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The Capitol Sub-Mod (Baton Rouge, LA)

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This sub-mod will be based off of the capital of Louisiana often times referred to as the "Capitol Area". Units included in this sub-mod will be from the BRFD, BREMS, BRPD, EBRSO, and LSP. Some of you may recognize my username from other posts about New Orleans sub-mods and they always end up shutting down. This one is guaranteed to not do that! My English teacher is letting us do anything, literally anything for a project so I figured getting a project grade on something like this is just the motivation I need to complete it. I will post pictures, videos, and other tid-bits as the sub-mod comes along. As for now this will remain private but once in Beta I will move for permission to make a public release.


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Update #1: Baton Rouge PD Crown Victoria 


Update #2: Louisiana State Police Tahoe 


Update #3: LSP Taurus post-37025-0-38329400-1424041195_thumb.ppost-37025-0-22221800-1424041198_thumb.ppost-37025-0-73389800-1424041200_thumb.p


Update #4: BRFD Engine 1



What's in Progress (Last Updated 02-27-15):

-Skin for EBR EMS Supervisor Tahoe

-Skin for BRFD Chief Tahoe

-Skins for BRPD Charger, Tahoe, and Impala

-Skins for EBRSO Tahoe, Crown Vic, and Impala

-BRFD Seagrave Ladder

-Map Edits

-Lighting for various units

What's Complete (Last Updated 2-27-15):

-Skins for majority of BRFD units

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Is this a full staff game or a volunteer script.just wondering you don't have to answer if u don't want to. :happy:

For the first release it'll be full staff. BRFD is full staff in real life. The closest thing we have is East Side Fire Department which serves within East Baton Rouge Parish but they have 13 career fire fighters and 14 volunteers. In future releases I'd like to add an additional station that would incorporate the volunteer script and their apparatus but I'd have to fiddle around with some scripts and get permission from the script creators, etc.

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Sorry for the lack of these guys, I've been super busy with school and extra-curriculars as I'm sure y'all are as well. Anyways, I've got the EBR EMS skin made and the BRFD Rescue skin made. The ambulance is a fictional Ford F-550 (model by Itchboy) and the rescue is a fictional Dodge 3500 Rapid Response (model by Cops). Please give me feedback on these skins. Please note there are several issues with them that I am aware of and will fix for the release but I just wanted to give a progress update before any more interest was lost on this sub-mod. Also just for future purposes so that I don't get any hate on this, I'll be making vehicles that I like not necessarily ones that are used in real life. While this may not be the most realistic route, it allows for me to be creative and really make this mod my own.







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Alas, another update has arrived! This time we've got Engine 2 (sorry for the low quality texture), HAZMAT 8, and I decided to add the Wildlife Agent truck into the mix of PD units for a little mixup. Lemme know what y'all think!


Added @ 10:50 - In game shot of a structure fire. I called three engines, not a ladder because that unit isn't finished yet so I didn't want to include it in the shot.













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Another update! I just made the first EBRSO vehicle which is the transport van. All vans for any purpose (unless it's for SWAT) at the EBRSO don't have lightbars and instead have little hideaways like Whelen M2's and M7's so that's what I did with this. This will probably be the last update for the weekend because I'm going to visit my dad. I might have something out Sunday, but no promises. Thank y'all for your support! Please give me feedback on the van!


Update @ 9:09 - I lied, I finished the EBRSO Crown Vic on the plane. Pics are below!


Update @ 9:58 - I'm now on a binge of modding so I made the EBR EMS Supervisor Suburban. Pics are below!







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