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  1. Took a little break over the holidays and now I'm back...time to make the ambos!!! Here's the AMR Transit,model Itchboy/Goog ,skin Goog
  2. Here's a great video on the making of Pierce fire trucks from start to delivery.
  3. For now,the Charger will be the only white one and will have a black/white Charger,Explorer and Tahoe.
  4. This will be packed in the SG submod and will not be compatible with others unless you know how to replace all the correct folders. CFD will give all units 100% accurate sirens and led patterns!
  5. All the older photos show no back bar but recently I saw a video that had one and was thinking about adding it. We got the same bar from the LASD Tahoe and it'll only take a minute to add it so no big worry.
  6. Hey goog! is the new Upgrade coming out soon?

    1. goog


      Sometime in the early new year.CFD needs a new PC and he should have it by Xmas.

    2. EmergencyResponse112


      Awesome! Thanks a lot my friend! Awesome new years resolution for me(get the upgrade) I appreciate it goog!


  7. I took Terrows Tahoe and made a Suburban with it...still a WIP but I will paint it black and use it for FBI suv in game.
  8. Don't know if you figured it out yet, but if the v3o is blank it means that it was not exported correctly from Zmod. When you delete everything but lightbar from the model and are ready to export you must still connect it to ladder model and export to desktop.Then you can rename the file vision and open it in Zmod.
  9. This a very thorough and easy to understand tutorial...great job!!
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