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  1. West Lampeter Mod

    I haven’t attempted yet. I’ve been busy working on a FiveM Community but I might use the one they did in bieberfied if I can find it.
  2. West Lampeter Mod

    I am glad to say West Lampeter 2.1 will have a rerelease with bug fixes.
  3. West Lampeter Mod

    Slow progress. I have been helping out with the New Jersey mod so this mod will be on hold.
  4. EESG Emergency Serivces clan

    I agree. They do “Background” Checks on there members even though they don’t. This community removes people then wants them back.

    They only filmed exterior shots there. They had one similar built at Universal.
  6. West Lampeter Mod

    Works fine for me
  7. West Lampeter Mod

    Just reposted the link for 2.0 since we are still busy working on 2.2

    Theres West Lampeter I just need to update the link.
  9. Changing the name of EMS free play events

    You will want to edit the file called events
  10. West Lampeter Mod

    Ok so I am going to try to attempt this on Rescue 50. I dont know how do it will work cause I will be trying to use the ladder script everyone is using for midmounts.
  11. West Lampeter Mod

    This mod isnt abandoned by me. I will be providing full support and any needed help on this since FireRescue50 has gone MIA
  12. West Lampeter Mod

    I am working on putting a new version up
  13. West Lampeter Mod

    Mod is released just needs a new link.