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  1. Thanks,it will stay as is as a slicktop based on this unit pictured below. I haven't played the game for so long I forgot that there was no police supervisor?Like you said I recall the EMS and Fire...For now our focus is on adding and replacing units.
  2. Hello,yes,we have plans for that but we're going to get the main units done first so we can release this ASAP.Later we will replace all the smaller and less used units.
  3. Not yet,still working on LASD,LAPP,LAAP,FBI,ATF and Border Patrol.I think that;s 12 units in total,so shouldn't take too long. EDIT- did this in a few hours,I still have to add lightbar and leds.
  4. That's a hard question because the mod has other modders models that we use therefore we shouldn't have the right to sell it for money. It takes a lot of work and free time to do the textures and model edits. Most people would wait for this to be released then they would just skin the textures to match the department they desired.
  5. here's a quick view of the all new Rescue2 and Rescue4 in game editor...Rescue2 is the 2 door medivac unit and Recue4 is the 4 door Bearcat
  6. Hi guys,got a sweet update...Itchboy donated a beautiful model of the new LAPD SWAT Lenco Bearcat.The skin and child models are by me. The back wheels are still being made so ignore the rear wheels for now.
  7. Our goal is to update all units to the modern day counterpart as long as the model is available.
  8. I've used the SGmod as a base for this,I haven't played it in forever so I can't remember if his police units were as bad for jams. For now we will be just focusing on newer unit replacement.
  9. Yes but that will be later on,want to get some fire and police units done and released then we can work on what's left.
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