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  1. CFD found a picture of the LAAP explorer and it was so good looking I added it with the Caprice LAAP unit in the game!!
  2. Yes I talked to CFD about it and I think we'll add the LASD cvpi with argent.The LAPD slicktop was the model from the RCMP mod project so I think I had it in the folder since the beginning and wasn't aware of it till you mentioned it.I went through most of the LAPD and double checked to make sure they are correct.. Before we release we will go through everything and try to be realistic and correct (models,light patterns and sirens) as possible to real world department units...there will also be a few that we will take liberties on with extra toys and light patterns.
  3. I think we made a few like the charger go faster than the cvpi.Ones that in real life would be.
  4. First point yes I'll remove the text.Second,they do have both units with those lightbars,one is a 2 door the other is the newer 4 door version.Third I based the LASD cvpi on this exact unit.I'm making a older Tahoe with the argent lightbar.
  5. Thanks Rafael,yes, I will do the same once I get all the new units from LAFD and LAcoFD into the game!
  6. I got almost all of the new units into the game files.Still a few to place,I was able to get all the units in the topic that was voted on so everything is included. I'll send this over to CFD in the next few days and he will light them .
  7. Yes as I said above,we will get all the new units in the game with lights and sirens and then release it.After that calls and map edits ,ect...
  8. There is no lifeguard units and there will be a newer motorcycle. If we do map edits and calls that will be at a later date as our plan is to get all new units in the game and released so you guys can enjoy it..
  9. Thanks,yes I know,the numbers were just added so the roofs looked good for the pics...I will re-number them all correctly and differently once in game.
  10. Nope,for now it will just be the general duty LASD units. Thanks to all who voted,looks like white Explorer wins...I'll try hard to add both units in the game as both had many supporters.
  11. I appreciate your input and suggestions,I used the latter lightbar that you posted and made a CHP version.The reason we were going with the old bar originally was that the liberty corners on the model are hard to poly because of the glass.the other was a simple model that was easier to light. edit - added a pic
  12. Our submod is based on the SGmod and he has added extra LAPD units,we probably could do the same thing for the LASD and CHP in the game. I have cvpi's and other units already made for all these departments that we were going to use but went with newer models instead,doing so would give you guys more variety.
  13. here's the 2 units you're voting on just so you see what it will look like...feel free to change your vote if you like one better now,I'll leave it up for a few days.
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