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  1. I've noticed it with ambulances too. The LAFD Paramedics either despawn or there is only one when you call it via menu
  2. He pretty much is one of the main reasons the American modding side is still active.
  3. Alrighty. I've noticed sometimes the tiller trailer likes to go sideways when you call a lightforce too
  4. Yeah, Still having that weird Phantom siren bug when calling for a lightforce off map it keeps the siren running
  5. I love that you added it, I was half tempted to ask you if you were gonna add two tone horns
  6. Made an install tutorial as people keep coming to me with asking how to install it:
  7. I've already had a few idea of some small agencies in the LACo area. I'm going to be skinning them up and sending photos to itchboy to see how he likes them. Slight bug: When calling a lightforce the Tillers siren stays on when it is turned off.
  8. No Problem, they were also used in the 70s too. Battalion Chiefs had them aswell. Pretty sure they had them on vehicles till 2010ish, last modern vehicle I saw with one was a 2006ish Chevy Tahoe/Suburban
  9. Thats how the siren is, it is setup like that since LAFD Ambulances had Martinhorns for awhile as per California state law they couldn't have a horn that interfered with the siren. All it is, is a siren file its just perfect timing
  10. This might be a far fetched idea but how about a LACoFD Rear mount ladder mainly for Campaign as the tiller doesn't spawn its trailer
  11. I don't know if Itch made that intentional or not but I use the parking script to put them back over there.
  12. Just recorded a 45 minute video with all patches, found no issues so far, I think you fixed almost everything Itch.
  13. I’ve found no other issues other than the light force giving a error about get money or something like that when there is one already out
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