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  1. Hello!

    Can you send me download link for this modĀ 

    Your last link download not working...

    Please helpĀ 

  2. It's not finished yet and is currently being worked on.I already stated that a mere 5 posts above you if you had read it.
  3. That's the big problem right there is that nobody is willing to come together to help...if that was the case this project would have been done long ago.So that's why we have regrettably come to this decision. For now the RCMP mod will be closed, but who knows what will happen down the road.I will keep all the files and go from there at that point in time if the situation changes.
  4. Can I have a mod close this topic until further notice. At this time,we are focusing our attention and energy to get the LA mod unit upgrade finished.
  5. As I said before,the old version was dated and not up to our standards and was removed. It will be replaced by this new project once completed.
  6. To answer the question about the cvpi with the mx7000,no that unit is dated (especially the lightbar) and will not be included. There will be 3 cvpi's included,2 with argent and a slicktop. They will also have hubcaps and black steel rims.
  7. I agree Itchboy and would rather not include it for that reason alone but for now it will stay.In the game it is at the smaller station with an engine and an ambulance.It also makes no sense to skin it LAcoFD as why would it be in a LAFD station. Some options might be to change out the unit or skin that stations units as LAcoFD but that will be more work,,,we'll see!
  8. Tower Ladder is finished... EDIT- I forgot to add credits to pics Itchboy,Hoppah and Goog.
  9. No,the Caprice and also the Impala will both not be included.
  10. There is still quite a lot of units left to do,CFD has to light them all also. Realistically I think we're looking at a month or two before a release.These units take time to do all the skins and model edits so please be patient! Picture the mass of LA mod units in your head,subtract the units we've completed so far and you'll have a good idea where we stand. I think next I will get a few ambulances done,we will be jumping back and forth till everything is completed!
  11. E-One cabs or trucks

    I recall seeing one in the skinning contest years ago,one of the mods (Voodoo_operator I think) made it for a Montreal mod.
  12. tiller is pretty much done... here's a shot of the new fire apparatus now in the game...
  13. Here is some pics of the Seagrave engine,the wheels are not correct,just there for show.
  14. To the question about what units we will replace , our goal is to pretty much replace all the units in the LA mod with newer models and bring it up to current times 2017. Most of the big time consuming models have been completed to date,just some ambulances,smaller cars and trucks to go now.
  15. No,we're just updating the dated LAmod units with modern new and improved versions with new lights and sirens from CFD.