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  1. I’m just gonna say this. Modders have lives they will take as long as they want on thier mod. Modders have jobs and families to take care of not just mod all day and do nothing. So guys be respectful to your modders and Admins.
  2. Nice job Itch and ba bop ba ba I’m lovin it
  3. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    As stated before hit deploy to call out the police units
  4. It would be cool to see a TwinSonic Lightbar
  5. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    https://mega.nz/#!acUlRRDA!RjyOwOaOumYZlKNNnbqp_f_eOfwYlNFd2veFyyN90L8 Version 0.8
  6. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    There is a new update on the discord
  7. Amity Island Modification

    This mod and Montana are gonna be the greatest em4 mods.
  8. Johnsonville Mod

    Here is the first ingame screenshot vehicles by Itchboy,RD_Saarland, and BMA
  9. Johnsonville Mod

    Thanks. I might use some stuff from Edgewater
  10. Itchboy i mean for the mod not for any of my projects
  11. Johnsonville Mod

    The Johnsonville mod will be using the base of helping peter and have only 1 station which you will have Engine 101 and EMS Supervisor 1. They are a volunteer department while EMS runs full time. They are Protected by the Jackson County Sheriffs Office that has a few chargers which respond if EMS requests them. There will only be EMS calls till i figure out how to do more scripting. The Vehicles consist of a Mack Engine and a Crown Vic EMS Supervisor. As stated before the police will be Chargers. The off map ambulances will be E450's. Pictures will be coming. Credits: BMA (base mod), Itchboy (E450 and Crown Vic,American Car Pack), RD_Saarland (Mack Engine) Models by Itchboy and RD_Saarland. Skins and Lights by Me
  12. Yay i can make a squad unit out of the GMC when its released.
  13. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    The only page you need to go to is the first one since all updates of the mod go to the first page