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  1. Yes but that will be later on,want to get some fire and police units done and released then we can work on what's left.
  2. We got both fire station units done,except ambulances...CFD has to light some of rigs still. I added a short video in the editor to show Station 10's rigs. Our plan going forward is as follows,the remaining fire apparatus at the stations will be lit by CFD.Once this happens we will release it to you guys so you can play it. After that we will work on remaining units and as completed downloads will be posted to the topic for you to download. I will work on getting a ambulance and police upgrade added in the near future.Lastly will be the smaller units at the fire station. bandicam 2019-07-12 12-59-53-220.avi
  3. Yes I could update that unit,but it will be lower on the list.I want to get a few released ASAP,then focus on some LAPD units that are close to being done.
  4. when we're done see above a lot has happened if you care to read the topic we had a police package that was available 8 years ago but I got rid of the link so we can release newer updated units We're working at our own pace and have no deadline,if that doesn't work for you feel free not to follow the topic !
  5. If there is a model for it available it will be changed,if not it will stay as is.
  6. Plan is to do updated current vehicles and then go from there. The question about the Battalion Dodge truck,yes,it will be updated.
  7. Sorry for the long wait with information but there was nothing to report.After a long break CFD and myself have slowly begun work to get this completed.To those who are understanding and patient,I thank you. We'll be posting updates once we get going and have actual news to share with you.
  8. Hello!

    Can you send me download link for this mod 

    Your last link download not working...

    Please help 

  9. It's not finished yet and is currently being worked on.I already stated that a mere 5 posts above you if you had read it.
  10. That's the big problem right there is that nobody is willing to come together to help...if that was the case this project would have been done long ago.So that's why we have regrettably come to this decision. For now the RCMP mod will be closed, but who knows what will happen down the road.I will keep all the files and go from there at that point in time if the situation changes.
  11. Can I have a mod close this topic until further notice. At this time,we are focusing our attention and energy to get the LA mod unit upgrade finished.
  12. As I said before,the old version was dated and not up to our standards and was removed. It will be replaced by this new project once completed.
  13. To answer the question about the cvpi with the mx7000,no that unit is dated (especially the lightbar) and will not be included. There will be 3 cvpi's included,2 with argent and a slicktop. They will also have hubcaps and black steel rims.
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