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  1. West Lampeter Mod

    After a little break. I will be restarting work on West Lampeter.
  2. I do not work on this mod. CFD and Goog do. I have no part in this submod.
  3. West Lampeter Mod

    After a month I have decided to no longer work on this mod and release an update. Everything is up to Fire Rescue50 now
  4. EdgeWater Mod (WIP)

    UPDATE: Anyone wanting to take over this mod can. I have stopped modding for EM4 and East Coast Modding. This Mod was turning out well but I have given up on it. If anyone want to continue this mod PM either me or Matt.
  5. Eastern Emergency Services Clan

    Your invite is broken
  6. EdgeWater Mod (WIP)

    Hey Guys Squad 65 here, I am taking a year or 2 break on modding. This mod wont be updated for awhile. And if you see the northern alex with an updated copy is cause I sent him it.
  7. LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 10,2015!]

    They didn't give up they are busy with Life.
  8. Pointe-Claire Modification [WIP]

    Nice a good looking Canadian Mod
  9. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    There are suppose to be scenes
  10. Hello there. I will be working on a Beaver Creek mod. It is an area in BC which has the Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Other resources are the RCMP, BCAS, RCAF SAR (For Deluxe). Credits: Hoppah,SOCOM552, Itchboy,NICCO,
  11. West Lampeter Mod

    Yes we are still active but just working on updates. The link got removed for now but will be back when we finish updating.
  12. Mack Ladder

    Version 1.0.0


    A good old ladder from the 1980's.
  13. EdgeWater Mod (WIP)

    https://discord.gg/yXmsRAu this is where I will have some updates but you do not have to join the discord.
  14. Training a New Generation of Modders

    You can get the explorers from the Ford Model Category if your in Mayberry or Montana