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Blackwater, Tx Modification(Fictional)

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I'm Back! Today I present a WIP of mine: Blackwater, Tx. Set in the fictional town of Blackwater, with a population of just under 3,000 you will get a diverse map of Suburban and Rural, featuring a 4-Lane Highway(great for many MVAs) and part of the Brazos River. Protecting the town will be Blackwater Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Blackwater PD, and Brazos County EMS. BVFR is 100% volunteer, housing 2 Engines, a Ladder, a Tanker, a brush and utility. Chief 12 will be a POV parked at a house on map. BPD currently has 2 Tahoes and the rest is still TBD. BCEMS Station 7 will house 3 Ambulances and a QRS Squad. Additionally you will have TxDot and Blackwater Utility companies. For Mutual Aid there is Ridge Point VFD, Tavern VFD, and Brazos County ESD#6 FD. 

In Game/Editor Shots:

Credits: Myself, Itchboy, Fire Dept Boston, EMC-Unit, MrMatt, NY Mod Team, Any others I forgot lmk and I will add them





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