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Squad 55

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We play Emergency 4 and 5!


We focus on realistic, cooperative game play.

Most of our game play is in Harbor City but we play a multitude of mods


Squad 55 has been up and running since February 18, 2009

We currently has 55 active members. Go check our roster for yourself!

There is lots of room for advancement: 

We 4 chiefs, 7 training staff, and 3 admins, and we're looking for more!

We have 3 levels of police, fire and medical tags which show your mastery in each role.

There are lots of games (min 2-3 games) of emergency 4 and 5 occurring daily!


To become a member of Squad 55 simply go to our website


Make an account and then click the "Join Us" Button at the top of the screen!


You can also join our teamspeak and an officer can help you out








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