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  1. No,we're just updating the dated LAmod units with modern new and improved versions with new lights and sirens from CFD.
  2. We had a beautiful USAR model ready to use in the submod made by Steve.It was unfortunately very high poly ,for that reason I decided to make my own lower poly version using the RCMP mods Hazmat turned out quite well!
  3. I got like 5 units soon to be completed in the next few days.Here is the new and improved LAPD SWAT heavy truck... EDIT- I also just finished up the Bomb Squad
  4. Here is the updated version of my favorite unit in the game,the large rescue ambulance...
  5. LAFD Pierce Arrow engine is completed! Hazmat needs lightbar and leds installed and it will be revealed next.
  6. Thanks,but please don't vote for the version #1(arrow) and #2(dash). Both versions will be going on the 2 older Dash and Arrow engines. We are doing this for lighting variety so all the engines will have a uniqueness about them. Update- I just got the Dash engine done,the Arrow engine will be later tonight or a day away.The Hazmat is 90% finished and the USAR 88 is 95% done,I'll update with pics when finished. Edit- I forgot to replace the plain grille before the pics were taken...if you guys prefer America it can stay!
  7. Ok,you have spoken...the modern led revolution has won the poll! We will use accurate lighting for most modern units. The older rigs will get modernized rotary,led freedom bar.
  8. Guys I have a poll,we need input from you as to what you prefer with the type of lighting the units will have. Most will be correct real life versions however on the older units (mx7000 and halogens) they are dated and the mx7000 model sucks and is hard to texture.Our plan is to go with modern,current led lightbars and lightheads...what do you guys think?
  9. Thanks Jeeves,yes we probably will add that unit.I want to get all the big rigs finished first.
  10. Thanks for the comments, no, like LAFD the new 2017 Pierce cab will replace the old Lafrance model. The lightbar model is made by hoppah with model edits and texture by me.I can't remember what rig I got it off but it's in the LA mod files.
  11. Thanks for the tips Mikey,the bumper texture was fixed on the Hazmat I just forgot to add the new png file in the tiller folder...I will fix the wheels though!
  12. Ok Itchy,I've been adding credits in all the descriptions when I post but from now will add them in the pics... LAFD is going LED on all newer rigs so we may follow that route,also I hate the MX 7000,it is a pain to light and doesn't look good anyways.