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  1. Hi! I just bought the game and ran a few missions and everything was fine. I then started to notice that there was screen flickering during the avalanche mission. Not sure what it came from? Maybe it was due to me changing the resolution and graphics? Anyways, I tried uninstalling then reinstalling onto my SSD to see if it would fix the issue. It did not. Here are my specs: NVIDIA 2080 RTX 4K Monitor 32 GB of ram. Display Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (recommended Size of text, apps, and other items: 150% (Recommended) PLZ HALP DxDiag.txt
  2. Hey everyone! I am super new to the forum and just bought Emergency 20 (the package on steam that includes all the games together). I hope I bought the right one because I really want to play with people and enjoy the game together Please let me know if there is an official discord server for this game because I cannot find it, -Max
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    Hey Do yall have a discord?
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