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  1. I agree with Itchboy,you deserve a ton of credit,great job so far and can't wait to see it with a skin on it!
  2. Nope,the ems car in game will be the suburban I made.The Battalion chief will be a Dodge truck like pictured.
  3. you'll need the base LA mod with the additional units mod and this is based on the SGmod On another issue,we have talked and will turn the batt suburban into an EMS one and will use a Command truck for chief like below
  4. I'll check out the small station and see how it;s staffed for units and we can go from there,if not it will be the 2 units for sure. that'd be cool probably,but will be near the end. Here's the Battalion chiefs car...
  5. Hello,our plan for the small station is to make it a LA county fire hall staffed with these 2 units...the engine still needs a bit of work on the back to be complete.
  6. Sorry,I missed this one...yes we'll allow you guys to use them as long as you credit all who made them. As for the Lenco Medicat,all that stuff we'll work on after the models are all released.
  7. The Fords are a bit older than 2017,but what we are doing in the mod is trying to be as current as possible with the model age.To be honest I'm making it more 2015.
  8. Ok , first off I want to thank you guys for taking the time to vote in the poll. Your support and enthusiasm for this project keeps us going, thanks!! After a few days it is more than 60% in favor of using the 2017 Ford F450. We will be using the Doge Ram for the ambulances, EMS car, Bat Chief and a few other so don't despair, Dodge will be represented! In the next few days I will show you a surprise of what we've been working on...stay tuned!!
  9. I added a poll guys,I would like to see your preference of unit.The unit in question is being made and will be revealed soon... The reason for this is because most of the new trucks will be Dodge.There are still Fords in service,so for variety sake I thought it would be good to have at least one in the game. That's my thinking,anyways let me know what you guys want.
  10. For now yes,we're just replacing units in the game.Once done we'll see about adding others.
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