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  1. No worries,yes I have been out of service for the last month due to a fall on a mountain trail.I'm almost back to 100% and will be getting back to the project asap.
  2. I hope this makes you excited and less bored...I'll post when we have something to share,stay patient don't be one of those guys!!!
  3. I'm going with Compton...I chose an area where all 3 (CHP,LASD,LAPD) are near each other and used their numbers.
  4. I just want to make sure I credit Itchboy for the base Lenco Bearcat model that I altered and made the Firecat model with.
  5. I would love for the SEB to be able to use the hose and for the Firecat to work it would have to be hooked up to an engine or a hydrant.We'll look into all that part of the game once models,lights and sirens are done.
  6. work in progress...I got the basic shape done and the roof completed.The back I'm going to keep the pump simple and not model the cages as that would be way too many polys.
  7. That could work,thanks Jennifer for finding the picture...I was just searching LAPD,the LASD totally slipped my mind!
  8. We haven't got to that unit yet but I hate that unrealistic water cannon armored car unit and won't be using it. I think it would be more realistic to use a fire engine to do that job as I've witnessed happening in my city once. What suggestions do you guys have in regards to this unit?
  9. No worries,I can't find it anywhere on the topic...I still was tweaking the skin.I'll post a picture once done. Just to let you guys know what's going on...I spent all weekend slowly going through all the ambulances,swapping all the new low poly models and have completed all of them. I have to jump back into the police folder and finish them.I think this is going to make a huge difference in the big picture for lag as most of the models I've completed have been reduced at least 50% total poly count and some as much as 75%. My plan over the next few weeks is to get all completed high poly models reduced and back to CFD so he can finish lighting them.This has added extra work and time for us but in the end it will be worth the effort if it makes the game run smoother and not as laggy.
  10. Yes,I have an all white slicktop (polar bear) and already made a black and white marked version with liberty lightbar.
  11. No,a engine,squad and a fictional ambulance will be at the small station as pictured above.
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