environmental lights and I'd like to release it, but how do I package it for download? Thanks.
  8. Stop with the concerns. We will release the pack once we finish ALL of the units we need to do first. It will be out this summer.
  9. Thank you, it took me around 10 hours to perfect it. To an average person would take a couple of hours but because I wanted to put in so much detail it took me almost the whole day yesterday, and it has 200 coronas total. Attention to detail goes a long way. We want to focus on the big rigs first and then we will shift our focus to smaller vehicles.
  10. LAFD KME Engine 67 ( reassigned as E88 after screenshots was taken ) has now been completed with Whelen light package by C.F.D. Screenshots and a video demonstrating how it will look, along with attention to details to match the real life counterpart. Brand new coronas, color matched environmental lighting ( C.F.D used the ink tool to obtain the color values to match the real life Whelen LED coloring, halogen coloring, scene lights and HID color RGBs to make it as real as possible in the game ) So you are looking at all custom designed fire truck suited for everyone's needs. Quality unlike others, this will be yours soon. http://imgur.com/a/VOaR8 Credits : Goog, Itchboy, Hoppah, C.F.D
  11. Yeah, personally lighting the code 3 mx7000 is a pain in the butt and I never enjoyed doing it, lol. We gave it a Whelen freedom ultra with red lenses, a copycat of the LAFD's new USAR.
  12. As you know, we are adding new LAFD apparatuses for the next update. A few days ago we unveiled the brand new LAFD KME engine model. When we originally started on this project we only expected to do a small portion of an update but in the last few weeks we had the drive to expand and modernize the fleet to replace the aging units set by Hoppah. This week, I am excited to announce that we are adding several brand new LAFD special purposed apparatuses to the pool, starting with Hazmat, and then the new USAR and lastly a brand new pierce tiller. Pics will be added once they are complete. I can only share you one screenshot of the new Hazmat, it is still under heavy construction : https://m.imgur.com/fDuiReC In addition to this, we are pleased to announce that Goog and I (CFD) have partnered up with the development team of the Los Angeles Mod 2017, led by Stevenew95 and Engine81. By joining forces, we can expand horizon and provide new contents to the EM4 LA community unseen before. This is an exciting period of time for the community and we are hoping to generate new waves to the community to support Emergency 4 and Los Angeles Mod by Hoppah. Are you excited? So, what would you like to see added in the next patch? Lastly, we want to thank you for your support and encouragement. Please spread the word about our project, share this Facebook page to your friends who play EM4 for any future updates. www.facebook.com/theredwatch
  13. Right now they are all WIP, but one of them will have LAPD hubcaps.
  14. For the L.A Upgraded units sub-mod 3.0 patch, we would like to have a open window for you to peek through and see how things are going in the factory. Today, we are asking for your choices of 2 colors of Ford Police Interceptor Sedan factory colors that you'd like to have in-game. The vote will continue for the next 24 hours, and the winners will be revealed over the weekend. All you have to do is "Like" or comment on the photo to show your vote. What do you think ? Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 ?