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  1. Hey can someone pls help me figure out in the script why battalion chief calls off map engine unit instead of the stationed units that are “on standby”
  2. hill12

    Water supply

    I have another script question cause if this is possible I know I can figure it out, but is it theoretically possible in a American style mod to connect in this order from hydrant to engine, to go hydrant, to Tanker 1, to Tanker 2, and if need be continue for as many needed? To the Engine 1?
  3. So idk what’s up, but SWAT vehicle in a mod I’ve installed doesn’t give the SWAT officers ability to take M4 or ballistic shields off of it. The officers have the command, and icons, and the models and prototypes of both m4 and ballistic shields exist so how do I make the vehicle where the guys can get these equipment off the vehicle? Can someone please help?
  4. It is the LA map remake of the Boston mod that breaks for me so if someone could pls help much appreciated
  5. I downloaded Boston Mod V 1 I do believe sometime ago and for some right when loads in it crashes doesn't even start the game at all just immediately crash goes to home screen, i've managed to fix it by going and letting my game sit on multiplayer screen for a long time then loading in single player freeplay can someone as never been able to source this issue, or provide a file of this Boston mod that works? id if its the Boston Mod Encore or what that version is but if could either help me fix this version or provide me with that or both, i personally don't care i'd just like something, cause the Boston 2014 mod gets boring after sometime.
  6. hill12

    Building Fire

    So true but to the unfortunate don’t believe will ever released, again unfortunately but we must expect that it’s his choice to do what he pleases. It is his mod. Maybe one day he will surprise us all with a big reveal but tbh I don’t think will happen. But moment I saw this mod I drooled over it and forever will just due fact the scripts and how the vehicles in the city of angles mod look. Oml this would the most downloaded and played mod in history I believe, like I’d get rid of all my other mods in my folder just for that one. None the less the Montana mod will have lot same stuff I do believe. In due time perhaps though in due time.. we all hope..
  7. I am curious cause of all the good things I’ve heard about this mod what’s the most difficult aspect of this particular mod, the scripts I’m assuming
  8. I’m just so excited for this Mod ahhhh I heard so many things about it make me so hyped ahhh the suspense lol XD
  9. hill12

    LA mod

    I thank you for this but i have trouble installing it to Emergency 4. I do not know how to install it to mod installer if could email me at soccerdude1201@gmail.com so can possibly tell me what im doing wrong. problem is I extract all files from La Mod application, but it only shows me files with the different components like lights and the audio, how do i install these to my emergency 4 game. And in fact this has happened with many other mods before what do i do. Help me please, and thank you
  10. hill12

    LA mod

    Do you think could have access to mod really wanna play saw several youtube videos on it
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